Symmes Creek Ranch in Ohio Receives Non-GMO Project Verification for Grain Finished Beef Cattle

Symmes Creek Ranch, an all-natural cattle ranch in southeast Ohio, is proud to announce it has received Non-GMO Project Verification for its grain finished beef cattle. Symmes Creek provides the beef lover with a tender, well-marbled, grain finished beef raised responsibly and humanely with a focus on GMO avoidance and animal welfare. Nestled in the hills of Gallia County, the ranch has a rich history dating back before the American Civil War.

The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to building and protecting a non-GMO food supply. Today, the Non-GMO Project Verified seal remains the market leader for GMO avoidance and is one of the fastest growing labels in the retail sector.

About Symmes Creek Ranch

Symmes Creek Ranch is a rustic family-owned ranch in southeastern Ohio committed to raising quality cattle humanely and responsibly. The old ranch is bordered by 76-mile Symmes Creek and Wayne National Forest. Our Black Angus cattle are born out in the open pasture with acres of fresh grass, fresh water, and fresh air. Cattle are worked on horseback as they are rotated through spring, summer, and fall pastures. Family and friends are always eager to help bring in the cattle on horseback and we welcome visitors to our ranch to experience these weekend events.

Why is 3rd Party Verification Important?

It’s easy to say you’re non-GMO but quite different to verify the claim. The Non-GMO Project and its technical administrators like SCS Global certify the farm, cattle, feeding procedures, processing, and packaging during the verification process. This ensures GMO avoidance and adherence to Non-GMO Project standards at every step. The Non-GMO Project seal on our label tells the consumer that Symmes Creek is serious about GMO avoidance.

Can Cows be Happy?

We don’t know for sure. But we do know when cattle are stressed. Crowding in buildings, deep manure, high ammonia smell, and little air movement definitely stress cattle. Not only does this stress impede growth and promote disease, but these types of environments clearly diminish the quality of life. Our cattle are on grass their entire life until we move them to our finishing farm. There they receive their ration of non-GMO corn, Non-GMO Project Verified protein supplements, peas, lentils and grass in an open, airy, non-crowded environment.

What about hormones, antibiotics, and additives?

Only when it is inhumane to not treat a sick animal do we administer medication to our cattle. When it is necessary, those cattle are separated from the herd and sold on the open market, never under a non-GMO label. There are never any additives, preservatives, or color enhancers in our package – only pure delicious beef.

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