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Tina’s Vodka Is Now Non-GMO Project Verified!

Tina’s Vodka is Non-GMO Project Verified, made with organic corn and is 100% woman-owned by Tina Karras, a self-made entrepreneur. […]

Tina’s Vodka Is Now Non-GMO Project Verified!

Tina’s Vodka is Non-GMO Project Verified, made with organic corn and is 100% woman-owned by Tina Karras, a self-made entrepreneur. […]

Tina's Vodka brand logoTina’s Vodka is Non-GMO Project Verified, made with organic corn and is 100% woman-owned by Tina Karras, a self-made entrepreneur. Tina’s Vodka is also an official impact partner with Kiss the Ground, which supports and educates farmers and consumers on regenerative agriculture and soil health.

Vodka was originally created for medicinal purposes, and using the best and cleanest ingredients to produce vodka is another way of voting with your dollars and supporting food and beverages that positively impact the environment and humanity. The way that our food supply has been infiltrated with fake sugars and harmful chemicals and additives is now happening to wine, beer and spirits. Many alcoholic beverages have food coloring, chemical sugars, caramel or high-fructose corn syrup added to them, but these ingredients do not have to be listed on the labels so the consumer is left in the dark. Tina would like to use her vodka to educate consumers on the importance of clean beverages as well as clean food. Tina’s Vodka ingredients are listed on her label: water & spirit from organic corn.

“I believe in the natural wisdom of Planet Earth.”

Tina Karras, Founder & Owner of Tina’s Vodka

Tina’s logo is Athena’s owl sitting on top of an olive tree shaped like planet Earth, symbolic of the wisdom of our planet, Tina’s Greek ancestry and Tina’s Vodka’s woman ownership. Her bottles have etchings of Athena’s Owl on the front and on the back the letters alpha and omega and the word ΓΝΩΣΗΣ, which symbolize the field of knowledge — to know the source of your food and what is in the final product.

Tina’s Vodka is revolutionizing vodka

Tina grew up working in a family restaurant and her first job was washing dishes at 8 years old. She’s worked in the hospitality industry while in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and while pursuing a songwriting career in Los Angeles. Her music and hospitality careers merged first when she became the buyer at the legendary Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA and then again when she was inspired to create Tina’s Vodka. Through many tastings at the Roxy and other music venues she managed, Tina realized that most domestic spirits were made from pesticide-laden GMO crops that were terrible for the environment and for all life. She decided to create a delicious craft vodka that uses only Non-GMO Project Verified organic corn. She hopes to create awareness of the optimistic climate story of regeneration and the importance of non-GMO seeds in our food supply through her vodka. Soil health is the key to our health, and using organic and non-GMO seeds and avoiding toxic pesticides like glyphosate is better for everyone. Supporting brands that use these crops is the best way to get these toxic chemicals out of our food supply.  

Tina’s Vodka distills the vodka up to 6 times and then crafts the vodka through our proprietary filtration method to ensure the vodka is pure and clean and puts Tina’s in a vodka category all her own. This filtration method gives the vodka a better mouth feel and is smooth and easy to drink even when it’s served neat at room temperature. 

Tina’s Vodka launched in California officially on February 2, 2022, with Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits as her distributor and then in her home state of North Carolina in late 2023. It is available to ship to 44 states online. Tina tells the story of regeneration and non-GMO seeds at every sales call, staff training and distributor meeting, and most of her social media is dedicated to spreading the optimistic message. About a third of corn grown in the USA is used for human consumption, including alcoholic beverages. If all that corn were converted to non-GMO seeds and farmers stopped using glyphosate, the environmental impact would be enormous! No more chemical run-offs and poison seeping into the crops and soil. The insects, bees, birds, vermin, and animals could then resume their proper role in nature and it would be beautiful. The wisdom of planet Earth and nature far surpasses human knowledge, and if we allowed the wisdom of nature to lead, we’d all be much healthier and happier.

Tina is working with restaurants that also care about clean and organic food including the Giorgios Group which has restaurants like Kipos Taverna, G-Prime and Parizade across North Carolina.


About Tina’s Vodka 

Tina’s Vodka is Non-GMO Project Verified, made with organic corn, American made, and is 100% woman-owned by Tina Karras. Distilled up to 6 times and then filtered using our proprietary method to ensure the vodka is pure and clean and the highest quality that you can taste and feel. Tina’s Vodka is the best and cleanest vodka on the market with 91 points at Wine Enthusiast.  

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