Standards Committee

The Standards Committee oversees the development of the Non-GMO Project Standard, and is responsible for addressing all standard-related comments received from stakeholders. Revisions and interpretations proposed by the committee are reviewed and voted upon by the Board of Directors, which holds final decision-making authority.The Standards Committee is comprised of representatives from the following areas:

  • Voting members who reflect a balanced representation of external stakeholder interests
  • At least one voting member who is well positioned to represent consumer advocacy and/or policy perspectives
  • Non-voting representatives from the Project’s technical administrators
  • One non-voting representative of the Non-GMO Project staff

Current Standards Committee members include:

Bonnie Bibas, Hela Bima Rice Project
Sapna Brown, Governance Solutions LLC
Tara Froemming, Healthy Food Ingredients
Julia Hofmeister, Mercaris
Andy Huth, INFRA
Kristina Bierschwale, Where Food Comes From (Non-voting)
Anjali Gulati, FoodChain ID Technical Services (Non-voting)
Lucy Anderson,  SCS (Non-voting)
Megan Westgate, Non-GMO Project (Non-voting)

If you are interested in serving the Non-GMO Project as a member of our Standards Committee, please complete this form to tell us about your qualifications.