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How to Land the Butterfly

March 5, 2024
12 pm PST

Learn more about the Non-GMO Project and how to enroll your products in our Product Verification Program by signing up for our 30 minute Verification 101 webinar. Recurring bi-weekly.

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The End of Business as Usual: Transforming the Food System with Regenerative Thinking

March 14, 2024
2:45pm Pacific

Speakers: Alexandra Shabtai, Heather Terry, Lauren Tucker, Jesse Smith and Megan Westgate

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Food Integrity Collective Expo West 2024 Happy Hour Invite

Food Integrity Happy Hour

March 14, 2024
3:00-5:00 pm Pacific

Join us at Expo West in raising a glass to celebrate the incredible work so many have done to create more integrity in our retail food system.

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The Natural Shopper Grows Up — And Grows Down

November 8, 2023
Join the Non-GMO Project as we take a deep-dive into our exclusive market research on shoppers in 2023. Learn how demand for our label is changing, how key target segments are shifting, and how Gen Z shoppers are shaping the future of natural and organic products. Plus: We'll share new insights on shoppers’ perception of nutrient density.
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Uses Smartphone and Takes Picture of the Can of Goods. He's Standing with Shopping Cart in Canned Goods Section.

Non-GMO Project Brand Summit

October 18, 2023
Celebrate Non-GMO Month with our first ever Non-GMO Project Brand Summit! Participating clients only.
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