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Bonnie Bibas

Bonnie has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, holds a Green MBA certificate in Sustainable Practices and is certified in Permaculture, as well as being a certified climate reality leader in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. She has also been trained as an environmental advocate by The Environmental Forum of Marin and was elected as a Fellow by The Explorers Club for her regenerative development work in East Africa.  

In fact, Bonnie has worked throughout the world on various regenerative development projects and has produced music to promote the work. Currently, she is the Development Director for HumanKindGlobal.Org, a natural regenerative agricultural solutions company.  She also serves on the Standards Committee for the Non GMO Project and is a board member of The Hela Bima Rice Project, an organization that transitions farmers in Sri Lanka from chemical to natural farming, as well as having been an advisor to Everflux, a farm waste microbial organic liquid fertilizer producer. 

In addition, Bonnie is an advisor to the New Normal Foundation and a contributor and producer for  Importantly, Bonnie has an extensive background in broadcast advertising, marketing and production, having worked for various media outlets such as CBS, A&E Network and Comcast as well as International Media Partners, an emerging market conference producer and newspaper of record publisher for all Development Banks, World Bank and IMF meetings and the publisher of CEO magazine.

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