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Seth Sturm Headshot

Seth Sturm

Seth Sturm is an accomplished political consultant with extensive experience in developing successful strategies for various campaigns across the United States. As the owner of Political Victory Alliance Consulting Group LLC, Seth has demonstrated a commitment to promoting progressive values and effective leadership in the political arena. His role in managing high-profile campaigns, including Mary Ann Claytor's historic 2016 State Auditor campaign in West Virginia, underscores his ability to navigate and influence diverse political landscapes.

Beyond his political consulting prowess, Seth is known for his expertise in community organizing and non-profit advocacy, working to foster transparency and ethical practices in various sectors. His broad-ranging experience provides him with a deep understanding of the political and social dynamics that shape communities and policy across the nation.

Seth's dedication to social justice and his strategic approach to advocacy work make him a valuable asset in any endeavor focused on promoting integrity, transparency, and responsible leadership, particularly within the non-profit sector.

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