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Anjali Gulati

Technical Services Director

Anjali Gulati, Technical Services Director at FoodChain ID, has a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology. She has been with FoodChain ID for over 9 years and, as Technical Services Director, is responsible for implementation of program processes for Non-GMO Programs at FoodChain ID, including Non-GMO Project Standard. She is also responsible for developing and maintaining the review processes for Non-GMO Project Standard and for training the FoodChain ID team. With 24 years of professional experience, including as founding director of an organic farming consulting firm, she has worked in Asia on consulting, training and capacity building for companies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, government departments and other target groups in the areas of Organic Farming, Bioresource Management, Biodynamic Agriculture, Business Incubation, and Intellectual Property Rights Law.

She likes dancing, listening to music and reading books. She believes books are the best friends that teach life to humans.

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