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Yelena Loginova Headshot

Yelena Loginova

Yelena Loginova is an experienced professional in cosmetic science and product development.

She has a Ph.D in Biochemistry (Russian Academy of Medical Science) and a Master’s in Business (Kaplan Business School), and is competent in scientific communication of product technology, product test method development, analysis of internal and external cosmetic technologies, trends and product claims.

She’s authored numerous articles published in industry periodicals, and developed several patented technologies for multiple applications. She received the Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Allan B. Black Award for the best paper on Makeup Technology in 2007.

She has strong skills and proficiency in mentoring, coaching and guiding people toward a common goal, using motivation, support, and delegation.

Yelena stands for a healthy lifestyle and environmental well-being.

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