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The Non-GMO Project Standard is maintained by a diverse community of stakeholders and industry experts across specialized committees. We encourage your comments and participation!


Volunteer on the Standards Committee!

We are actively recruiting for volunteers to serve as Voting Members on the Standards Committee (SC). If you are interested in making a positive impact in the Non-GMO space through your knowledge, experience, and passion, apply!
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Standards Committee

The SC oversees the development of the Non-GMO Project Standard and is responsible for addressing all standard-related comments received from stakeholders. Revisions and interpretations proposed by the SC are reviewed and voted upon by the Standards Oversight Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors, which holds final decision-making authority. The SC comprises representatives from the following areas:

Voting members who reflect a balanced representation of external stakeholder interests

At least one voting member who is well positioned to represent consumer advocacy or policy perspectives

Non-voting representatives from the Project’s technical administrators

One non-voting representative of the Non-GMO Project staff

The details of the SC and revisions to the Non-GMO Project Standard can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Voting Standards Committee Members:

Bonnie Bibas Headshot
Bonnie Bibas
Hela Bima Rice Project
Yelena Loginova Headshot
Yelena Loginova
Mana Products
Ron Milio Headshot
Ron Milio
Flowers Foods
Seth Sturm Headshot
Seth Sturm
Political Victory Alliance Consulting Group LLC

Bonnie Bibas, Hela Bima Rice Project
Yelena Loginova, Mana Products
Ron Milio, Flowers Foods
William Tencza, PepsiCo

Non-Voting Standards Committee Members:

Lucy Anderson
SCS Global Services
Kristina Bierschwale
Where Food Comes From Inc.
Anjali Gulati
FoodChain ID

For questions regarding serving on the SC please contact

Seed Advisory Committee

The Seed Advisory Committee’s (SAC) broad and balanced representation of the industry helps to provide guidance on standards development and engagement of this critical sector.

If you are interested in serving the Non-GMO Project on the committee, please fill out the nomination form.

Current Seed Advisory Committee members include:

James Orf Professor, University of Minnesota
Mac Ehrhardt President, Albert Lea Seeds
Nate Kleinman Cofounder, Experimental Farm Network
Quentin Schultz President, Eurofins BioDiagnostics, Inc.
Charles Benbrook President, Benbrook Consulting Services
Tom Stearns Founder, High Mowing Organic Seeds
Charles Brown President, Brownseed Genetics, LLC

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