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Non-GMO Project Data Drop – May, 2022

Watch for synbio ingredients! Why? Because customers are still shopping for non-GMO choices that exclude synbio. 65% of shoppers worry about the long-term impact of genetically engineered foods on our collective health. 60% of shoppers react negatively to the term synbio, which is why GMO companies are rebranding and using a host of other names such as “precision fermentation”  to appeal to shoppers and make GMOs sound more natural. 230+ = The number of companies usi... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – April, 2022

Who recognizes the Butterfly? Millions! 54% of North American consumers recognize the Non-GMO Project verification mark.1  Of those consumers: More than half say the Butterfly is important to them when making purchasing decisions. 88% are willing to pay a premium (up to 15%) for Verified products. 6-8% of those consumers are willing to pay a premium for Non-GMO Project Verified products over self-made claims.2 Non-GMO Project Verified + USDA Organic = The "Clean-lab... Read more

Natural Products Expo West 2022: March 8-12 in Anaheim, CA

Each spring, over 80,000 attendees descend upon Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center for the largest trade show of its kind. Influencers and innovators from around the world network, talk shop, and showcase the hottest trends pushing the envelope in the natural and organic food space. The Non-GMO Project team will be back again this March with the latest news on the GMO landscape, answering your questions about product verification. With nearly half of all consumers act... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – February, 2022

Who looks for the Butterfly? Millions! Shoppers prefer the Butterfly — 2 out of 3 consumers are more likely to buy products with the Non-GMO Project Verification mark. Showcase your non-GMO commitment — North American consumers say they seek out certifications when shopping more than 30% of the time. This is even more true for shoppers who prefer natural products: They spend up to half their time looking for certifications. Linkage Research September 2021... Read more

Non-GMO Project Statement to Canada’s Minister of Agriculture on Deregulation of Gene-Edited Seeds

In 2021, the Canadian government proposed regulatory guidance that would remove oversight from many gene-edited plants entering the marketplace. The Non-GMO Project is a significant stakeholder in the GMO debate, and the Product Verification Program includes many items produced or sold in Canada. In support of our Canadian colleagues at the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN), we submitted the following letter to the Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Re: Draft guidance ... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – January, 2022

Non-GMO Trends: The rise of functional beverages Non-GMO Project Verified Juice and Functional Beverages grew 5% to $4.2B according to our latest Spins 52 week data! Plant based alternative beverages with the Butterfly are the 2nd fastest growing beverage category at nearly $2B up 7% Spins 52 week ending 10/03/21  ... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – December, 2021

Shoppers are curious about where their food comes from. 97% of shoppers who look for the Butterfly are curious about where their food comes from — and 60% of them admit they have more to learn!  66% of shoppers prefer in-store shopping, with more to come after the pandemic  Customers who look for the Butterfly spend up to 54% of their time in stores seeking out their preferred certifications.   Linkage Research September 2021   Make the Butterfly easier to find... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – November, 2021

Gain the in-store shopping advantage. Showcase the Butterfly — Here's the numbers! 66% of shoppers prefer in-store shopping — with more to come after the pandemic! Customers who look for the Butterfly spend up to 54% of their time in stores seeking out certifications — but a quarter of them have trouble finding their favorite cert marks. Make the Butterfly easier to find in your store to improve your customer experience. Linkage Research September 2021... Read more

Food waste fighting powerhouse LOOP Mission is now Non-GMO Project Verified

Montreal, September 27th, 2021 – Ranked among the world’s best new startups and already considered a global leader in the fight against food waste, today LOOP Mission proudly announces that its catalog of cold-pressed juices and smoothies are officially Non-GMO Project Verified. The Non-GMO Project is North America’s most rigorous third-party verification for non-GMO foods and products. More than a third of food produced worldwide is wasted, which accounts for 8% of total global greenhouse... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – August 2021

Who’s choosing the Butterfly? Meet the natural food shopper. Curious about today’s natural food shoppers? We were too! That’s why, last year we conducted a large research project to uncover their shopping habits and motivations. It’s no surprise that the Butterfly ranks as “very meaningful” with these folks--they seek clean, trustworthy products and brand transparency. Here’s the full data profile on these consumers. Get to know them! See the data Linkage Research Ja... Read more

What are Micro Ingredients and Why are They Important?

When we were getting the Project started, the thing that motivated me the most was the need to preserve non-GMO choices in the food supply, because they were disappearing. There weren't going to be any non-GMO choices if we didn’t do something. — Megan Westgate, Non-GMO Project Executive Director The Non-GMO Project Standard is the guiding document for our work protecting and building the non-GMO food supply. Every two years, the Standard is revised and strengthened to address the chal... Read more

What is Bioengineered Food?

On January 1, 2022, the federal Bioengineered (BE) Food labeling law will take full effect. Under the BE labeling law, certain food products that are made with GMOs will require a disclosure of bioengineered ingredients.  The BE labeling law, known formally as the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard or NBFDS, was introduced in 2016 as a federal response to state-level GMO labeling campaigns. However, this law is not nearly as comprehensive as either the state laws it is meant t... Read more

URBL is now Non-GMO Project Verified!

[Vancouver, Canada, 07/14/21] — URBL (, plant-based “functional botanical” beverage shots, today announced Non-GMO Project Verification ( for their product line “Superfood Decoctions.” The company’s ingredients, supply-chain, and production facilities demonstrated compliance in a third-party audit and verification of traceability of sourced ingredients from suppliers. Commitment towards sustainability and transparency ... Read more

What You Need To Know About Bioengineered (BE) Food Labeling

Since its inception in 2007, the Non-GMO Project has advocated for meaningful, mandatory labeling of GMOs. And we are not alone: *65% of Americans believe GMOs should be labeled. So when the incoming federal labeling law for bioengineered (BE) foods was released, we hoped it would meet the public’s desire for transparency. We were disappointed. The BE labeling law, as written and passed in 2016, overlooks many products made from GMOs, making it insufficient. Meanwhile, labeling guidelin... Read more

Genetically engineered fish and meat coming to your table… soon?

Public’s opportunity to demand more testing and stricter regulation ends on May 7 BELLINGHAM, Wash—May 4, 2021. Genetically engineered animals are being developed at an accelerating pace, and could, with few regulations and limited testing, be arriving on dining room tables in the US in 2021. That’s due in part by efforts made by the previous administration to deregulate biotechnologies. On the final day of Sonny Perdue’s tenure as head of the US Department of Agriculture, a proposal ... Read more


Lancaster, PA. 04/23/2021 — Select Juice, LLC (, 100% cold-pressed juice created in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, today announced Non-GMO Project verification ( for seven fruit and vegetable juice blends from their ríjuice® product line. The company’s ingredients, systems, and facilities demonstrated compliance in a third-party audit and verification of traceability of sourced ingredients from suppliers. Handcrafted by ... Read more