Better Than Coffee® is Now Officially Non-GMO Project Verified

Los Angeles based naturally caffeinated energy bars company, Better Than Coffee®, is proud to announce that after completing a rigorous review process, all flavors of its energy bars are now Non-GMO Project Verified. 

The Non-GMO Project’s stringent verification process includes a comprehensive review of a product’s ingredients, supply chain and manufacturing facilities to ensure end-to-end transparency. 

Created to provide a natural alternative to energy products loaded with additives and artificial sweeteners, Better Than Coffee ®’s secret is Guarana and Maca — two plants from South America.

Guarana provides a quick boost of natural caffeine. Guarana berries from South America have high caffeine content and are known for their stimulating effects, including an increase in cognitive capacity and physical vigor, resulting in a lucid energy boost different from the effects of caffeine from coffee. Long used by natives for stamina while hunting, guarana’s effects are smooth and gradual and not accompanied by a nervous sensation.

Maca is scientifically proven to help maintain an illuminating mental and physical boost. The Maca plant—also from South America—has been used as both a food and a traditional medicine in the region for over 2000 years. exhibits an anti-tiredness effect and can reduce the effects of stress when taken regularly and

Better Than Coffee® comes in 4 flavors, all Non-GMO Project Verified. 

  • Dark Chocolate & Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate & Mint
  • Dark Chocolate & Cranberry
  • French Roast

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s most trusted GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) avoidance label and is founded on ensuring people were conscious of what they put in their bodies. More about the Project can be found on its website:

Despite Better Than Coffee® products being Non-GMO from the start, Better Than Coffee® felt the Project Verification was a necessary step in ensuring that all who enjoy Better Than Coffee®, knew what they were buying. “Our mission has always been to be transparent in the ingredients we are using, and we are sourcing non-GMO ingredients from day 1.” said General Manager and Founder Valerie Milovic.

You can find Better Than Coffee® products online at, and soon on

About Better Than Coffee®

Better Than Coffee® was founded in California, by Valerie Milovic, a French lady, self-proclaimed “energy drink addict” working in corporate IT. After needing at least one energy drink to make it through each day, she began searching for healthier alternatives. Three years and about 3,000 homemade bars later, she found a combination that provided lasting, natural energy without coffee’s crash or energy drinks’ artificial ingredients. Valerie then partnered with nutrition experts, scrutinizing every ingredient and turning down countless recipes to arrive at the bars we make today.

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Media Contact

Valerie Milovic, Founder & General Manager