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The Non-GMO Project is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization located in Bellingham, Washington. The Project is operated by its staff and governed by a board of directors with the guidance of technical advisory and standards committees.

Board of Directors

Megan Westgate

Executive Director

Alisa Gravitz

CEO, Green America

Errol Schweizer

Industry Leader

John Foraker

Co-Founder and CEO of Once Upon A Farm

Nicole Atchison


Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis

Government Affairs, Natural Grocers

Vimal Ramjee

Senior Staff Cardiologist, Chattanooga Heart Institute

Kia Ruiz

Kia Ruiz

Consultant, Environmental and Economic Resiliency

Rasheeda Hawk

Rasheeda Hawk

PhD Biophysics and Physiology


Megan Westgate

Executive Director

Nichole Oleson

Chief Executive of People & Finance

Lucy MacLoughlin

Chief Executive of Integrity & Impact

cameron miller

Cameron Miller

Chief Executive of Business Strategy & Innovation

Hans Eisenbeis

Hans Eisenbeis

Director of Mission & Messaging

Brittany O'Brien

Chief Executive of Marketing & Communications

Standards & Verification

Linda C

Senior Research Analyst and Non-GMO Strategist

Lea Emery

Technical Implementation Manager

Erin Auld

In-House Counsel

Rachel Willner

Standards Manager

Pauline Lauvin

Senior QA Manager

Karen Reich

Karen Reich

Contract Manager

James Hoback

Program Integration Specialist

Lindsay Molder

Research Specialist

Marlo Mudd

Research Associate

Obi Iwobi

Quality Assurance Assistant

Cameron Kinsey

Program Implementation Associate

Claire Kervran

Quality Assurance Specialist


Kathy Weinkle

People Operations Manager

Emma Flynn

Strategic Operations Manager

Oryx Battiste

People Operations Coordinator

Craig McCook

Senior Finance Manager

Marketing & Outreach

Melissa Waddell

Copywriter and Editor

Lindsey Rieck

Lindsey Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

Sharon Beerman

Sharon Beerman

Marketing Insights Analyst

Shruti Kapoor

Digital Media Strategist

Salah Hammad

Marketing Manager

Jade Vantreese

Communications Manager

Alissa Vanlandingham

Social Media Coordinator

Client Experience

Kiira Heymann

Industry Research & Engagement Manager

Shannon Reigh

Client Experience Manager


Madison Rossi

Senior Business Development & Relationship Specialist

Megan Murray

Megan Murray

Business Development Manager


Karoline Schaufler

Client Experience Team Lead

Lindsey Wolterstorff

Business Development Analyst

Alycia Falter

Client Experience Associate

Sam McKee

Business Development Associate

Treaneva Beechly

Client Experience Associate

James Lovold

Program Expansion Manager

Mckenna Norland

Business Intelligence Specialist

Jocelin Mora headshot

Jocelin Mora

Client Experience Associate

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