The Non-GMO Shopper

More shoppers than ever are looking for non-GMO choices when shopping

According to the Hartman Organic and Natural Report 2018 consumer awareness of GMOs is almost universal with 97% of consumers aware of GMOs. As consumer awareness has grown an increasing amount of shoppers have begun seeking to avoid GMOs. Hartman reports that 46% of shoppers deliberately avoid GMOs when shopping.

What does this mean for you as a retailer? It means that there is huge value in bringing awareness to the non-GMO products that you have on your store shelves. From endcap displays to shelf labeling, highlighting your non-GMO choices drives sales. Historically, stores that actively participated in Non-GMO Month increased their sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products by more than 10%. 

The Non-GMO Project works directly with distributors to help build promotions programs that coincide with Non-GMO Month. Use our free outreach materials to build a beautiful endcap, stock it with promo items from your distributor, and enter our endcap contest for publicity and a chance to win.

With 36% of shoppers saying they are buying more non-GMO products in comparison to a year ago, Non-GMO Month can help support your health and sustainability mission AND your revenue goals.