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October is Non-GMO Month!

Support the Non-GMO Project in preserving nature’s integrity

Better with the Butterfly

Non-GMO Month is a time to celebrate transparency in our food system, support biodiversity, and protect our genetic inheritance for future generations. The Non-GMO Project believes that you have a right to know how your food was grown. As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to provide rigorous product verification and trustworthy education that empowers people to care for themselves, the planet and future generations.

"Together, small acts lead to powerful movements – and good things follow."
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Why Back the Butterfly?

1. Support Food Sovereignty. Patented GMO seeds place the world's food resources in the hands of multinational corporations. Agricultural monopolies restrict farmers’ choices and use their immense power to shape policy to their own benefit. We believe farmers have the right to preserve a rich array of genetic resources, maintaining diversity that is essential for natural future crop improvement and resiliency to changing environmental conditions.

2. Uphold Equity. Genetically engineered crops, agrichemicals, and associated technologies are expensive for farmers, especially smallholder farmers who grow over 70% of the world’s food. By cultivating traditional and locally-adapted crop varieties, these farmers contribute to global agricultural biodiversity. Fostering inclusive and resilient food systems that benefit farmers of all scales and regions is essential to ensuring global food security and sustainability.

3. Preserve Biodiversity. Protecting nature's genetic diversity helps maintain resilient ecosystems, healthy soil, clean water and abundant wildlife. A non-GMO food system helps to preserve the earth's biodiversity.

4. Support Non-GMO Research and Education. The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only organization tracking new GMOs in development. Our dedicated research team follows the latest in the biotech industry, which is growing faster than ever. Our ability to educate millions of people with critical information about GMOs is made possible by our donors.

5. Reduce pesticide use. Over 90% of soy and corn grown in the United States is genetically engineered to withstand weedkillers. Non-GMO crops help farmers exit the pesticide treadmill while supporting clean ecosystems and waterways.

6. Believe in Something More than empty promises. Despite biotech food industry claims, there is no evidence that any of the GMOs in widespread commercial production offer meaningful increased yield, drought tolerance or climate resilience. Most of these empty claims are just marketing – and not backed by science.

7. Maintain Transparency and Choice. Transparency in our food system empowers individuals to make choices that align with their dietary preferences, health requirements and personal beliefs. By supporting informed choice through appropriate labeling, we can encourage food companies to be more transparent about their ingredients, sourcing and production methods. Informed choice in our food system is not simply a matter of personal taste; it's a fundamental right.

8. Create a Meaningful Shift Toward Organic and Regenerative.
Non-GMO is the first step toward organic and regenerative farming. Non-GMO reduces farmers' dependence on synthetic fertilizers and agrichemicals, creating a pathway to better, more holistic systems.

How to participate in Non-GMO Month

1. Make a Generous Donation

Your dollars help fund our research, our educational campaign programming and our Equitable Transfer Program, which supports businesses led by people of color in pursuing Non-GMO Project verification.

2. Spread Awareness

Follow us on our social media channels. Share our content. Use #NonGMOMonth or #BetterWiththeButterfly when sharing your favorite Verified products or fall recipes.

3. Shop Brands With the Butterfly

Everytime you see a label with the Butterfly, you know that brand has made a commitment to the most rigorous non-GMO standard. Find Non-GMO Project Verified products here.

Small acts lead to remarkable movements. Help us continue our work!

What to Watch

The non-GMO movement has been featured in many award-winning documentaries that are a perfect watchlist for October:

1. Common Ground: See it in theaters now! Watch the trailer. Discover the future of regenerative living in "Common Ground," the captivating sequel to the acclaimed documentary, "Kiss the Ground." Embark on a transformative journey as the film explores regenerative agriculture's power to rejuvenate our world, bridging the gap between people, food systems and the environment. Join the movement for positive change.
Common Ground film poster

Celebrate Non-GMO Month this October

This October, celebrate transparency and biodiversity in our food system, and protect our genetic inheritance for future generations. The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization providing rigorous product verification and trustworthy education. Our mission is to empower people to care for themselves, the planet and future generations. Your support helps to build and preserve our non-GMO food supply and create meaningful shifts toward regenerative agriculture.

As a way of saying thank you for your support, we’re shipping retailers complimentary organic cotton totes directly to your storefront! Order your free totes today.

Educate your customers about Non-GMO Month by using some of these tools in our media kit. Encourage shoppers to look for the Butterfly!
Non-GMO Month Media Kit
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Find additional resources on our Retailer Support page.

Non-GMO Project Brand Summit

Celebrate Non-GMO Month with our first ever Non-GMO Project Brand Summit! Join your colleagues, friends, and Non-GMO Project staff and board members as we work to build the non-GMO landscape. Learn about the connection between non-GMO and regenerative systems, network with industry peers, and win raffle prizes. Participating clients only.

This live event will cover:
  • The convergence of nutrient density and non-GMO 
  • Fresh marketing insights from Linkage Research & SPINS
  • The state of biotech in natural foods
  • Non-GMO Project news & developments 
  • Networking sessions
Special guests and industry experts include: Megan Westgate, Founder and Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project; Tina Owens, Nutrient Density Alliance; Michele DeKinder-Smith, President of Linkage Research; Megan Mahon, Project Intelligence Partners Program Manager at SPINS; Hans Eisenbeis, Director of Mission & Messaging at the Non-GMO Project; and Linda Cognato, Senior Research Analyst & Non-GMO Strategist at the Non-GMO Project.

If you work in marketing, sales, or quality assurance, you won’t want to miss this event!
Watch Recording

Support Our Work

The Non-GMO Project is the only nonprofit, third-party certification program working toward GMO transparency and non-GMO food choices. When you donate to the Non-GMO Project, you’re building a more transparent, natural and sustainable food system that is better for people and the planet.

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