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Sustainable Foods Summit Goes Online  

Sustainable Foods Summit Goes Online 

Sustainable Foods Summit Goes Online  

Sustainable Foods Summit Goes Online 

November 19th 2020  

Sustainable Foods Summit Goes Online  

LondonThe Sustainable Foods Summit will discuss the impacts of the  coronavirus pandemic on production and consumption of sustainable foods. COVID-19 is  changing the way we shop and eat; it is also influencing raw material supply chains and  distribution of food products. The sustainability implications will be discussed at the 11th  North American edition, hosted on an online platform on 25-28th January (Pacific  Daylight Time).  

Major discussions in this virtual edition include…

1. Transition to a new green new deal. Winona LaDuke, the renowned Native  American activist, environmentalist and writer, will share her views on moving to a green  economy. In her keynote, she will call for an infrastructure overhaul to meet the  challenges of climate change, energy, and food. What is the role of sustainable  agriculture in meeting these challenges? How can food companies & retailers help build a  more equitable and resilient food industry? She will outline practical steps to help make  the green transition.

2. Rise of regenerative agriculture. There is a growing realization that regenerative  agriculture can help resolve many of the environmental & social issues faced by the agri food industry. Diana Martin from The Rodale Institute will give an update of the new  Regenerative Organic Certified scheme and its three pillars of soil health, animal welfare,  and social fairness. Launched in 2018, the scheme has been adopted by Patagonia,  Guayaki, Navitas Organics, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, and Tablas Creek Vineyard.

3. Sustainable food retailing. Consumer demand for organic & sustainable foods has  increased during the pandemic. Alan Lewis from Natural Grocers will share the retailers’  experiences. Natural Grocers is a leading chain of natural & organic food shops,  operating 159 stores in 20 American states.

SPINS will present its retail sales data on natural & sustainable foods. What product  categories are reporting the highest sales? What trends are occurring in product  purchases? Marketing guidelines will be given to brands and retailers looking to  capitalize on changing consumer behavior...

4. Marketing to the post-COVID consumer. Some argue that consumer behavior has  changed irreversibly during the pandemic. Apart from changing the way we shop,  COVID-19 is also changing the products we buy, as well as perceptions of brands.  According to Signal Analytics, Trader Joe’s is one of the brands that has resonated  strongly with consumers during the pandemic. The research agency will be presenting its  latest consumer and market trends at the summit.

5. Plastics in a circular economy. Although there is a growing call to move away from  single-use plastics, some organizations are finding new applications for plastic waste.  Think Beyond Plastic is one such entity; Daniella Russo, Founder and CEO, will show  how it aims to advance the circular economy for plastics by focusing on new materials,  sustainable chemistry and new product delivery systems.

6. Future of sustainability schemes. The number of sustainability schemes and ethical  labels continues to proliferate in the food industry. With the absence of a single  sustainability scheme that covers ingredients and finished products, there are concerns on  how events will unfold. Industry experts will discuss the merits and drawbacks of  sustainability schemes, as well as give their perspectives on future developments. Will we  see some convergence or more divergence in sustainability schemes and labels?

7. Merits of organic farming. Organic is the most popular form of sustainable  agriculture, having over 70 million hectares of certified land worldwide. Apart from  avoiding synthetic agricultural chemicals, organic farming also encourages biodiversity.  Fernando Alfonso from Native Products will show how organic agriculture is  encouraging biodiversity on its farms. Native Products is one of the leading organic food  brands in Brazil, starting organic farming in 1987. In another seminar, the Organic Trade  Association will highlight the social, economic and environmental benefits of organic  food production.

8. Widening range of plant proteins. A wide range of plant proteins are now being used  to make plant-based foods. Michelle Wolf, Co-founder and CTO of New Wave Foods,  will show how the company has developed plant-based shrimp using sustainably sourced  seaweed and natural flavors. Its New Wave shrimps will be launched in restaurants and  foodservice outlets in early 2021.

Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods (owner of Lightlife and Field Roast Meat Co.),  will highlight major developments in the plant-based foods market. An update will also  be given on sustainable sourcing of soy. Soy remains one of the most widely used plant  proteins in food and drink products.  

About the Sustainable Foods Summit
The aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and  sustainability in the food industry by discussing key industry issues in a high-level forum. 

The international series of summits now takes place in the major geographic regions of  the world. The North American edition will take place on 25-28th January (PDT time).  More information is available from  

About Ecovia Intelligence
Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor) is a specialist research,  consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries. Since  2001, we have been encouraging sustainable development via our services portfolio:  market research publications, business & sustainability consulting, technical research,  seminars & workshops, and sustainability summits. Visit us at  

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