New GMO Alert: Perfect Day – June, 2021

Brands use Perfect Day® Synbio Proteins to Create GE Ice Cream

As animal-free food alternatives rise in popularity, some brands are turning to synthetic biology—or synbio—to make these products. What is synbio? As it’s used in the market today, synbio is a GMO technique that involves the modification of microorganisms to create ingredients, such as dairy proteins or flavorings. In this edition of New GMO Alerts, we take a quick look at several ice cream brands using synbio ingredients. It’s important to note, all products of new genetic engineering (GE) techniques, including synbio, are defined as GMOs by the Project’s Standard.

Brave Robot Launches GE Ice Cream in 5,000 Stores

The Urgent Company, which was created by and received seed funding from Perfect Day®, has launched its first commercial product, a synbio animal-free dairy ice cream marketed under the Brave Robot brand, in 5,000 stores. The ice cream is available in eight flavors, all of which include Perfect Day® synbio dairy proteins, which have been created using genetically engineered microorganisms. In addition to the synbio dairy component, a number of Brave Robot’s flavors include sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, soy lecithin, soybean oil, canola oil, and citric acid, all of which are commonly derived from genetically modified crops.

Other Perfect Day® Partners

Other brands that are also using Perfect Day® synbio dairy proteins include Smitten® N’Ice CreamNick’sGraeter’s Perfect Indulgence™, and Ice Age!


The Non-GMO Project’s Standard defines all crops and products developed using biotechnology, including new gene-editing techniques, as GMOs. We share this information to further one of the Project’s primary goals of creating greater transparency in the supply chain, ensuring you have the information you need to make the best choices for you, your brand, and your family. 

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