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Shannon Reigh

Client Experience Manager

Shannon earned a BS in Biology with a focus in Conservation from Illinois State University. During her studies, she became passionate about ecology and the human impact on ecosystems.

Working as the manager on an organic farm, Shannon gained a labored appreciation for our food system. She understands the importance of sustainable farming practices. After working as a fisheries biologist in Dutch Harbor, AK, Shannon was rooted in the Pacific Northwest. Her deep-seated concern for food security and transparency in the food system brought her to the Non-GMO Project.

Shannon brings a unique perspective to the Project with her background in water quality, organic farming, and fisheries. She is excited to contribute to the expansion of Non-GMO Project Verified food choices for consumers.

Born and raised in the Midwest Shannon grew up in the country collecting eggs and climbing trees: She now collects stamps and climbs the endless trails in Bellingham.

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