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James Lovold

Program Expansion Manager

Born in the Puget Sound to a family of Scandinavian fishermen and foodies, James has an inherent, deep-seated passion for all things food and the land that provides it. At the surface, his educational path has led him to explore other avenues, from a BSc. in Finance from BI University in Oslo to an MSc. in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Nevertheless, his professional and personal experiences have remained rooted in the food space, and he
has naturally sought ways to intersect these experiences with his educational pursuits.

Before joining the Non-GMO Project, James worked with an Oslo-based restaurant chain developed in collaboration with a global charity organization to create a “buy one, give one” model addressing food insecurity among school-aged children in Africa. In this role, James crafted marketing programs to scale the company’s social and environmental impact and educate local populations about the role consumer choice plays in the ecological and social facets of the food system.

After many years abroad, James made his way back to the Pacific Northwest to join the Non-GMO Project. His work at the Project encompasses program refinement and expansion while simultaneously integrating pathways to broaden and deepen the Project’s impact on people and the planet.

In his spare time, you can find James cooking, pickling, baking bread, sewing, plucking his Appalachian Lap dulcimer, or exploring the wet and wonderful woods of the Northwest.

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