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Alycia Falter

Client Engagement Lead

I have always had an inherent passion for food, community, and sustainability. I grew up in southwest Washington, where I spent most of my summers swimming in my grandparents’ pool and picking fresh veggies and berries from their abundant gardens. This passion was nurtured during the time I spent as a server at various restaurants in Washington and Oregon, where I was able to cultivate robust communication skills and gain more insight into how food was being sourced, prepared and delivered to consumers.

This eventually led me back to school to pursue my ultimate goal, which is to provide a creative space for community members to learn, share, play, collaborate and educate. I graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s in Business & Sustainability as well as a concentration in energy studies. Through my education, I collaborated on many student-led projects, one being Project ZeNETH, which started the groundwork for the first zero net energy tiny home on Western’s campus.

My husband Owen and I share two kiddos, a cat, and dog. Our family loves to go outside to play in the garden, float on paddle boards, and run on the endless trails here in the PNW. When we cannot go outside, we bake! 

As a Client Experience Associate at the Non-GMO project, I am excited to strengthen my ability to build relationships with the greater community as well as share the passion of knowing what is in our food, and where it comes from.

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