Manukora Manuka Honey is Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Manukora is excited to announce that all products from their Manuka honey range are now Non-GMO Project Verified, North America’s most rigorous third-party verification for non-GMO foods and products.

Manukora honey is sourced from untouched forests in remote regions in New Zealand. The remoteness of our sourcing regions means our bees have an endless source of nectar to feed from. Our honey is a direct product of the environment it was created in — no quick fixes here. Quality honey is our priority, always.

Manukora uses Trust Code™ technology to validate its quality and guarantee the authenticity of our Manuka honey. This unique product serialisation allows the honey in each jar to be traced back to the hive it came from. Giving our customers ultimate transparency about the products they are receiving allows them to make the best decisions for themselves and others.

Our commitment to sustainable beekeeping and reducing our environmental impact is central to everything we do at Manukora. We ensure honey from the previous season is left in the hive so there is enough to keep our bees throughout the winter providing them with natural nutrition. By doing this, we ensure the good health of our bees, our honey and ultimately our customers.

The Non-GMO Project verification currently applies to the following Manukora products:

● MGO 50+ Raw Multifloral Manuka Honey
● MGO 100+ Raw Multifloral Manuka Honey
● UMF 10+ (MGO 265+) Raw Manuka Honey
● UMF 15+ (MGO 500+) Raw Manuka Honey
● UMF 20+ (MGO 830+) Raw Manuka Honey
● UMF 24+ (MGO 830+) Raw Manuka Honey

For more information visit our website or connect with us on Instagram (@manukorahoney) or Facebook (Manukora).