Maison Riviera Coconut Based Yogurt Alternatives are now Non-GMO Project Verified 

Maison Riviera

Montreal based, Maison Riviera has recently entered the U.S. market with its coconut-based yogurt alternative. 

Part of Maison Riviera’s overarching mission of taking care of people and ensuring their well-being while encouraging agriculture that is both sustainable and sound, the product line was created to satisfy those with lactose or gluten intolerances, nut allergies as well as vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone else who wants to adopt ethical eating habits. 

A feel-good, good-for-you alternative to classic yogurt 

The collection is available in 100% reusable glass jars and is offered in five mouth-watering flavors: vanilla, lemon, pineapple and coconut, raspberry and blackcurrant, mango and passion fruit. In addition to being made with real fruit, the products are dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and contain 3g protein as well as 1 billion probiotic bacteria per serving. 

Maison Riviera is proud to offer its customers products without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This manufacturing criterion is in keeping with the desire to offer increasingly responsible and sustainable products that meet the industry’s highest standards of quality. 

More and more consumers are concerned with the provenance and quality of the ingredients on their plates, which makes this guarantee of quality one of Maison Riviera’s most important commitments. 

About Maison Riviera 

Maison Riviera has made European refinement the hallmark of its near-century old company. Heir to a tradition in which quality, perfection, and authenticity are inherent in its creative process, Maison Riviera has brought the concept of the “petit pot” glass jar to consumers’ tables. 

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