Norm’s Farms Select Elderberry Jams, Mixers and Supplements Are Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Pittsboro, North Carolina based Norm’s Farms is the first US-based, vertically integrated company specializing in making great tasting and great-for-you foods and supplements featuring the American elderberry grown sustainably on our network of family farms.

Functional Foods and Supplements Made With Pure Simple Ingredients
Elderberry has been used by traditional cultures around the world for a millennium because of its immune system boosting and antiviral properties. Norm’s Farms shook up the elderberry product world by being the first to market with elderberries grown sustainably in the US, without harmful pesticides or herbicides, on small family farms. We were also the first to create and bring great tasting elderberry supplements to the market, believing that taste should never get in the way of taking health-promoting supplements for you or your family.

Our collection of products includes 4 different jams and 4 different nutritional supplements made with our farm-grown elderberries and a line of cocktail and soda mixers featuring the alluring flavor of elderflower. All our products are packaged in 100% recyclable and reusable glass and are made with whole fruit or flowers and a short list of simple, high quality, real food ingredients.

Norm’s Farms is proud to offer our customers a line of products verified without genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as it reflects our bottom-line commitment to creating the highest quality products possible.


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