In A World of Connections, What’s Your Butterfly Effect?

Beginning today, the Non-GMO Project is launching an awareness campaign to highlight how individual actions ultimately lead to huge impacts. This idea is called the butterfly effect, and in the natural world, it happens all the time: A small and seemingly insignificant event spirals outward, creating massive and complex changes in the world around us. And we each have a role to play. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that small actions and choices have large impacts. When we act towards a common goal, we are capable of amazing things.

Look for the Butterfly Effect

In collaboration with renowned domino artist Lily Hevesh and Children of the Setting Sun Productions, the Non-GMO Project brings you a stunning “domino fall” video to illustrate how small, individual actions impact the greater whole. The video playfully examines a “world of connections, woven together with infinite dexterity,” arguing that industrial agriculture — with its reliance on GMOs, toxic chemicals, and vast monocultures — disrupts these connections and robs from the Earth. 

“We recognize that our work to build a non-GMO food system, one that honors nature and our place in it, is just a small piece of a much broader collaboration,” said Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project.  “We are all connected in ways that make it possible to make big changes through small but important choices. That includes the food we buy, and also what we give back to the Earth and to each other.”

Within this interconnected landscape, each one of us has an impact, and we can choose to be an agent of positive change.


Starting the week of May 18th, 2020, we invite you to share stories of your contributions to a healthy, prosperous and diverse future for all. We hope you will take inspiration from each other’s ideas, expanding the global movement towards sustainability. By sharing #BeTheButterfly stories, Non-GMO Project’s social media followers can enter to win a state-of-the-art ebike from Rad Power Bikes, the Seattle-based pioneer in sustainable transportation. Coordinating prizes throughout the campaign will also include Patagonia backpacks, Klean Kanteen containers, and more!

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Join us over these next 12 months as we partner with mission-aligned artists, brands and innovators that are making their own #BeTheButterfly pledge. Like the monarch butterfly, we might think that we travel alone, but ultimately we live together.