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5 Behaviors That Shape Our World

The Non-GMO Project is based on the simple idea that everyone has the right to know how their food is […]

5 Behaviors That Shape Our World

The Non-GMO Project is based on the simple idea that everyone has the right to know how their food is […]

The Non-GMO Project is based on the simple idea that everyone has the right to know how their food is made, and to make choices that align with their values. The Butterfly's growth (66k Verified products and counting!) stems from its resonance, from people all over the world seeking out more natural, non-GMO options.

Simply put, the non-GMO food supply continues to grow because of the choices we make every day. We are creating our food system together, exercising our right to choose and harnessing the transformative energy at the intersection of values and action.

Because our choices are so powerful, the Non-GMO Project team drafted a set of core behavioral values that embody our highest aspirations, both as individuals and as an organization. Here are the five behavioral values that guide us.

Embrace Innovation

We embrace innovation by supporting each other to take risks in service of learning and creativity.

It's human nature to want to succeed at everything we do, but perfectionism is inherently limiting. Trying to control the outcome of our labors keeps us within our comfort zones. The result is a seemingly safe space, but not an interesting one. Predictable, yet stagnant. 

Growth, learning and creativity all come with risks. By embracing innovation, we might end up somewhere we didn't know it was possible to go. 

Communicate Authentically

We speak truthfully and listen deeply; we say the hard things and trust each others' intent as we seek understanding.

Have you ever been tempted to censor yourself, to hide your true feelings to avoid conflict, judgment or drama? You're not alone. However, the cost of holding back is greater than the risk of speaking truthfully. Communicating superficially causes estrangement from each other and, ultimately, from ourselves. 

We strive to speak with candor, and listen with care and curiosity. We share our views, experiences and opinions for the purpose of being known rather than being right. We honor different ways of knowing and continuously challenge our assumptions.

Be a Leader

We all have the ability to inspire others and influence decisions, regardless of title; we use our unique superpowers to lead from where we are. 

Each person, by virtue of their talents and viewpoint, is capable of making unique contributions to our collective mission and culture that no one else can make. We continuously encourage these contributions, knowing that our world is infinitely richer with them. 

To nurture leadership in all its forms, we consciously challenge the traditional, hierarchical model of leadership. 

Practice Essentialism

We choose our pursuits selectively, accept the reality of trade-offs and say no to everything except the essential.

Inviting diverse voices and exploring new territories opens up many possibilities — including the very real possibility of losing our way amid a dizzying array of options. Through essentialism, we stay oriented to our most important work, "making our highest possible contribution to the things that really matter."* Essentialism helps us set aside the good and interesting in favor of the imperative. 

Cultivate Wellbeing

We cultivate holistic wellbeing, finding joy and meaning in our work together, and balance in our lives.

Natural systems function on the principle of balance. Disrupting that balance damages our wellbeing, causing effects that reverberate throughout our environment. 

We believe balance is the basis of a regenerative, nourishing food system, and we nurture that balance within ourselves and our relationships. When we cultivate wellbeing, we honor the essential interconnectedness of all things.

These five behavioral values guide our work together, embodying our highest aspirations. Of course, aspirations bring new territory and unknown possibilities. Our location is rarely fixed. As we strive and grow, we accept where and who we are. We take comfort in knowing there are lessons and insights to be gained from every experience, if we are receptive to them.

*Source: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown

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