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The Whole Truth About Dairy 

Building regenerative solutions for people and planet without GMOs

The Whole Truth About Dairy 

Building regenerative solutions for people and planet without GMOs

The Whole Truth About Dairy

LIVE EVENT: Building regenerative solutions for people and planet without GMOs

The dairy aisle is where it's all happening. Each year, millions of acres of GMO commodity crops are harvested for use in livestock feed. Meanwhile, billions of dollars of venture capital funding is helping biotech companies engineer synthetic, non-animal dairy proteins through a genetic engineering process they are calling "precision fermentation." However, shoppers across the country are already casting their vote for the food system they want to see. Research says a majority of people are looking for non-GMO milk and yogurt options when shopping. 

Join us for this live event to gain insights on natural dairy marketing trends, learn about what synthetic GMO dairy is and how to spot it in the market, and listen to our expert panel on how regenerative agriculture is building the soil and climate solutions. Live Q&A to follow.    

Panelists include three regenerative dairy thought-leaders: Albert Straus, founder and CEO of Straus Family Creamery; Adrian Bota, co-founder and CEO at ORIGIN Milk; and Lynette Maan, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lewis Road Creamery.

View the slides from the presentation here.

6 reasons why dairy is better with the Butterfly

Why does Non-GMO dairy matter? The Butterfly helps eaters avoid synthetic dairy, supports family farmers, creates meaningful change towards regenerative and organic, and more.

Celebrate Dairy Month with our media kit

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Access our media kit to highlight Non-GMO Verified products in the dairy aisle by sharing these resources across your channels. Encourage your networks to be Better with the Butterfly!

GMOs in dairy FAQ

Learn about what synbio dairy proteins are, where they are showing up, and marketing terms to identify these novel ingredients. Plus, are synbio dairy proteins really a climate solution?

Milk from the field not a lab

How does dairy from the field compare to synthetic milk from a lab? Learn about the process here in our side-by-side infographic. We still have a lot of questions about synbio dairy.  How nutritious are these novel engineered dairy proteins and how do they interact with our gut microbiome? Who gets paid for these patented dairy products, and who goes out of business?

Watch the seminar from last year

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