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How Do You Milk a Microbe?

Celebrating National Dairy Month with the Non-GMO Project

How Do You Milk a Microbe?

Celebrating National Dairy Month with the Non-GMO Project

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EVENT: How do you Milk a Microbe?

How Synbio is Disrupting the Dairy Industry

Join us June 16, 2022 at 10 am PST for National Dairy Month to learn all about new synbio “dairy” products and ingredients rapidly entering the market – largely unregulated and unlabeled. How are genetically engineered microbes making “milk”? What is precision fermentation? Who’s manufacturing “animal-free” dairy? Is it really a solution to climate, people, or animal welfare? If you are a chill buyer, work in the dairy industry, sell milk products, or purchase ingredients for your brand, you will not want to miss this seminar. 

Industry experts for this seminar include: Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project; Albert Straus, founder/CEO of Straus Family Creamery; Alan Lewis, TEDx speaker, and head of government affairs and food and agriculture policy for Natural Grocers; Errol Schweizer, author, journalist and former leader of the national grocery program at Whole Foods Market; and Linda Cognato, Non-GMO Project Research Analyst.

How do you milk a microbe webinar with the Non-GMO Project

Amplify Dairy Month with our Media Kit

National dairy month social media kit for non-gmo project verified brands

Help support the natural dairy industry and amplify Non-GMO Verified dairy products by sharing across your channels and encourage your networks to “Go non-GMO.”

Non-GMO Dairy vs. Synbio GMO Dairy

Learn about the Non-GMO Dairy vs. Synbio GMO Dairy process in this infographic

How does dairy from the field compare to synthetic milk from a lab? Learn about the process here in our side-by-side infographic. We still have a lot of questions about synbio dairy.

FAQ: Synbio Dairy

Download our Frequently Asked Questions guide to learn more about synbio dairy proteins, how they work, if it's really vegan, and how this new “milk” works for folks with allergies.

Synbio dairy FAQ poster download
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