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Who's Driving the Future of Plant-Based Foods?

Celebrating plant-based foods with the Non-GMO Project

Who's Driving the Future of Plant-Based Foods?

Celebrating plant-based foods with the Non-GMO Project

Who’s Driving the Future of Plant-Based Foods?

EVENT: Non-GMO Innovation in the Fastest Growing Category

Plant-based food sales grew three times faster than total food sales in 2021, with total market value at an all-time high. At the same time new research shows explosive growth of Non-GMO Project Verified products in the plant-based space. Plant-based foods are having a moment in the spotlight — inspiring innovation without the use of biotechnology.    

However, counter to data on consumer demand, some brands are using new genetic engineering techniques to create a range of ingredients for plant-based products including non-animal dairy proteins, fats, and blood-like compounds. These products made with new GMOs are largely unlabeled, and some even use self-made non-GMO claims, compromising the consumer's right to know what's in their food.

At the convergence of sustainability, demand for plant-based food, and the need for food sovereignty, who is really driving growth in the plant-based space? What does innovation in plant-based foods without GMOs look like? Will the natural foods industry accept products made with biotechnology? Join industry experts and thought leaders as we bring education and awareness to the plant-based space. If you are a conscious eater or work in the plant-based and natural products industry, you will not want to miss this crucial conversation. 

Industry experts for this seminar include: Nicole Atchison, CEO of PURIS; Alicia Kennedy, food writer, author and veganism expert; and Linda Cognato, Non-GMO Project Research Analyst.

View the slides from the presentation here.

Who’s Driving the Future of Plant-Based Foods? webinar invite with the Non-GMO Project

Celebrate Plant-Based Foods with Our Media Kit

Plant-based foods media kit for Non-GMO Project Verified brands

Access our media kit to amplify plant-based foods and Non-GMO Verified products by sharing across your channels. Encourage your networks to be Better with the Butterfly!


Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods FAQ

Learn what synbio protein is, where it shows up in plant-based foods, and how these new ingredients work for folks with allergies. Plus, are these new GMOs even vegan?

Where New GMOs are Showing Up in Plant-Based

New GMOs in plant-based foods infographic

Are you trying to eat plant-based food and avoid GMOs? Recently a new wave of plant-based products made with synthetic biology are showing up online and on grocery store shelves, frequently containing allergens and lacking labels that identify them as being made using genetic engineering. If these lab-grown foods are marketed as “nature identical,” are they really vegan? Are they good for us? And why aren’t they labeled as GMOs? Download the infographic for a list of food categories to watch out for which may contain new GMO ingredients.

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