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Plants Love the Butterfly

Celebrating plant-based foods with the Non-GMO Project

Plants Love the Butterfly

Celebrating plant-based foods with the Non-GMO Project

Plants Love the Butterfly

Plant-Based Eaters Are Increasingly Choosing Non-GMO

In a few short years, the plant-based food industry has grown from a niche category to a mainstream powerhouse. Sales have increased by 44.5% since 2019, fueled by consumer demand and product innovation. But not just any type of innovation. Data show a clear consumer trend: plant-based eaters are looking for food innovation without the use of genetic engineering. 

However, the biotech industry is not getting the message. At the Non-GMO Project, we closely monitor the infusion of products made with new genomic techniques, from synthetic milk to alternative meat. These new GMOs are largely unlabeled and unregulated, compromising our right to choose. But biotech has shoppers all wrong. With more and more new GMOs entering the marketplace, shoppers’ preference for plant-based and Non-GMO Project Verified is only growing stronger

Today Non-GMO Project Verified plant-based products represent 57% of total plant-based food sales, a percentage that has grown year-over-year. Consumer demand for Non-GMO Project Verified products also continues to grow, increasing at 9% per year. Meanwhile, the sale of plant-based products with no verification lags behind.

Non-GMO innovations in plant-based categories are inspiring shoppers to try something new. Today's plant-based shoppers defy categorization and transcend traditional demographics. An estimated 60% of households opted for plant-based food last year, with 80% of those households coming back for more. 

Consumers are more engaged than ever with what goes into their shopping cart, making positive choices for their health and the health of the planet. They're asking more of the plant-based industry, including clean, whole ingredients and third-party certifications, like Non-GMO Project verification.

Find the campaign press release here.

Cultivating Trust and Transparency in Plant-Based: Navigating Integrity, Innovation and Informed Choices

With FoodChainID, the Non-GMO Project and BeVeg

How can aligning with rigorous standards amplify your brand’s credibility? How does transparency fuel consumer loyalty? Join industry trailblazers Hans Eisenbeis of the Non-GMO Project and Carissa Kranz of BeVeg International Vegan Certification for a thought-provoking dialogue around standards, sustainability and consumer trust.

JOIN US September 28, 9 am Pacific

Celebrate Plant-Based Foods with Our Media Kit

Access our media kit to amplify plant-based foods and Non-GMO Verified products by sharing across your channels. Encourage your networks to be Better with the Butterfly!


Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods 2023 FAQ document published by the Non-GMO Project

What is "cultivated meat"? And is it plant-based? Are these plant-based proteins suitable for vegans? Are plant-based proteins made with GMOs better for the planet? Find out in our Plant-Based Foods FAQ here.

Where New GMOs are Showing Up in Plant-Based

Illustrated infographic of New GMOs in plant-based foods

Are you trying to eat plant-based food and avoid GMOs? Recently a new wave of plant-based products made with synthetic biology are showing up online and on grocery store shelves, lacking labels that identify them as products of genetic engineering. If these lab-grown foods are “nature identical,” are they really vegan? Why aren’t they labeled as GMOs? Are they good for us? Share the infographic for a list of food categories to watch out for which may contain new GMO ingredients.

Watch the seminar from last year

Learn more about New GMOs here.

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