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FoodChain ID Testing, LLC

Chantilly, Virginia United States
Tests For
All relevant Non-GMO Project species

FoodChain ID Testing stands at the forefront of technical excellence, offering unmatched technical expertise and comprehensive customer support, along with a history of innovation and industry leadership. As a Technical Administrator, FoodChain ID has verified more than 2/3 of the Non-GMO Project products on the market. We are able to leverage our experience in NGP product verification and GMO testing to provide a full-service solution for Non-GMO Project participants.

Our laboratory can test for all crops and sample types, including multi-ingredients and oils. We follow your samples from start to finish, clearly explain results, and work to facilitate compliance for your products.  All submitted samples are given the attention they deserve, using the most cost-effective testing approach possible.

FoodChain ID was the first commercial lab in North America to use PCR-based DNA testing for GMO detection and has been providing GMO testing services to every sector of the global food chain for over 20 years.

Our solution-oriented team of technical and regulatory specialists is ready to assist with your NGP compliance testing requirements.

Dan Smith
4150 Lafayette Center Drive, Ste. 600 Chantilly, VA 20151
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