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FoodChain ID Testing Brazil

Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Tests For
Corn, soy

FoodChain ID Testing offers a full range of testing and analyses services, continuously aiming to increase food safety and quality. Our constant investment in cutting-edge technology ensures precision, accuracy and credibility to our results. It is this safety together with great agility in the delivery of the reports that ensures the high level of satisfaction of our clients.

The key to controlling costs without increasing risk is to have access to a wide range of available options and skillful guidance in GMO test selection. FoodChain ID Testing can tailor a GMO testing program to meet your needs without incurring unnecessary costs.

FoodChain ID Testing offers a full menu of qualitative and quantitative GMO testing options that can be customized to suit your products and meet your buyer’s needs. Our goal is to give you the most protection at the lowest cost.

A range of GMO testing options is available and GMO variety tests can be customized to your export destination, reducing costs while assuring compliance with applicable import regulations. FoodChain ID Testing’s DNA-based testing methods have been recognized worldwide for their rigor, sensitivity and reliability, and produce consistently accurate results. FoodChain ID Testing uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, which allows direct analysis of DNA and can detect the presence of target elements to a level of 0.01%.

Besides, FoodChain ID Testing offers a full range of testing, analysis, detections and quantifications services that provide safety and quality to products such as allergens, adulterants, contaminant, species-specific, metals, mycotoxins, microbiology, microscopy and macroscopic and pesticide residues.

Based on your unique objectives, our dedicated team of technical and regulatory specialists will assist you by designing a customized testing strategy using the most optimal, cost-effective approach possible.

Guilherme Thomazi
Rua José Aloysio Brugger 1081 Bairro Jardim América CEP 95050-150 Caxias do Sul / RS Brazil
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