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Eurofins GeneScan, Inc.

New Orleans, Louisiana United States
Tests For
alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, papaya (qualitative), soy, sugar beets, summer squash (qualitative)

Since 1999, Eurofins GeneScan has been a leading provider of top-tier analytical services in GMO testing for the entire food production industry, spanning from seed to the finished product on your plate. Our clientele, including seed breeders, traders, ingredient suppliers, as well as food manufacturers and retailers, appreciate our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. As one of competence centers for GMO testing of the Eurofins US Foods Group, uncompromised quality and fast results are key to our service. By delivering expertise and analytical excellence to our customers along the whole supply chain, we are setting standards in food and feed testing.

Eurofins GeneScan not only upholds rigorous standards in food and feed testing but also actively contributes to advancing GMO detection methods. From the inception, we have played a pivotal role in developing innovative techniques. In addition to creating and validating methods for our in-house laboratory and diverse range of kit products, Eurofins GeneScan extends its expertise to offer contract development solutions for various inquiries. Our dedication to excellence resonates throughout the entire supply chain, as we continue to set benchmarks in the realm of food and feed testing.

Pearce Smith, laboratory manager
2219 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 400 New Orleans, LA 70122
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