Steps to Verification

Step 1: Select a Technical Administrator:

The Non-GMO Project works with four independent Technical Administrators (TAs) to provide unbiased product evaluations according to the Non-GMO Project Standard. We encourage you to research each company to find the one that best meets your needs. Pricing and contact information for each company can be found on the Technical Administrators page. Please reach out to the TAs directly for cost quotes.

Step 2: Sign a Contract with Your Technical Administrator:

Once you select your TA, you will sign a Contract Agreement. This agreement should be returned to your TA. 

Step 3: Sign a Non-GMO Project License Agreement:

Your TA will help you complete the Product Verification Program Application for the Non-GMO Project. Once your TA submits your application, the Non-GMO Project will provide you with a License Agreement. Your Non-GMO Project License Agreement outlines the parameters of your participation in the Program and the use of the Non-GMO Project’s trademarks. This is separate from your TA Contract and should be returned to the Non-GMO Project directly. Once the Project confirms your License Agreement is complete, we will provide you with our trademark artwork files to be used for preparatory design purposes only until your evaluation is successfully completed. 

Step 4: Product Evaluation:

Your TA will design and guide you through your evaluation process. Prepare for your evaluation with documentation such as invoices, proofs of purchase, standard operating procedures for your facility, and certificates of analysis for your ingredients. Testing and/or affidavits are required for high-risk crops and their derivatives and testing must be completed by a Non-GMO Project Approved laboratory. An on-site inspection of your facility may be required.

Step 5: Verification & Marketing Opportunities:

Once your evaluation has been successfully completed, you will receive a Certificate of Verification (COV) from your TA. The Non-GMO Project Verified Mark can then be used on your Verified product and associated promotional materials. Our Client Experience team will also reach out to you to highlight our marketing services, from social media kits to sponsorship.

Step 6: Annual Renewal:

Your TA will review your verified product on an annual basis and you will receive an updated Certificate of Verification. If you would like to add new products to your portfolio at any time, please contact your TA directly. Renewal fees apply.


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