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Brogan is proud to be part of the Standards & Verification team at the Non-GMO Project. Her passion for food and its role in the health of people and the planet is what drives her belief in the Project’s mission.

Her love of nature began in her grandmother’s garden and in the green woods of Norfolk, Connecticut. With a background in administrative support and data management, Brogan brings organization and strategic thinking to her work.

Brogan is a writer and artist. An avid reader, she views each day as an opportunity to learn more. She resides in the Hudson Valley with her husband and their beloved cat Penelope.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Claire has always been fond of the outdoors, and curious about our diverse ecosystems. She gained a passion for sustainability while attending Western Washington University and later took a focus in food systems after working on organic farms and in produce sales.

Aiming to know more about creating change in our food systems, she completed a Master’s in Food and Agriculture Law and Policy at Vermont Law School, and furthered her experience in sustainable farming while serving with AmeriCorps. Her passion for sustainability and food system transparency brought her to the Non-GMO Project, where she’s excited to contribute to the Standards and Verification team.

Outside of the office you can find her hiking, biking, exploring new recipes, and curling up with her two cats.

Growing up in the hills and forests of upstate NY I had a love for the outdoors from a young age.  Curiosity, and a need to see more of the world brought me to the Pacific Northwest and lovely Bellingham.  A lifelong snow lover, I was blown away by the mountains and spent the next decade at Mt. Baker Ski area working on my goggle tan.  I studied Environmental Policy at Western Washington University eager to join the effort to preserve the fragile ecosystems that have brought me so much joy.  I look forward to this opportunity to work with like minded people and serve our global community.

With an academic background in English and a deep appreciation for the natural world, Marlo is passionate about using written language as a tool for truth-saying and advocacy for environmental causes and the natural world. Marlo believes that language and the arts can be used as tools to repair humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and that the natural world can inspire language and the arts: a symbiotic relationship she sees as central to what it means to be human. She came to the Non-GMO Project after years of working for various federal land management jurisdictions, and likes to spend her time walking in the woods, reading, making music, foraging, and cooking.

During her time at Western Washington University, Lindsay worked for the Non-GMO Project as an intern. After graduating with her bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, she was thrilled to begin working for the Project full-time.

Lindsay discovered her passion for environmental sustainability and food justice while studying environmental policy in Ireland. She experienced living non-GMO first hand and wanted to help spread the message. Her knowledge in environmental law has aided in her research projects.

In her free time, Lindsay can be found reading mystery books, watching movies about sharks, spoiling her niece and nephew, and exploring everything that Bellingham has to offer!

James Hoback recently earned his Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in Political Science from Western Washington University, where he took an interest in food systems, international business, and nonprofit work. While working at an Apple computers re-seller during college, James built a strong background in customer service and administrative work. Upon graduation, he sought out the nonprofit field and found that working at the Non-GMO Project was the perfect fit for his experience and education.

When not at work, James spends his time playing music and enjoying the outdoors. This includes playing soccer and hiking around the Pacific Northwest.

Karen grew up in the rainy suburbs of Vancouver, BC.  She studied politics and crime at Simon Fraser University, where she served as a student representative on the University Senate and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.  After moving around British Columbia and exploring a variety of career fields, including poverty law advocacy, marketing, and volunteer coordination, Karen landed in Bellingham at a private law firm, where she worked as a paralegal before joining the Project.

Karen truly appreciates living in a rural setting, nestled in the foothills, walking distance from rivers and open space.  She supports local farms, farmers and events like community seed exchanges - everything that helps preserve non-GMO supply chains.   Karen has long believed in the  Non-GMO Project's mission and the belief that everyone has the right to know what is in their food.

Pauline Lauvin grew up near Paris and holds a Master's Degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences from the Superior Institute of Agriculture located in Lyon, France.

Her studies taught her as much about livestock breeding and agriculture as about food manufacturing, and she even completed a summer internship where she made goat cheese by hand on a farm. She spent one Semester studying at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and then spent the following 2 months backpacking from Argentina to Peru.
After moving to the United States 6 years ago, she first worked for a nonprofit placing foreign exchange students with host families, a cause close to her heart as she was an exchange student in the US during high school. Prior to joining the Non-GMO Project Pauline worked in Quality Assurance for a Bellingham organic food manufacturing company. She is excited to play a part in helping consumers make informed food choices by offering them a non-GMO seal they can trust.
Outside of work, Pauline spends most of her time spoiling her two cats, working on various crafts projects, baking elaborate cakes, and running the beautiful trails in the area.

Rachel Willner holds an M.S. in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of California, San Diego, and an M.S. in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis. Rachel is interested in the way people express their worldviews and religious beliefs through diet. She has researched and at various times adhered to several specific types of diet, including veganism, vegetarianism, Halal, and Kosher. Her research also includes perceptions of GMOS, and how consuming or avoiding GMO products aligns with individual belief systems and personal expression.

Before joining the Non-GMO Project, Rachel  practiced seed-saving as an intern with Native Seeds/SEARCH, got her hands dirty on organic horticultural farms in both California and Washington, and worked in the areas of food sovereignty and ethnobotany.

Most recently, she spent 3 years in Okanogan, Washington’s fresh fruit industry. She first served as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for the Okanogan County Community Action Council’s Food For All Project and then as a Program Specialist for the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA’s) Fruit & Vegetable Commodity Inspection Division. Rachel’s experience with both WSDA and US Department of Agriculture standards pertaining to the grade, condition, and phytosanitary status of export tree fruit has prepared her for exemplary management of  the Non-GMO Project’s ever-evolving Standard.

When not eating out, Rachel enjoys agritourism, running, and botanizing in the beautiful North Cascades.

Erin is a California native whose love of the outdoors brought her to the Pacific Northwest. Erin is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Communication and a minor in American History. She also holds a Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School. Erin is passionate about providing consumers with the information necessary to make informed choices about the products they purchase.

Prior to joining the Non-GMO Project, Erin worked in legal clearance at a major television studio in Los Angeles. She is excited to bring her expertise in copyright and trademark law to the Non-GMO Project.

In her free time, Erin enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, and hiking with her family.

Lea Emery was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and now that she has followed family to the Pacific Northwest, she has lived in all four corners of the United States. As a Francophile, she pursued a degree in French Language and Culture, followed by studies in education and business. Lea joined the Non-GMO Project after nearly two decades as an admissions and financial aid administrator at a New England boarding school (also her alma mater). At the school, she was part of a community that put values into action, including having a working farm and promoting sustainability (its dining services recently attained a Three-Star Green Certified Restaurant designation by the Green Restaurant Association). After working to provide the next generation access to a top-notch education tackling global concerns, Lea is eager to work in an organization directly addressing these concerns.

As Research Analyst for the Non-GMO Project, Linda supports the Standards & Verification team by researching and monitoring GMO developments and trends, including synthetic biology. She first became interested in GMOs about 15 years ago when she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Vanaja Ramprasad, Founding Trustee of India’s GREEN Foundation, to discuss her work to foster and preserve biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and the ability of small-scale farmers to achieve and maintain economic independence. Linda brings to the Project over 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting field and is happy to have the opportunity to merge her environmental knowledge with her personal goals to support local, organic and non-GMO food production.

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