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During her teenage years Alissa began interacting with the concepts of food systems, justice, and planetary and human health via disruptor documentaries of the day such as Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, Super Size Me, and of course, a host of Michael Pollan literature. She was startled to find that she was never taught about these issues in her conventional school education. This awakening led to a holistic lifestyle shift at the time—much to the dismay of her midwestern family. That shift stuck and over the years has morphed into a full-blown passion for conscious consumerism, slow-process goods, awareness, transparency, and advocacy that informs everything about how she lives her life.

After graduating college with a degree in Visual Journalism and gaining career experience via a host of community-based marketing jobs, she was ready to take a deeper dive into the food justice and transparency issues that inspired her from the start. She was thrilled to have found a fitting position at the Non-GMO Project.

When not at work, you can find Alissa perusing local farmers markets, curled up with a coffee and a book, or off exploring with her dog, Willow.

As the daughter of an agricultural economist/author and a graphic designer, Jade thrives in the space where food, analytics, and a well-delivered design collide. Since 2004, Jade has covered the food system working locally in regenerative agriculture, farm wholesale, the natural foods industry, micro-distribution, food policy, sales, marketing, and most of the spaces in between.

Jade holds a BA in Food Systems, with a dual minor in Environmental Policy and Entrepreneurship, and a Master’s in Public Administration. She most recently had the great pleasure of providing communications for the Nooksack Indian Tribe, whose ancestral lands we work and live on today. One big thing: Make the world a better place. Every. Single. Day.

Growing up as a global nomad, Shruti's had an interest in mission-driven organizations. While in grad school, the clean label movement sparked Shruti's curiosity to study the shift in purchase behavior as consumers demand cleaner and transparent ingredients without compromising on quality and nutritional benefits. Through this, Shruti soon found her way to the Non-GMO Project.

In her role, Shruti is looking forward to leveraging digital best practices to help drive key marketing objectives. As a digital marketer, Shruti thrives working in a cross-functional environment and wearing different hats.

Aside from work, Shruti enjoys taking strolls, being outdoors, and exploring local coffee shops.

Karoline is excited to bring her experience teaching and love of communication and research to the Non-GMO Project to promote education and food transparency.

After receiving her M.A. in English from Western Washington University, Karoline applied her
education as an editor for pedagogy and writing journals and a teacher of English and creative writing. Before coming to the Non-GMO Project, she was a teacher and program coordinator in Madrid, Spain.

Outside of work, Karoline enjoys being outside in the Pacific Northwest and visiting museums, and she continues to publish research and writing.

Sharon is excited to join the Non-GMO Project especially due to her belief in their mission of empowering individuals, retailers and manufacturers with education and shared knowledge that will motivate us collectively towards healthy sustainable food systems in our communities.     

As the Marketing Insights Analyst, Sharon brings over fifteen years of in-depth marketing research, product development and communications expertise. Her work in gathering consumer insights and feedback have played an essential role in building consumer trust with leading organic, natural and nutritional food brands in the U.S and globally.  

She remains inspired by the ground-swell of consumer feedback reflected in individual purchase decisions and quantitative research that continues to be a catalyst for influencing how we believe food needs to be responsibly grown and manufactured. 

Deeply rooted in the pacific northwest, Sharon had the great fortune of growing up on her parents and grandparent’s subsistence farm, grounding her literally and figuratively with values and a belief that knowing and trusting the food we eat must be a choice for everyone.     

When Sharon is out of the office, she can be found immersed in nature either by climbing a mountain or nurturing family, friends and garden spaces.       


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lindsey developed a love for the environment at a young age from going on long hikes with her family. After graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Communications, Lindsey spent a year as an AmeriCorps Food Educator at Common Threads Farm in Bellingham, Washington. As a Food Educator, she developed a deep love for organic gardening and environmental education.

Since joining the Non-GMO Project in 2019, she's remained passionate about supporting the Good Food Movement through data informed digital marketing. She also enjoys watching nature documentaries with her husband and spending time with her cats.

Melissa grew up in Vancouver, BC, surrounded by the natural beauty of Canada's coastal forests.

Melissa traveled and studied fine art in the United States and Europe, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Called back to the allure of the mountains, ocean, and even the rain, Melissa returned to the Pacific Northwest and now resides in Bellingham, Washington.

Melissa’s interest in food security and environmental sustainability began when she fell in with an intrepid group of urban farmers. Through them, she learned the real value of good food. She also learned that if you ever have the chance to go to a dinner hosted by farmers, say “YES!”

In her spare time, Melissa can be found gardening, drawing, and being tackled by her niece and nephew. Sometimes all at once.

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