Non-GMO Month Charitable Giving

Your charitable gifts help make Non-GMO Month possible

Non-GMO Project Tote bag reading "Everyone has the right to know what's in their food"The Non-GMO Project relies on retailer giving during Non-GMO Month to help support our outreach efforts. From free materials to ongoing educational content, we want to make it as easy as possible for retailers to inform shoppers about the importance of GMO transparency. Your charitable contribution helps support this critical work. 

There are three ways you can give: 

1)   Make a commitment today to host a 5% day during October 

2)   Make a donation today. Please note on your check or donation form that this is a Non-GMO Month contribution

3)   Host a register roundup campaign

As a thank you for your contribution we will send you 25 totes bags in September. These beautiful recycled cotton totes are incredibly popular with consumers and can be used to support your event. All donation commitments must be paid by November 30, 2019.