The Non-GMO Project Standard Revision Public Comment Period Three is Now Open

Non-GMO Project Standard Revision

About the Non-GMO Project Standard

The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. This important work is largely accomplished through our Product Verification Program, the foundation of North America’s most trusted and meaningful label for GMO avoidance.

Consumers trust our label because it is a third-party verification program backed by the most rigorous Standard for GMO avoidance. If you’d like to help make the Standard even stronger, you can get involved by giving us your feedback during the public comment period—it is open now!

What is the Non-GMO Project Standard?

The Non-GMO Project Standard sets the ground rules for the Product Verification Program and lays out requirements for achieving verification. It controls what can be verified under the program, which inputs must be tested and when, the action thresholds for demonstrating compliance of tested material, and requirements for protecting the identity and integrity of products in the program. To this end, the Standard was crafted with the insight and expertise of stakeholders who present a diverse range of perspectives. The Non-GMO Project continues to include a wide range of viewpoints by reviewing public comments at set intervals.

Help Make the Non-GMO Project Standard Version 15 Our Most Meaningful and Rigorous Standard Yet

Biennial revisions help keep the Non-GMO Project Standard rigorous, current, and collaborative. Prior to each revision, an initial public comment period is held for 60 days beginning in April of even years. Comments are submitted online during the public comment period. However, we welcome feedback via email at any time.

The Standards Committee will conduct an in-depth review of comments after the close of the first comment period and use the submissions to inform their decision making over the span of several meetings. The committee will then propose changes to the Standard, which will be published as a redline for a second round of public comments specific to those changes. After the second round, the Standards Committee will review comments again and create a new proposed version of the Standard.

From there, the Standard goes to the Non-GMO Project Board of Directors for final ratification. While the Board has the final decision-making authority, achieving a full consensus between the Board and the Standards Committee is always a priority.

We Want to Know What You Think

At the Non-GMO Project, we believe that consumers hold the power to collectively change the way our food is grown and made. We encourage you to vote with your dollars every day; now we encourage you to make your voice heard during the public comment period.

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