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Sharon Beerman

Sharon Beerman

Marketing Insights Analyst

Sharon is excited to join the Non-GMO Project especially due to her belief in their mission of empowering individuals, retailers and manufacturers with education and shared knowledge that will motivate us collectively towards healthy sustainable food systems in our communities.     

As the Marketing Insights Analyst, Sharon brings over fifteen years of in-depth marketing research, product development and communications expertise. Her work in gathering consumer insights and feedback have played an essential role in building consumer trust with leading organic, natural and nutritional food brands in the U.S and globally.  

She remains inspired by the ground-swell of consumer feedback reflected in individual purchase decisions and quantitative research that continues to be a catalyst for influencing how we believe food needs to be responsibly grown and manufactured. 

Deeply rooted in the pacific northwest, Sharon had the great fortune of growing up on her parents and grandparent’s subsistence farm, grounding her literally and figuratively with values and a belief that knowing and trusting the food we eat must be a choice for everyone.     

When Sharon is out of the office, she can be found immersed in nature either by climbing a mountain or nurturing family, friends and garden spaces.       


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