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Kathy Weinkle

People Operations Manager

Kathy is thrilled to join the Non-GMO project as the Operations Manager. Her experience with coaching, education and business management meshed with a deep passion for healthy food brought her to the Project.

Before heading to the Pacific Northwest in 1993, Kathy lived in Boston where she worked for an educational non-profit and earned her M.Ed. in college counseling. A longing to be closer to the mountains and water, drew Kathy to Seattle and eventually Bellingham. Kathy has spent much her work life teaching, coaching and advising people in all things related to career and education. Thriving on variety in her work, Kathy also has experience in business operations and most recently worked for an experientially-based high school here in Bellingham managing daily business operations.

When she’s not at work, Kathy loves hiking and skiing in the North Cascades, hanging out with her family and friends and her intrepid dog Biscuit and cat, Sasha.

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