Non-GMO Project Data Drop – August, 2022

The connection between human and planetary health is top of mind for many people. However, curiosity remains high around issues like soil health and regenerative food systems. Companies like ours play a pivotal role in building a sustainable supply chain — and sharing our commitment to a healthier planet with our customers.

  • Regenerative agriculture’s reputation is growing! 57% of consumers are aware of the term — a 10-point increase from 2019¹.
  • While 17% of shoppers report having some knowledge about soil health, 69% are interested in learning more2.
  • Over 90% of natural food shoppers believe that their food choices can help address climate change, environmental health, and biodiversity2.

1The Hartman Group, Closing the Gap in Sustainability, April 2022
2 Linkage Research & Consulting, 2021.