Mandatory Labeling Efforts

Over the past several years, the Right to Know effort has gained significant momentum. Through marches, rallies, petitions, social media, and targeted outreach campaigns, consumers are demanding that the government respect their right to know what’s in their food by labeling GMOs. In the United States, there are major campaigns underway focused on GMO labeling policies.

Further, the Just Label It campaign continues working for federal labeling. The Non-GMO Project is working in partnership with these campaigns to bring awareness to the importance of consumers’ right to know and to support policy change that will help protect the food supply in the future. Meanwhile, we’re maintaining a diligent focus on providing immediate consumer choice in the form of Non-GMO Project Verified labels for the products that have been approved through our third party program. We believe it is important to vote at the polls AND with our wallets.

For a map and more information state-by-state, visit Right to Know GMO!

Right to Know Labeling Legislation by State


There are November 2014 ballot measures in both Oregon and Colorado.

Click here for the Oregon Right to Know website. Yes on 92!

Non-GMO Project Statement in support of measure 92:

The Non-GMO Project supports mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods, in Measure 92, and eventually all across the U.S. The voluntary labeling system offered by the Non-GMO Project is not a substitute for mandatory GMO labeling, because we need transparency throughout the entire food system.

Click here for the Colorado Right to know website. Yes on 105!


Learn key points to use when discussing GMOs and labeling in our Communications Toolkit Webinar.

FAQ brochure to download, print and distribute.

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