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This brand has products in the process of becoming Non-GMO Project Verified; click here to see them.

VerifiedApple & Butternut Squash
VerifiedBanana, Peach & Mango
VerifiedBlueberry Pear & Beet
VerifiedBroccoli, Spinach, Pea and Apple
VerifiedCoconut Mixed Berry Puree With Coconut Milk
VerifiedGreen Bean, Pear & Peas
VerifiedPumpkin, Sweet Potato, & Pear
VerifiedSpinach, Mango & Pear
VerifiedSweet Potato, Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon

Enrolled Products
EnrolledBanana, Peach, Prune & Coconut Baby Food
EnrolledCoconut Strawberry Puree with Coconut Milk
EnrolledOrange Mango Puree With Coconut Milk
EnrolledSuper Toddler Bars - Apple & Kale Crisp
EnrolledSuper Toddler Bars - Chocolate Sunbutter
EnrolledSuper Toddler Bars - Honey Sunbutter
EnrolledSuper Toddler Bars - Mixed Berry Crunch
EnrolledTot Plus Kale Apple Mango
EnrolledTot Plus Strawberry Kiwi Beet Pear