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Cereal & Breakfast Foods

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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedFelicitas Granola; VerifiedGracious Granola; VerifiedVeritas Granola

VerifiedBite-Sized Frosted Wheat Squares; VerifiedBite-Sized Wheat Squares; VerifiedFruit & Nut Muesli; VerifiedHoney Almond Flax Protein & Fiber; VerifiedMultigrain O's; VerifiedOrganic Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix; VerifiedOrganic Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix 100% Whole Wheat; VerifiedOrganic Cinnamon Spice Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Maple Spice Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Multigrain with Flax Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Oats & Flax Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Old-Fashioned Oats; VerifiedOrganic Original Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Quick Oats; VerifiedOrganic Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedOrganic Variety Pack Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedProtein & Fiber Flakes & Clusters; VerifiedRainbow Morning O's

VerifiedFruit Me Up! Only Apples; VerifiedFruit Me Up! Only Apples Mangoes Pineapples; VerifiedFruit Me Up! Only Apples Peaches Apricots; VerifiedFruit Me Up! Only Apples Strawberries Bananas

VerifiedPancake & Waffle Mix

VerifiedGluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix; VerifiedGluten Free Coconut Rice & Shine Hot Cereal; VerifiedInstant Maple Buckwheat Hot Cereal; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Original Plan Hot Cereal; VerifiedInstant Quinoa & Oat Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic 4 Grain Plus Flax Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Amaranth Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Gluten Free Pancake & Baking Mix; VerifiedOrganic Kamut Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Oat Bran Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Oat Bran Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Oat Bran Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Oat Bran Pancake & Waffle Mix; VerifiedOrganic Rice And Shine Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Rye Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Sprouted Wheat Berry Flake & Quinoa Flakes; VerifiedPuffed Barley Cereal; VerifiedPuffed Corn Cereal; VerifiedPuffed Rice Cereal; VerifiedPuffed Wheat; VerifiedQuinoa Rice & Shine Hot Cereal; VerifiedShredded Wheat Bite Size Cereal; VerifiedSweetened Shredded Wheat Bite Size Cereal

VerifiedAlmond Chia Granola Clusters; VerifiedApple Cinnamon Granola Clusters; VerifiedBanana Walnut Granola Clusters; VerifiedMaple Pecan Granola Clusters; VerifiedOrange Crunch Granola Clusters

VerifiedApple Pie Flavored Oatmeal; VerifiedBlueberry Scone Flavor Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedCarrot Cake Flavored Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedFiber Power - Triple Berry; VerifiedFiber Power Granola - Cinnamon Raisin; VerifiedGluten Free Granola-Apple Raisin Walnut; VerifiedGluten Free Granola-Cranberry Orange Cashew; VerifiedGluten Free Granola-Extreme Fruit & Nut; VerifiedGluten Free Granola-Nutty Cranberry Maple; VerifiedGluten Free Granola-Rainforest Banana Nut; VerifiedMaple Multi-Grain Muffin Oatmeal; VerifiedStrawberry Shortcake Oatmeal; VerifiedTraditional Flavoured Oatmeal

VerifiedBetter Granola Dark Chocolate Cranberry; VerifiedBetter Granola Oats & Honey; VerifiedHigh Fiber Medley Cereal Cranberry; VerifiedHigh Fiber Medley Cereal Original; VerifiedHonest O's Cereal Multigrain; VerifiedMorning Oat Crunch Cereal Cinnamon; VerifiedMorning Oat Crunch Cereal Mini Blueberry Burst; VerifiedMorning Oat Crunch Cereal Original; VerifiedMorning Oat Crunch Cereal Vanilla Almond; VerifiedMultigrain Squarefuls Maple Brown Sugar; VerifiedOrganic Brown Rice Crisps; VerifiedOrganic Corn Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Honest Os Honey Nut; VerifiedOrganic Honest Os Original; VerifiedOrganic Snackimals Cereal Cinnamon; VerifiedOrganic Snackimals Cereal Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Snackimals Chocolate Crisp; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Cinnamon; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Honey Rice; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Multigrain; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Original; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Peanut Butter; VerifiedPuffins Cereal Peanut Butter & Chocolate; VerifiedShredded Wheat; VerifiedToasted Oatmeal Flakes Original

VerifiedSugar Free Pancake Mix

VerifiedApricot & Almond Granola; VerifiedCashew & Coconut; VerifiedCherry & Cocoa Nib Granola; VerifiedHoney & Hazelnut; VerifiedSix Seed Sensation

VerifiedOrganic Coconut Sugar Blonde

VerifiedGranola Breakfast In Heaven

Verified5 Grain Rolled Hot Cereal; VerifiedMuesli; VerifiedOat Bran Hot Cereal

VerifiedBOLA Granola Barely Sweet; VerifiedGluten-free Granola; VerifiedGranola

VerifiedChocolate-Chunk Granola; VerifiedCranberry Granola; VerifiedOriginal Granola; VerifiedVanilla Pecan Granola

VerifiedAlmond Clusters and Flakes Cereal; VerifiedDark Chocolate Hazelnut Granola; VerifiedHoney Almond Granola; VerifiedOrganic Raisin Bran Cereal; VerifiedWild Blueberry & Flax Granola

VerifiedBerry Cobbler Premium Organic Berry Granola; VerifiedGraham Crunch Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Ancient Grains Granola; VerifiedOrganic Berry Cobbler Granola; VerifiedOrganic Fruit And Nut Granola; VerifiedOrganic Maple Brown Sugar Granola Cereal; VerifiedPurely O's Cereal; VerifiedRaisin Bran Cereal

VerifiedMaple Almond Granola (Bulk); VerifiedOriginal Granola; VerifiedSimply Granola; VerifiedSimply Granola; VerifiedSimply Granola Flax & Fruit; VerifiedSimply Granola Vanilla & Flax; VerifiedSimply Granola W/Blueberries & Bananas (Low Fat); VerifiedSimply Granola With Blueberries & Bananas; VerifiedSimply Granola With Cranberries; VerifiedSimply Granola with Cranberries LF; VerifiedSimply Granola With Pomegranate & Flax; VerifiedSimply Granola With Raisins; VerifiedSimply Granola With Raspberries

Verified"No Nuts" Granola; Verified"Some Nut" Granola

VerifiedBircher Muesli Apple & Acai; VerifiedBircher Muesli Orange & Brazil Nut; VerifiedBircher Muesli Pistachio & Cranberry; VerifiedOats Apple Spice; VerifiedOats Banana & Mango; VerifiedOats Blueberry & Lemon; VerifiedOats Mixed Berry

VerifiedAlmighty Mango Goji; VerifiedForbidden Fruit

VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon ; VerifiedOrganic Apple Spice Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedOrganic FIT KIDS Instant Oatmeal Berry Blast; VerifiedOrganic FIT KIDS Instant Oatmeal Caramel Apple; VerifiedOrganic FIT KIDS Instant Oatmeal Chocolate Chip; VerifiedOrganic FIT KIDS Instant Oatmeal Cinnamon Toast; VerifiedOrganic Gluten Free Old Fashioned Oats; VerifiedOrganic Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal Maple; VerifiedOrganic Maple & Brown Sugar Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedOrganic Multigrain Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Multigrain Oatmeal Cranberry Apple; VerifiedOrganic Multigrain Oatmeal Maple Spice with Raisins; VerifiedOrganic Oats Quick Cook Steel Cut; VerifiedOrganic Oats Steel Cut; VerifiedOrganic Oven Toasted Oats Old Fashioned; VerifiedOrganic Oven Toasted Oats Steel Cut; VerifiedOrganic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedOven Toasted Oats Quick

Verified100% Organic 7-Grain Hot Cereal; Verified100% Organic Wheat 'n Rye Hot Cereal; VerifiedRoasted 7-Grain Hot Cereal; VerifiedRoasted Ranch Oats Hot Cereal; VerifiedRoasted Wheat Hot Cereal

VerifiedApple Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedApricot Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedApricot Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedBiodynamic Apricot Premium Spread; VerifiedBiodynamic Strawberry Premium Spread; VerifiedBlack Currant Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedBlack Currant Premium Spread; VerifiedBlackberry Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedBlackberry Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedBlood Orange Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedConcord Grape Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedFour Fruit Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedMango Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedMorello Cherry Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedPomegranate Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedPremium Spread Wild Blueberry Organic; VerifiedRaspberry Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedRaspberry Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedSeville Orange Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedStrawberry Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedStrawberry Premium Fruit Spread; VerifiedSuperfruit Just Fruit Spread; VerifiedSuperfruit Spread Asia; VerifiedSuperfruit Spread Europe; VerifiedSuperfruit Spread North America; VerifiedSuperfruit Spread South America; VerifiedVintage Series Biodynamic Blueberry Premium Spread; VerifiedWild Blueberry Just Fruit Spread

VerifiedDaddy's Muesli

VerifiedThin-Sliced Blues Bread

VerifiedChia Berry Made With Organic Oatmeal; VerifiedFruit Flax & Nuts Oatmeal; VerifiedHemp Peach Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Apple Flax Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Homestyle Oats; VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal Light Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal Light Maple Brown Sugar; VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal Original; VerifiedOrganic Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Maple Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Mega Omega Superfood Hot Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Omega Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Milled Flax & Apple Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Milled Flax Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Milled Flax Oatmeal (No Added Sugar Or Salt); VerifiedOrganic Oatmeal Variety Pack (Organic Maple Brown Sugar, Organic Milled Flax, And Organic Milled Flax Apple)

VerifiedAsia Blend Hot & Fit Cereal Cup; VerifiedHot & Fit Cereal Superfood Blueberry Chia; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal American Blend; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal Asia Blend; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal Cup American Blend; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal Cup Mayan Blend; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal Mayan Blend; VerifiedSuperfood Grains Hot & Fit Cereal Superfood Blueberry Chia Cup

VerifiedApple Peach Oatmeal; VerifiedBanana Raspberry Brown Rice Fruit and Grain Puree; VerifiedPear Apricot Barley Fruit & Grain Puree; VerifiedWholesome Morning Pumpkin Vanilla Hot Cereal; VerifiedWholesome Morning Sweet Potato Cinnamon Hot Cereal; VerifiedYummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Apple & Cinnamon; VerifiedYummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar

VerifiedBrown Rice Flakes, Organic; VerifiedKamut Flakes, Organic; VerifiedOat Flakes; VerifiedRye Flakes, Organic; VerifiedSpelt Flakes, Organic

VerifiedSuper Cereal Apricot Vanilla; VerifiedSuper Cereal Blueberry Cashew; VerifiedSuper Cereal Cacao Coconut; VerifiedSuper Cereal Sweet Buckwheat

VerifiedRip's Big Bowl Banana Walnut; VerifiedRip's Big Bowl Original; VerifiedRip's Big Bowl Triple Berry Walnut

VerifiedCaramel Apple Baked Chewy Bars; VerifiedCinnamon Raisin Crunch Granola; VerifiedCocoa Loco Baked Chewy Bars; VerifiedDouble Chocolate Crunch Granola; VerifiedMixed Berry Baked Chewy Bars; VerifiedPerky's Crunchy Flax Cereal Original; VerifiedPerky's Crunchy Flax Cereal With Chia; VerifiedPerky's Crunchy Rice Cereal; VerifiedSunButter Crunch Baked Chewy Bars; VerifiedVery Berry Crunch Granola

VerifiedChoco Chimp; VerifiedJungle Munch; VerifiedOrganic Amazon Flakes Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Chocolate Koala Crisp Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Gorilla Munch Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Leapin Lemurs Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs Cereal

VerifiedCocoa Crispy Brown Rice; VerifiedCorn Flakes; VerifiedCrispy Brown Rice - Gluten Free; VerifiedCrispy Brown Rice - No Salt; VerifiedHoney Crispy Brown Rice Mixed Berries; VerifiedHoney Rice Twice; VerifiedRaisin Bran; VerifiedStrawberry Crisp; VerifiedSupergrains Buckwheat & Hemp; VerifiedSupergrains Quinoa & Chia

VerifiedBerry Bliss; VerifiedCocao Wow; VerifiedGoji Goodness; VerifiedOmega Mango; VerifiedT.R.I.M. Totally Raw Ingredient Mix Cereal

VerifiedAn-Ox Muesli; VerifiedAthlete Fuel Muesli; VerifiedClassic Swiss Muesli; VerifiedMorning Zen Muesli; VerifiedSuper Muesli

VerifiedLow Fat Granola; VerifiedLow Fat Müesli; VerifiedSwiss Balance Premium Müesli; VerifiedSwiss Müesli No Added Sugar; VerifiedSwiss Müesli Original Recipe

VerifiedOrganic Ancient Grain Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Apple Raisin Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Pure Oat Oatmeal; VerifiedUltimate Organic Oatmeal

VerifiedOrganic Maple Syrup, Grade B; VerifiedWhole Grain Golden Rice Crisps Organic Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Honey Nut O's Organic Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Oat and Honey Organic Granola; VerifiedWhole Grain Raisin Bran Organic Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Wheat Squares Organic Cereal

VerifiedOkanagan Apple Whole Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Brown Flax; VerifiedOrganic Buckwheat; VerifiedOrganic Golden Flax; VerifiedOrganic Naked Oats; VerifiedOrganic Oats; VerifiedOrganic Ultimate Whole Cereal Blend

VerifiedIrish Oatmeal; VerifiedIrish Steel Cut Oatmeal; VerifiedIrish Steel Cut Oatmeal Quick to Cook

VerifiedNatural Blueberry

VerifiedAncient Grain Flakes; VerifiedCocoa Crunch Tic Tac Toe; VerifiedCorn Flakes; VerifiedMaple Crunch; VerifiedPro-Teen Crunch

VerifiedBadger's Best; VerifiedBee's Knees; VerifiedChipmunk's Choice; VerifiedFox's Fancy; VerifiedSquirrel Bait; VerifiedTurtle Tracks

VerifiedGluten Free Pantry Muffin Mix

VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Banana Maple With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Blueberries, Strawberries & Brown Sugar; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Brown Brown Sugar With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Cranberry Apple With Walnuts & Cinnamon; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Cranberry Cinnamon With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Golden & Brown Raisins With Almonds; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Maple Raisin With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Natural; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Strawberries & Brown Sugar With Flax; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal Variety Pack - Apple Cinnamon, Maple Raisin and Brown Sugar; VerifiedQuick Rolled Oats; VerifiedSteel Cut Oats; VerifiedTraditional Rolled Oats

VerifiedQuinoa Granola

VerifiedCherry Breakfast Bars; VerifiedClub Pack Breakfast Bars - Blueberry Apple Strawberry; VerifiedStrawberry Breakfast Bars

VerifiedAll Organic Apple Cinnamon Sprouted Granola; VerifiedAll Organic Coco Crunch Sprouted Granola; VerifiedAll Organic Raisin Crunch Sprouted Granola; VerifiedAll Organic Super Simple Sprouted Granola

VerifiedKAMUT® Hemp Protein Granola

VerifiedOrganic Grits

VerifiedFavorite Mixed 5 Grains; VerifiedRice, Rolled; VerifiedRolled Oats; VerifiedRolled Rye; VerifiedRolled Spelt; VerifiedRolled Triticale; VerifiedRolled Wheat

Verified100% Organic Quick Cooking Ancient Grain Hot Cereal; Verified100% Organic Rolled Oats; VerifiedOrganic Oatmeal With Fruit; VerifiedSteel Cut Oats; VerifiedSwiss Style Muesli

VerifiedGrape-Nuts; VerifiedGrape-Nuts (Canadian); VerifiedGrape-Nuts Fit ?? Cranberry Vanilla

VerifiedGreat Grains Granola ?? Blueberry Flax; VerifiedGreat Grains Granola ?? Super Nutty

VerifiedQuinoa Real Black Organic Flakes; VerifiedRed Quinoa Flakes; VerifiedWhite Quinoa Flakes

VerifiedGrawnola Cherry Hemp Raw Nut & Fruit Blend; VerifiedGrawnola Orange Cranberry Raw Nut & Fruit Blend; VerifiedRaw Nut & Fruit Blend Lemon Blue Agave

VerifiedBlack Chia Seeds

VerifiedHulled Hemp Seed; VerifiedOrganic Hulled Hemp Seed

VerifiedOmega Seed Organic Raw Hemp Seed Nut; VerifiedOmega Seed Raw Hemp Nut

VerifiedAll Natural, Unprocessed, Wheat Bran; VerifiedApples & More Muesli; VerifiedBulgur Wheat; VerifiedCertified Organic, Golden Milled Flax Seed; VerifiedCracked Wheat All Natural Hot Cereal; VerifiedMilled Flax Seed; VerifiedMulti Grain With Quinoa & Flax Hot Cereal; VerifiedOat Bran All Natural Hot Cereal; VerifiedPremium Steel Cut Oats; VerifiedSingle Serving Travel Flax Premium Milled Flax Seed; VerifiedTravel Flax Certified Organic Golden Milled Flax Seed; VerifiedTravel Flax Chia; VerifiedTravel Flax Premium Milled Flax Seed; VerifiedUntoasted Wheat Germ; VerifiedWheat Germ With Cinnamon & Milled Flax Seed; VerifiedWhole Grain Brown Flax Seed; VerifiedWhole Grain Quick Rolled Oats; VerifiedWhole Grain Thick Cut Rolled Oats

VerifiedNo Salt Brown Rice Crackers

VerifiedCanadian Blend; VerifiedHapi Breakfast Cereal; VerifiedMary Jane; VerifiedOriginal Breakfast Cereal Dragon's Blend; VerifiedSkinny B; VerifiedWild Chia

VerifiedAlmond Cherry Granola; VerifiedCherry & Berry Granola; VerifiedChocolate Chip Granola; VerifiedMotor City Crunch Chocolate Hazelnut Granola; VerifiedPecan Almond Granola; VerifiedVanilla Maple Granola

VerifiedHulled Hemp Seeds

Verified7 Whole Grain Flakes; Verified7 Whole Grain Honey Puffs; Verified7 Whole Grain Pilaf; Verified7 Whole Grain Puffs; VerifiedBerry Fruitful; VerifiedCinnamon Harvest; VerifiedGo Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble; VerifiedGo Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble; VerifiedGo Lean Crisp Toasted Cinnamon; VerifiedGo Lean Crunch; VerifiedGo Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax; VerifiedGo Lean Original Cereal; VerifiedGo Lean Vanilla Graham Clusters Cereal; VerifiedHoney Puffed Grains; VerifiedIndigo Morning; VerifiedIsland Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Bite Size Whole Wheat; VerifiedOrganic Cinnamon Harvest; VerifiedOrganic Flakes and Berries; VerifiedOrganic Promise Autumn Wheat Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Promise Blackberry Hills; VerifiedOrganic Promise Quinoa Multigrain Flakes & Raisins; VerifiedOrganic Promise Sprouted Grains Whole Grain Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine; VerifiedPuffed Grain; VerifiedRaisin Vineyard; VerifiedSimply Maize; VerifiedStrawberry Fields

VerifiedBanana Nut Clusters; VerifiedCinnamon Oat Clusters With Flax Seeds; VerifiedDark Chocolate & Cranberry Clusters; VerifiedFruit & Nut Clusters; VerifiedMaple Quinoa Clusters With Chia Seeds; VerifiedOats & Honey Clusters With Toasted Coconut; VerifiedPeanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters; VerifiedRaspberry Clusters With Chia Seeds; VerifiedVanilla Blueberry Clusters With Flax Seeds

VerifiedRenola Fruit Nut & Seed Mix Cinnamon Nut

VerifiedHot Oats Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedHot Oats Blueberry Banana Walnut; VerifiedHot Oats Peach Almond Vanilla; VerifiedHot Oats Strawberry Raspberry; VerifiedOat Clusters Apple Walnut Delight; VerifiedOat Clusters Cocoa Goodness; VerifiedOat Clusters Raisin Almond Crunch; VerifiedOat Clusters Simply Oats; VerifiedOat Clusters Sweet Cranberry Pecan; VerifiedPower O's Chocolate Cereal; VerifiedPower O's Original Cereal; VerifiedSuper Oats Chia Nuts & Seeds; VerifiedSuper Oats Chia Simply Pure

VerifiedHot'n Creamy Rice Cereal

VerifiedMatzo Farfel

VerifiedCranberry Orange Scone Mix; VerifiedOrganic Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes, No Sugar, No Wheat; VerifiedSouthern Pecan Pancakes & Waffles; VerifiedSwedish Oatmeal Pancakes

VerifiedChia Seeds

Verified5 Berry All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedApple Walnut All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedChocolate Cherry All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedDates & Pine Nuts All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedGoji Blueberry All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedJust Oatmeal All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedMango Blackberry All Natural Oatmeal; VerifiedNuts & Seeds All Natural Oatmeal

VerifiedToasted Wheat-Fuls Cereal

VerifiedCranberry Coconut; VerifiedPumpkin Pecan

VerifiedApple Quinoa Cinnamon Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze; VerifiedBlueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze; VerifiedRaspberry Coconut Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze

VerifiedMuffin Mix; VerifiedNo Sugar Added Muffin Mix; VerifiedWaffle & Pancake Mix

VerifiedBlueberry Flax Granola; VerifiedHoney Nut Granola; VerifiedMaple Pecan Flake & Cluster Cereal; VerifiedOrganic 1 Minute Quick Oats; VerifiedOrganic Almond Granola; VerifiedOrganic Apple Cinnamon Naturally Flavored Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Maple Spice Naturally Flavored Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Oats & Flax Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Old Fashioned Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Raisin Bran Flake & Cluster Cereal; VerifiedVanilla Almond Flake & Cluster Cereal

VerifiedBlueberry Crumble; VerifiedBlueberry Pomegranate; VerifiedCherry Almond; VerifiedChocolate Hazelnut; VerifiedFrench Vanilla; VerifiedLow Fat Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedRaisin Bran; VerifiedSweet Oats and Almonds

VerifiedChia Goodness Apple Almond Cinnamon; VerifiedChia Goodness Chocolate Almond Cereal; VerifiedChia Goodness Cranberry Ginger Superfood Cereal; VerifiedChia Goodness Original Cereal

Verified24 Pack Granola Bary Variety Pack - 12 Organic Trail Mix Pumpkin 'N' Spice Flax Plus Granola Bar, 8 Organic Dark Chocolate Chip ; VerifiedAncient Grains Waffles; VerifiedBuckwheat Waffles; VerifiedChia Plus Coconut Chia Granola Cereal; VerifiedChia Plus Waffles; VerifiedCinnamon Flax Flakes Cereal; VerifiedCrunchy Sunrise Honey; VerifiedFlax Plus Multibran Flakes; VerifiedFlax Plus Red Berry; VerifiedFlax Plus Waffles; VerifiedFrosted Berry Strawberry Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Buncha Blueberries Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Cherry Pomegranate Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Granny??s Apple Pie Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Lotta Chocolotta Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Mmmaple Brown Sugar Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Razzi Raspberry Toaster Pastries; VerifiedFrosted Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastries; VerifiedGluten Free Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal; VerifiedGluten Free Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal; VerifiedHemp Plus Waffles; VerifiedHeritage Crunch Cereal; VerifiedHeritage Muesli Raspberry Hazelnut & Ancient Grains; VerifiedHeritage Muesli Raspberry Hazelnut & Ancient Grains; VerifiedHeritage/Ancient Grains Granola With Almonds Cereal; VerifiedHeritage® Muesli Wild Blueberry Almond & Ancient Grains; VerifiedHigh Fiber Cinnamon Raisin Granola Cereal; VerifiedHomestyle Gluten Free Waffles; VerifiedHot & Crunchy Granola Apple Pecan with Chia; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Flax Plus; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Gluten-Free Brown Sugar Maple with Ancient Grains; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Gluten-Free Homestyle; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Gluten-Free Spiced Apple with Flax; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Gluten-Free Variety Pack ?? Spiced Apple with Flax, Brown Sugar Maple with Ancient Grains, Homestyle; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Hemp Plus; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Maple Nut; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Multigrain Raisin; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Optimum Power Blueberry Cinnamon Flax; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Original; VerifiedHot Oatmeal Variety Pack ?? Apple Cinnamon, Multigrain Raisin, Flax Plus, Maple Nut; VerifiedLove Crunch Cereal; VerifiedLove Crunch Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola; VerifiedLove Crunch Premium Organic Granola Banana Bread; VerifiedLove Crunch Premium Organic Granola Gingerbread; VerifiedMaple Cinnamon Waffles; VerifiedOptimum Power Seeds Chia, Hemp & Buckwheat Cereal Original Flavor; VerifiedOrganic Acai: Apple Granola With Pomegranate/Plus Granola With Pomegranate & Apple Cereal (Cdn); VerifiedOrganic Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toaster Pastries; VerifiedOrganic Corn Flakes Fruit Juice Sweetened Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal (Gluten-Free); VerifiedOrganic Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal (Gluten-Free); VerifiedOrganic Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Flax Plus Raisin Bran Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Ginger Zing Granola Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Hemp Plus Granola Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Bites Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Flakes Multigrain Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Heritage O's Multigrain Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Honey'D Corn Flakes Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Kamut Krisp Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Mesa Sunrise Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Mesa Sunrise With Raisins; VerifiedOrganic Millet Rice Oatbran Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Multigrain Oatbran Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Oaty Bites Crispy Whole Grain Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Optimum Banana Almond Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Optimum Cranberry Ginger Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Optimum Slim Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Peanut Butter Granola Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Pomegran Cherry Granola; VerifiedOrganic Smart Bran Cereal With Psyllium & Oatbran; VerifiedOrganic Spelt Flakes Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Sunflower Agave Plus Granola Sweetened With Agave Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Trail Mix Sunny Hemp Plus Granola Bar; VerifiedOrganic Vanilla Almond Flax Plus Granola Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Brown Crispy Rice Gluten-Free Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Whole O's; VerifiedPremium Organic Oatmeal 12 Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds 10 Vanilla Almond Flax Seeds 10 Maple Pecan Raisin; VerifiedPumpkin Flax Granola; VerifiedPumpkin Spice Waffles; VerifiedQi??a ?? Cinnamon Pumpkin Seed; VerifiedQi??a ?? Creamy Coconut; VerifiedQi??a ?? Superseeds & Grains; VerifiedQi??a Superfood Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal ?? Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedQi??a Superfood Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal ?? Cranberry Vanilla; VerifiedSunrise Crunchy Cinnamon Cereal; VerifiedUnfrosted Berry Strawberry Toaster Pastries; VerifiedUnfrosted Buncha Blueberries Toaster Pastries; VerifiedUnfrosted Granny??s Apple Pie Toaster Pastries

VerifiedAncient Grains Organic Granola; VerifiedAntioxidant Organic Granola; VerifiedGluten-Free Crispy Fruity Organic Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Cranberry Almond Granola Clusters; VerifiedOrganic Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Granola Clusters; VerifiedOrganic Gluten Free Unsweetened Berry Coconut Granola; VerifiedOrganic High Protein Blueberry Harvest Granola; VerifiedOrganic High Protein Ginger Granola Clusters; VerifiedOrganic High Protein Unsweetened 5 Seed Granola With Apples & Raisins; VerifiedOrganic Omega Hemp & Flax Granola; VerifiedOrganic Unsweetened Berry Coconut Granola; VerifiedOrganic Unsweetened Cinnamon Raisin Granola; VerifiedOrganic Unsweetened Cinnamon Raisin Muesli With Apples & Walnuts

VerifiedCertified Organic Rolled Oats

VerifiedWhite Whole Sorghum Grain

VerifiedOrganic Chia Seed Black

VerifiedAncient Grain Crisp

VerifiedGranola Basics Apple Cinnamon; VerifiedGranola Basics Maple Pecan; VerifiedGranola Basics Original

VerifiedGluten Free Jumbo Oat; VerifiedGluten Free Oat Flakes; VerifiedGluten Free Pinhead Oat

Verified5 Grain Cereal; VerifiedInstant Oatmeal; VerifiedIrish-Style Oatmeal; VerifiedOat Bran; VerifiedOrganic Instant Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Irish-Style Oatmeal; VerifiedOrganic Oat Bran; VerifiedScottish-Style Porridge

VerifiedOmega Seed Raw Hemp Seed Nut; VerifiedOrganic Omega Seed Raw Hemp Nut

VerifiedVeganic Sprouted Ancient Grain Flakes; VerifiedVeganic Sprouted Ancient Grain O's; VerifiedVeganic Sprouted Ancient Maize Flakes; VerifiedVeganic Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps; VerifiedVeganic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps

VerifiedAgeless Wisdom Organic Granola; VerifiedChocolate Jubliee Granola; VerifiedFirst Love Granola; VerifiedTotally Free Granola

VerifiedPrimal Muesli

VerifiedApple Pie Granola; VerifiedChocolate Fix Granola; VerifiedCoconut Granola; VerifiedMaple Pancake Granola; VerifiedPumpkin Pie Granola; VerifiedThe Original Granola

VerifiedOrganic Long Grain White Rice; VerifiedShort Grain Brown Rice 4 % Brokens; VerifiedShort Grain White Rice 4% Brokens

VerifiedAncient Grain Blend Organic Flakes & Clusters; VerifiedBaobab Coconut Organic Clusters and Flakes; VerifiedBlueberry Pomegranate Crispy Rice & Flakes; VerifiedBlueberry Walnut Organic Flakes & Clusters; VerifiedCherry Almond Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedFrench Vanilla Granola; VerifiedFruit & Nut Muesli; VerifiedGoji Berry and Chia Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedGolden Honey Granola; VerifiedHearty Raisin Bran Low Fat Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedHoney Almond Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedMango Peach Passion Low Fat Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedMaple Buckwheat Hemp Supergrains; VerifiedMaple Pecan Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Coconut Chia Almond Cereal; VerifiedProtein Granola & Flakes; VerifiedProtein O's; VerifiedQuinoa Chia Crunch Supergrains; VerifiedRaspberry Ginger Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedSweet Oats & Almonds; VerifiedVanilla Almond Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedWalnut Spice Clusters & Flakes; VerifiedWalnut Spice Clusters & Flakes (Dual pack); VerifiedWild Berry Crisp Low Fat Clusters & Flakes

VerifiedHello Morning Blueberry, Banana & Quinoa Oatmeal (Stage 3); VerifiedMorning Mashups Maple Banana; VerifiedMorning Mashups Oatmeal Raisin; VerifiedMorning Mashups Raspberry Swirl

VerifiedCoconut Goji Seed Blend; VerifiedIndia Spice Seed Blend; VerifiedMaple Cinnamon Omega 3 Seed Blend; VerifiedSea Salt Garlic Omega 3 Seed Blend

VerifiedMeal Mint Chocolate

VerifiedAncient Grain Hot Cereal; VerifiedAncient Grain Muesli Apple Currant; VerifiedAncient Grain Oatmeal Organic Apple Cinnamon Pecan; VerifiedAncient Grain Oatmeal Organic Cranberry Pumpkin Seed; VerifiedAncient Grain Oatmeal Organic Original; VerifiedBlueberry Hemp Ancient Grain Granola Cereal; VerifiedCranberry Pecan Ancient Grain Granola Cereal; VerifiedGranola + Puffs Cereal Original; VerifiedGranola +Puffs Cereal Pumpkin Fig; VerifiedOriginal Ancient Grain Granola Cereal; VerifiedPumpkin Fig Ancient Grain Granola Cereal

VerifiedToastables Blueberry Lemon

VerifiedOriginal Blend Sorbet

VerifiedMuesli Bircher

VerifiedShortstacks Banana Pudding Pancake Mix; VerifiedShortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake Mix; VerifiedShortstacks Vanilla Pancake Mix


VerifiedOrganic Quick Oats; VerifiedOrganic Rye Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Spelt Flakes

VerifiedApple Cinnamon Muesli Cereal; VerifiedBlueberry Flax Granola; VerifiedClassic Muesli Cereal; VerifiedHoney Almond Flax Granola; VerifiedLow Fat Berry Blend Granola; VerifiedVanilla Bean Granola

VerifiedDark Chocolate Salted Caramel; VerifiedSweet & Salty Peanut Crunch Bars

VerifiedOrganic Gourmet Muesli

VerifiedOld Fashioned Rolled Oats; VerifiedRolled Quick Oats; VerifiedSteel Cut Oats

VerifiedApple Blueberry Granola; VerifiedCocoa Chip & Almond Granola; VerifiedCoconut Almond Cashew Granola; VerifiedCranberry Craze Granola; VerifiedFruit & Nut Granola; VerifiedGolden Honey Nut Granola; VerifiedOrganic Almond Apple Granola; VerifiedOrganic Blueberry Almond Granola; VerifiedOrganic Coconut Almond Granola; VerifiedOrganic Cranberry Apricot Granola; VerifiedOrganic Crunchy Lite Granola; VerifiedOrganic Five Grain Cereal; VerifiedOrganic Incredibly Wild Cherry Granola; VerifiedOrganic Kona Cove Granola; VerifiedOrganic Maple Fruit & Nut Granola; VerifiedOrganic Quinoa Coconut Granola With Mango; VerifiedOrganic Raspberry Crunch Granola; VerifiedOrganic Raspberry Muesli; VerifiedOrganic Strawberry Dawn Granola; VerifiedOrganic Tahitian Vanilla Granola; VerifiedRaspberry Almond Granola; VerifiedSuper Nut Crunch Granola

VerifiedApple Butter

VerifiedBlueberry Date TeeChia; VerifiedCranberry Apple TeeChia

VerifiedBlueberry Chia Pod; VerifiedCacao Chia Pod; VerifiedCoffee Bean Chia Pod; VerifiedOats + Chia Apple Spice; VerifiedOats + Chia Banana Mango; VerifiedOats + Chia Blueberry & Lemon; VerifiedOats + Chia Mixed Berry

VerifiedCaramel Peanut Protein Bar; VerifiedCinnamon Pecan Protein Bar; VerifiedCocoa Coffee Protein Bar; VerifiedCocoa Raspberry Protein Bar; VerifiedLemon Coconut Protein Bar; VerifiedMaple Pecan Bar; VerifiedPeanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar

VerifiedGluten Free Goldenberry Granola; VerifiedGluten-Free Blueberry Granola; VerifiedGluten-Free Cranberry Granola; VerifiedGluten-Free Gojiberry Granola; VerifiedGluten-Free Raisin Granola; VerifiedPlain Grain Free Cereal

VerifiedClassic Granola; VerifiedPistachio Granola; VerifiedQuinoa Granola

VerifiedBlueberry Cashew Granola Clusters; VerifiedCherry Walnut Granola Clusters

VerifiedNot Guilty Oatmeal

VerifiedOriginal Cereal; VerifiedRaisin Bran Cereal; VerifiedSupergrains Rye & Hemp

VerifiedCranberry Zest Granola; VerifiedGranola Pecan Almond Crisp; VerifiedOriginal Crunch Granola; VerifiedUpfront Nutty Granola + Cherries

Verified8 Whole Grain Berry Waffles; Verified8 Whole Grain Lite Waffles; Verified8 Whole Grains Multigrain Pancakes; Verified8 Whole Grains Multigrain Waffles; VerifiedBelgian Homestyle Waffles; VerifiedBelgian Multigrain; VerifiedCinnamon Heaven Cereal; VerifiedGluten Free Apple Cinnamon Waffles; VerifiedGluten Free Blueberry Waffles; VerifiedGluten Free Buckwheat with Berries Waffles; VerifiedGluten Free Cinnamon French Toast Sticks; VerifiedGluten Free Flax Waffles; VerifiedGluten Free Pancakes; VerifiedGluten Free Totally Original Waffles; VerifiedHomestyle Pancakes; VerifiedHoney Crunch Cereal; VerifiedLove Your Heart Totally Original Waffles; VerifiedMinis Chocolate Chip Waffles; VerifiedOrganics Blueberry Waffles; VerifiedOrganics Flax Waffles; VerifiedOrganics Totally Original Waffles; VerifiedPower Grains Totally Original Waffles; VerifiedTotally Original French Toast Sticks; VerifiedWhole Grain Minis Totally Original Waffles

VerifiedOrganic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal Coconut Maple Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal Espresso Maca Mulberry; VerifiedOrganic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal Goji Cacao; VerifiedOrganic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal Maca Double Chocolate

VerifiedApples And Cinnamon Granola; VerifiedBanana Walnut Granola; VerifiedBlueberry Almond Granola; VerifiedCranberry Walnut Granola; VerifiedGranola Original

VerifiedOat Fiber

VerifiedCocoa Puffed Quinoa Cereal; VerifiedMultigrain Quinoa Muesli; VerifiedRice & Quinoa Mini Crispy Cocoa Cereal

VerifiedOrganic Crispy Flakes; VerifiedOrganic Crispy Flakes & Fiber; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Biscuit

Verified100% Whole Wheat With Flax Whole Grain Pancake Mix; Verified7-Grain With Flax Seed Cereal; Verified7-Grain With Flax Whole Grain Pancake Mix; VerifiedCracked Whole Wheat Cereal; VerifiedCreamy Whole Wheat Cereal; VerifiedQuick-Cook Oat Cereal; VerifiedSteel-Cut Oat Cereal; VerifiedThick-Cut Rolled Oat Cereal; VerifiedWhole Brown Flax Seed

VerifiedLemon Poppy Muffin Mix

VerifiedFruits & Nuts Oatmeal; VerifiedMaple Harvest Oatmeal; VerifiedNuts For Protein Oatmeal; VerifiedReal Berry Oatmeal

VerifiedBreakfast Bowl Blueberry; VerifiedBreakfast Bowl Strawberry; VerifiedBreakfast Bowl Whole Grain Blend Dried Fruit; VerifiedBreakfast Bowls Pure Grain

VerifiedBlueberry Flax Granola; VerifiedFrench Vanilla Almond Granola

VerifiedChocolate Chip Chia Charger


The following brands have products enrolled in the Product Verification Program, which are in the process of becoming verified. Once the Verification process has been successfully completed, the product names will be listed.