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Baby Food and Infant Formula

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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedApple 4+ Months; VerifiedApple-Maqui Berry 7+ Months; VerifiedBanana 4+ Month; VerifiedOats'n Berries; VerifiedTropical Mango Organic Dried Baby Food; VerifiedWinter Squash Baby Food

VerifiedApple & Banana Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Cherry Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Pumpkin Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Cinnamon & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Mango & Kiwi Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Pear & Banana Baby Food; VerifiedApples Baby Food; VerifiedApricot, Pear & Apple Baby Food; VerifiedBanana & Mixed Berry Baby Food; VerifiedBanana & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedBanana, Blueberry & Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedBanana, Orange & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedBananas Baby Food; VerifiedBeets, Pears & Pomegranate Baby Food; VerifiedCarrot, Broccoli & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedGarden Vegetables Baby Food; VerifiedGreen Beans Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Aronia Berry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Blackberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Kiwi Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Red Bean Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple, Berry & Black Bean Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple, Pineapple, Carrot & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedJust Bartlett Pears Baby Food; VerifiedJust Butternut Squash Baby Food; VerifiedJust Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedJust Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedJust Guava, Pear & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Honeycrisp Apples Baby Food; VerifiedJust Mango, Apple & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedJust Mango, Kiwi & Papaya Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear & Black Cherry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear, Raspberry & Asparagus Baby Food; VerifiedJust Peas, Green Beans & Asparagus Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pineapple, Pear & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedJust Raspberry & Carrot Baby Food; VerifiedJust Raspberry Apple & Beets Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sugar Snap Peas Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sweet Potato, Squash & Peas Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedMango Baby Food; VerifiedMango, Carrot, Strawberry & Chia Baby Food; VerifiedMixed Vegetables Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Apple, Pumpkin & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Banana, Cinnamon & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Banana, Mango & Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple & Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Blueberry & Cranberry Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Kiwi & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Raspberry & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Strawberry & Beets Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apples Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Butternut Squash, Black Bean & Cumin Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Pears Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Peas & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Sweet Potato & Barley Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Mango, Carrot & Orange Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Mango, Pineapple & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Pear, Kale & Cucumber Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Pear, Pumpkin & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedPeaches Baby Food; VerifiedPear & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedPear & Raspberry Baby Food; VerifiedPears Baby Food; VerifiedSquash Baby Food; VerifiedStage 1 Bananas Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Peas Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potato, Orange & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potatoes Baby Food

VerifiedApple Cinnamon Oatmeal Third Stage; VerifiedApple Plum Kamut Fruit & Grain Puree; VerifiedApples & Apricots Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Bananas Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Blueberries Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Plums Second Stage; VerifiedApples First Stage; VerifiedApples Second Stage; VerifiedBanana Blueberry Baby Food Puree; VerifiedBananas & Strawberries Baby Food; VerifiedBananas First Stage; VerifiedBananas Second Stage; VerifiedBananas, Peaches & Raspberries Second Stage; VerifiedBroccoli Red Lentil Oat Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedButternut Squash Pear Baby Food Puree; VerifiedCarrot Split Pea Kamut Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedCarrots & Broccoli Baby Food Puree; VerifiedCarrots Second Stage; VerifiedCarrots Strained Carottes Puree First Stage; VerifiedChunky Orchard Fruit Third Stage; VerifiedCorn & Butternut Squash Second Stage; VerifiedEggplant Spinach, Carrot & Lentil Puree; VerifiedFavorite Fruits Variety Pack; VerifiedFirst Bananas Baby Food Puree; VerifiedFirst Pears Baby Food Puree; VerifiedFruit & Sunflower Wave Apple Sauce & Sunflower Seed Butter; VerifiedFruit & Sunflower Wave Banana & Sunflower Seed Butter; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Blends Apple Butternut Squash Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Apple Strawberry Beet; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Banana Cherry Spinach; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Pear Mango Carrot; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Banana Apricot Mixed Grain Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Peach Oatmeal Banana Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Plum Banana Brown Rice Second Stage; VerifiedFruit And Whole Grain Variety Pack; VerifiedFruit Antioxidant Blends Variety Pack; VerifiedFruit Blends Banana Mango Second Stage; VerifiedGreen Beans & Rice Second Stage; VerifiedMy First Fruits Starter Pack; VerifiedMy First Veggies Starter Pack; VerifiedOrange Banana Baby Food Puree; VerifiedOrganic Apple Juice; VerifiedOrganic Apple Sauce; VerifiedOrganic Apple Sauce With Cinnamon; VerifiedOrganic Elmo Pasta & Sauce With Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Elmo Tomato Soup; VerifiedOrganic Mini Meals Quinoa & Black Bean; VerifiedOrganic Whole Whole Grain Mixed Grain Cereal Apple Sweet Potato; VerifiedPeach Mango Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPear Carrot Apricot Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPears & Mangos Second Stage; VerifiedPears & Raspberries Second Stage; VerifiedPears First Stage; VerifiedPears Second Stage; VerifiedPeas & Brown Rice Second Stage; VerifiedPeas First Stage; VerifiedPrunes & Oatmeal Second Stage; VerifiedPrunes First Stage; VerifiedPumpkin & Spinach Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPumpkin Apple; VerifiedPumpkin Cranberry Apple Baby Food Puree; VerifiedRice & Lentil Dinner Second Stage; VerifiedSeasonal Harvest Green Bean Casserole Second Stage; VerifiedSeasonal Harvest Sweet Potato Cinnamon; VerifiedSesame Street Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Apple & Cinnamon; VerifiedSesame Street Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar; VerifiedSpinach & Potatoes; VerifiedSpinach Lentil Brown Rice Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedSpring Vegetables & Pasta Baby Food; VerifiedSquash & Sweet Peas Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSquash First Stage; VerifiedSuper Acai Grape Fruit Puree; VerifiedSuper Cherry Blueberry Pear Fruit Puree; VerifiedSuper Yumberry Kiwi Banana Fruit Puree; VerifiedSweet Corn & Carrot Medley Third Stage; VerifiedSweet Peas & Creamed Spinach Medley Third Stage; VerifiedSweet Potato & Beets Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSweet Potato Apple Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSweet Potato Garbanzo Barley Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedSweet Potatoes First Stage; VerifiedSweet Potatoes Second Stage; VerifiedVegetable Starter Kit Sweet Potato Peas Carrots First Stage; VerifiedVegetable Variety Pack Second Stage; VerifiedVeggie & Fruit Blends Sweet Potato Apricot Second Stage; VerifiedVeggie Blends Carrot Tomato Second Stage; VerifiedWhole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Oatmeal Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Oatmeal Cereal With Bananas; VerifiedWhole Grain Rice Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Rice Cereal With Apples; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Apple Raisin; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Blueberry Banana; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Pear Apple Oatmeal Second Stage; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Sweet Potato Cinnamon; VerifiedWinter Squash Second Stage; VerifiedYumberry Banana Barley Super Fruits; VerifiedYummy Tummy Fruit & Fiber Snacks Banana Plum; VerifiedYummy Tummy Fruit & Fiber Snacks Peach Apple

Verified24 Carrot Orange

VerifiedHappy Baby - Avocado, Pears & Mangos; VerifiedHappy Baby - Bananas, Plums, Sweet Potato & Oats; VerifiedHappy Baby - Guava, Apples & Beets; VerifiedHappy Baby Banana Starting Solids 1; VerifiedHappy Baby Hearty Meals Fruits, Oats & Quinoa with Cinnamon; VerifiedHappy Baby Hearty Meals Super Salmon & Vegetables; VerifiedHappy Squeeze - Super Apple, Strawberry & Guava; VerifiedHappy Squeeze Super Organic Apple, Banana & Kiwi Blended Fruit Snack; VerifiedSimple Combos Broccoli, Pears & Peas Baby Food; VerifiedSuper Apple, Blueberry & Pomegranate; VerifiedTwist Apple, Beet, Strawberry & Kiwi; VerifiedTwist Apple, Kale & Blueberry; VerifiedTwist Apple, Kale & Mango

VerifiedApple Starting Solids; VerifiedApple, Raspberries, Amaranth & Kale; VerifiedCarrots Starting Solids; VerifiedGreen Bean Starting Solids; VerifiedHearty Meals Amaranth & Quinoa Ratatouille; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Brown Rice, Bananas, Apples & Cinnamon; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Pumpkin, White Beans & Kale; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Spinach & Quinoa; VerifiedMango Starting Solids; VerifiedOrganic Simple Combos Sweet Potato, Papaya & Pears Baby Food; VerifiedPeach Starting Solids 1; VerifiedPear Starting Solids; VerifiedSimple Combos Apples, Cherries & Blueberries Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Apricots, Sweet Potato & Bananas Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Bananas, Beets & Blueberries Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Bananas, Carrots & Blackberries; VerifiedSimple Combos Bananas, Kiwi & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Pears, Raspberries & Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Pumpkin, Apples, Peaches & Cinnamon Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Spinach, Apples & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Spinach, Kiwi, Peas & Pears; VerifiedSimple Combos Spinach, Mangos & Pears Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potato Starting Solids 1; VerifiedVeggie Homestyle Meals Basmati Rice, Coconut Milk & Carrot Blend; VerifiedVeggie Homestyle Meals Sweet Potato, Carrots & Brown Rice; VerifiedWinter Squash Starting Solids 1

VerifiedApple & Butternut Squash; VerifiedBanana, Peach & Mango; VerifiedBanana, Peach, Prune & Coconut Baby Food; VerifiedBlueberry Pear & Beet; VerifiedBroccoli, Spinach, Pea and Apple; VerifiedGreen Bean, Pear & Peas; VerifiedLove My Veggies Banana, Beet, Squash & Blueberry Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedLove My Veggies Carrot, Banana, Mango & Sweet Potato Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedLove My Veggies Spinach, Apple, Sweet Potato & Kiwi Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedPumpkin, Sweet Potato, & Pear; VerifiedSpinach, Mango & Pear; VerifiedSweet Potato, Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon

VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt And Fruit Banana & Natural Vanilla Bean With Pear; VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt and Fruit Mango Peach; VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt and Fruit Mixed Berry

VerifiedTomato Rice Rounds

VerifiedApple & Banana Tiny Fruits; VerifiedApple Pineapple Pea Tiny Fruits + Veggies!; VerifiedBlueberry & Apple Tiny Fruits; VerifiedMighty Oats Blueberry Cinnamon; VerifiedMighty Oats Coconut Banana; VerifiedMighty Oats Strawberry Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Cinnamon Blueberry; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Coconut Banana; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Naked; VerifiedPineapple & Mango Tiny Fruits; VerifiedStrawberry & Mango Tiny Fruits; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Apple & Banana; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Apple & Mango; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Blueberry & Banana; VerifiedTiny Gummies Probiotic Fruit & Veggie Snacks Carrot & Goji; VerifiedTiny Gummies Probiotic Fruit & Veggie Snacks Pomegranate Blueberry & Acai

VerifiedFruity Chomps Apricot; VerifiedFruity Chomps Banana Bars

VerifiedCrunchy Carrots Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedHearty Sweet Potatoes Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedNurturMeals Crisp Apples Dried Organic Fruit; VerifiedNurturMeals Peas, Quinoa, Apples Dried Organic Foods; VerifiedNurturMeals Protein-Packed Dried Organic Quinoa; VerifiedNurturMeals Sweet Bananas Dried Organic Fruit; VerifiedPlump Peas Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedScrumptious Squash Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Bountiful Bites Organic Fruits + Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Caribbean Crop Organic Fruits + Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Tropical Twist Dried Organic Fruits

VerifiedAmazeMint; VerifiedBasil Babe; VerifiedLavenBerry; VerifiedPeachy Keen; VerifiedPearfecto; VerifiedWise Punkin

VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Apples & Blueberries; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Carrots; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Green Beans & Rice; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Pears; VerifiedOrganic Applesauce

VerifiedApple & Carrot (Stage 2); VerifiedApple, Raisin & Quinoa (Stage 2); VerifiedBarley, Kale & Spinach + Basil (Stage 3 Meals); VerifiedBlueberry, Parsnip & Buckwheat (Stage 2); VerifiedBlueberry, Pear & Purple Carrot (Stage 2); VerifiedBroccoli & Apple (Stage 2); VerifiedButternut Squash, Carrot and Chickpea (Stage 2); VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Apple Cinnamon Oats & Quinoa; VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Banana Rice & Quinoa; VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Blueberry Oats & Quinoa; VerifiedHello Dinner Broccoli & Cheese Baby Pasta (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Dinner Pumpkin, Spinach, Quinoa & Baby Grains (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Morning - Cherries & Oats (Stage 1); VerifiedHello Morning - Pears & Quinoa (Stage 1); VerifiedHello Morning Apple, Cinnamon & Quinoa Oatmeal (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Morning Blueberry, Banana & Quinoa Oatmeal (Stage 3); VerifiedJust Butternut Squash With Cinnamon (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Carrots (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Mangos (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Peaches (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Prunes (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Sweet Peas With Mint (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Sweet Potato (Stage 1); VerifiedKale, Sweet Corn & Quinoa (Stage 2); VerifiedLittle Yums Organic Teething Wafers Pumpkin & Banana; VerifiedLittle Yums Organic Teething Wafers Spinach, Apple & Kale; VerifiedMashups Beetbox Berry; VerifiedMashups Berry; VerifiedMashups Blueberry Blitz; VerifiedMashups Carroty Chop; VerifiedMashups Grape; VerifiedMashups Green Apple; VerifiedMashups Stawberry Banana; VerifiedMashups Tropical; VerifiedMish Mash Banana; VerifiedMish Mash Peach; VerifiedMish Mash Strawberry; VerifiedMorning Mashups Maple Banana; VerifiedMorning Mashups Oatmeal Raisin; VerifiedMorning Mashups Raspberry Swirl; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Apple Cinnamon! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Apple! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Beetbox Berry! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Berry! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Blueberry Blitz! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Carroty Chop! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Strawberry Banana! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Tropical! - NEW; VerifiedPeach, Apricot & Banana Stage 2; VerifiedPear & Mango Stage 2; VerifiedPlum Berry & Barley (Stage 2); VerifiedPumpkin & Banana (Stage 2); VerifiedPumpkin, Dates, Oats & Chia (Stage 2); VerifiedRoasted Carrot, Spinach & Beans (Stage 2); VerifiedSpinach, Peas & Pear Stage 2; VerifiedSpinach, Pumpkin & Chickpea (Stage 2); VerifiedSuper Smoothie Apple, Carrot, Spinach; VerifiedSuper Smoothie Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Beans & Oats; VerifiedSuper Smoothie Blueberry, Pear, Sweet Potato, Spinach; VerifiedSweet Potato, Corn & Apple (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Mexico - Beans & Rice With Sweet Corn (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Morocco - Lentils & Roasted Squash With Apricots (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Thailand - Roasted Pumpkin & Coconut Rice (Stage 2)

VerifiedCalm: Blend Of Organic Fruits, Veggies & Micronutrients; VerifiedElevate: Blend Of Organic Fruits, Veggies & Micronutrients; VerifiedRevive: Blend Of Organic Fruits, Veggies & Micronutrients

VerifiedOrganic Apple Berry Fruit Pouches; VerifiedOrganic Apple Fruit Pouches; VerifiedOrganic Apple Mango Fruit Pouches; VerifiedOrganic Apple Strawberry Fruit Pouches

VerifiedJust Real Fruits & Veggies Snack Apple Green Pea Pineapple