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Tofu, Tempeh, & Alternative Meat Products

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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedChickenless Nuggets; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedVeggie Dog

VerifiedCuban Black Beans; VerifiedHSH - Cuban Black Beans; VerifiedHSH - Rethought Red Beans; VerifiedRethought Red Beans; VerifiedThree Sisters Chili; VerifiedUncanny Refried Black Beans; VerifiedWholly Chipotle Bean Dip

VerifiedBeef-Free Crumbles

VerifiedFalafel Tots; VerifiedGaram Masala Patty; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed Sliders; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed Tots; VerifiedMarie's Homestyle Veggie Patty; VerifiedSavory Sunflower; VerifiedSpicy Bean Tots; VerifiedSpicy Bean Veggie Patty; VerifiedSpicy Sausage Patty; VerifiedWholesome Harvest Veggie Patty; VerifiedWholesome Harvest Veggie Tots; VerifiedWow Mushroom Sliders; VerifiedWow Mushroom Veggie Patty; VerifiedWOW Mushroom Veggie Tots; VerifiedYukon Gold Rush Veggie Patty

VerifiedVegan Pate Mexican; VerifiedVegan Pate Mushroom; VerifiedVegan Pate Peppercorn; VerifiedVegan Pate Red Pepper-Olive; VerifiedVegan Pate Tofu-Tomato; VerifiedVegan Pate Vegetable; VerifiedVegan Pate Zesty Apple; VerifiedVeggie Cutlets Soybeans - Pinto Beans; VerifiedVeggie Roll Fine Herbs; VerifiedVeggie Roll Mediterranean; VerifiedVeggie Roll Mushroom; VerifiedVeggie Roll Tomato

VerifiedHazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute

VerifiedFollow Your Heart Burger

VerifiedTofu Extra Firm; VerifiedTofu Firm; VerifiedTofu Soft

VerifiedOrganic Veggie Chorizo; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Ground ; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Italian Sausage

VerifiedAdzuki Bean Burger; VerifiedBlack Rice Burger With Adzuki Beans & Leafy Greens; VerifiedRoot Veggie Burger; VerifiedThe World's Best Veggie Burger

VerifiedExtra Soft Tofu; VerifiedExtra Soft Tofu for Soup Starter; VerifiedFood Service Bulk Tofu; VerifiedFood Service House Creamy Tofu; VerifiedFood Service Organic Bulk Tofu; VerifiedFood Service Organic Bulk Tofu Cutlet; VerifiedFood Service Organic Soon Tofu; VerifiedFood Service Soon Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Cubed; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Cutlet; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Grilled; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Medium Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Soft; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm Vaccum Pack; VerifiedPremium Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Medium Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Soft; VerifiedPremium Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedSuper Firm Cubed Premium Tofu; VerifiedSuper Firm Garlic & Black Pepper Seasoned Premium Tofu; VerifiedSuper Firm Grilled Premium Tofu; VerifiedTofu Extra Firm with DHA Omega-3; VerifiedTofu Firm with DHA Omega-3; VerifiedTofu Shirataki Angel Hair; VerifiedTofu Shirataki Fettuccine; VerifiedTofu Shirataki Macaroni; VerifiedTofu Shirataki Spaghetti

VerifiedTofu Extra Soft; VerifiedTofu Firm; VerifiedTofu Silken; VerifiedTofu Soft

VerifiedHam Style Veggie Protein Slices; VerifiedOrganic Flax Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Garden Veggie Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Smokey Tempeh Strips Fakin' Bacon; VerifiedOrganic Soy Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Three Grain Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Wild Rice Tempeh; VerifiedSmart Deli Bologna Style Veggie Protein Slices; VerifiedSmart Dogs Jumbo Veggie Protein Links; VerifiedSmart Dogs Veggie Protein Links; VerifiedSmart Ground Original Veggie Protein Crumbles; VerifiedSmart Patties Meatless Black Bean Burger; VerifiedSmart Patties Meatless Original Burger With Quinoa; VerifiedSmart Sausages Chorizo Style Veggie Protein Sausages; VerifiedTofu Pups Veggie Protein Links

VerifiedBBQ; VerifiedFarmhouse Chili; VerifiedGarden Thyme; VerifiedKick Start; VerifiedSpicy Peanut Cilantro; VerifiedThe Classic

VerifiedFalafel Crisps

VerifiedVeggie Protein Chocolate; VerifiedVeggie Protein Vanilla

VerifiedHigh Density Silken Soy Puree; VerifiedNigari Tofu Silken; VerifiedOrganic Nigari Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Silken Soy Puree; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu Firm; VerifiedSilken Soy Puree; VerifiedSilken Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Lite Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Soft; VerifiedTofu Puree

VerifiedGarden Veggie Nuggets; VerifiedSpicy Indian Veggie Burger

VerifiedLite Firm Tofu; VerifiedLite Silken Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Black Soybean Tofu Plus; VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Cubed Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Sprouted Tofu Vacuum Packs; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Tofu Sprouted; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Plus Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Plus Firm

VerifiedBreakfast Mix; VerifiedItalian Mix; VerifiedMexican Mix; VerifiedOriginal Mix; VerifiedThe Neat Egg Vegan Egg Substitute

VerifiedAll Natural Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedAll Natural Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedFirm Tofu; VerifiedGourmet Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu 2 Pack; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu 2 Pack; VerifiedOrganic Sundubu Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedSalad Tofu; VerifiedSilken Tofu; VerifiedSoft Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Firm Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Silken Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Soft Tofu

VerifiedBurgers; VerifiedQuinoa Burgers Spicy Italian

VerifiedThai Basil Chili Tofu

VerifiedBaked Teriyaki Tofu; VerifiedHerbal Tofu Bulk; VerifiedNigari Tofu Firmest; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Herbal Style Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Soft Style; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm

VerifiedAll Natural Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedFirm Tofu; VerifiedSoft Tofu

VerifiedAlmond Grain Burger; VerifiedGinger Lime Teriyaki Meatless Chicken; VerifiedIndian Aloo Tikki Burger; VerifiedMushroom Rice Burger; VerifiedOrganic BBQ Tofu Ribs; VerifiedOrganic Falafel With Organic Tahini Sauce; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Crumbles; VerifiedOriginal Burger; VerifiedOriginal Sliders; VerifiedSmoky Chipotle Tinga Meatless Chicken; VerifiedSpicy Black Bean Burger; VerifiedSpicy Black Bean Sliders; VerifiedSprouted Quinoa Chia Burger; VerifiedSprouted Quinoa Chia Sliders; VerifiedSweet Curry Vegetable Burger; VerifiedTangy Korean BBQ Meatless Chicken; VerifiedVeggie Breakfast Patties

VerifiedBreaded Vegan Calamari; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Coconut Shrimp; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Fish Fillets; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Fishless Sticks; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Scallops; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Shrimp; VerifiedVegan Crab Cakes; VerifiedVegan Prawns; VerifiedVegan Smoked Salmon

VerifiedCaribbean Tofu; VerifiedOrganic 5 Grain Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Italian Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soy Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Lin Asian Flavor; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Bacon

VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Premium Medium Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Pressed Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu Garlic Pepper; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu Original Flavour; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Tofu

VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm

VerifiedExtra Firm Tofu; VerifiedFirm Tofu; VerifiedMedium Firm Tofu; VerifiedSoft Tofu

VerifiedOrganic Barbecue; VerifiedOrganic Breakfast Hemp & Sage; VerifiedOrganic Falafel Patty; VerifiedOrganic Garden Herb; VerifiedOrganic South West; VerifiedOriginal; VerifiedOriginal Natural; VerifiedShiitake Mushroom

VerifiedChipotle Style Seitan; VerifiedCurry Recipe Seitan; VerifiedSanta Fe Veggie Burger; VerifiedTeriyaki Veggie Burger; VerifiedTraditional Seitan

VerifiedVegetarian Seitan Gyro; VerifiedVegetarian Seitan Sausage

VerifiedHemp Tofu Chimichurri; VerifiedHemp Tofu Mexican Chorizo; VerifiedHemp Tofu Original Extra Firm; VerifiedHemp Tofu Sweet & Spicy Chili Lime

VerifiedCoconut Curry Tempeh; VerifiedItalian Sausage; VerifiedKielbasa; VerifiedSesame Garlic Tempeh; VerifiedTempeh Organic 5 Grain Cake; VerifiedTempeh Organic Soy Cake

VerifiedFirm Style Tofu; VerifiedFirm Style Tofu, 30% Reduced Fat; VerifiedOrganic Firm Style Tofu; VerifiedWater Pack Tofu

VerifiedHome-style Tempeh Spicy Veggie

VerifiedBacon Seitan; VerifiedChorizo Seitan; VerifiedGround Seitan; VerifiedItalian Seitan; VerifiedTraditional Seitan

VerifiedCowgirl Veggie Steaks; VerifiedMediterranean Veggie Sausages; VerifiedMild Jumbo Veggie Snack Sausage To Go!; VerifiedPicnicker Veggie Snack Sausage To Go!; VerifiedSmoked Veggie Frankfurters; VerifiedVeggie Bratwurst; VerifiedVeggie Chickin Fillets; VerifiedVeggie Chickin Nuggets; VerifiedVeggie Gyros; VerifiedVeggie Turkish Roast

VerifiedBaked Tofu Asian Teriyaki, Vegetarian; VerifiedBaked Tofu Italian Garlic And Herb, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Roma Tomato Basil, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Thai Sesame Peanut, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Zesty Lemon Pepper, Vegan; VerifiedFat Reduced Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedSeitan Cubed Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedSeitan Ground Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedSeitan Seasoned Wheat Protein, Chicken-Style; VerifiedSeitan Strips Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedTempeh Five Grain, Vegan; VerifiedTempeh Original, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Extra Firm, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Firm, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Soft, Vegan

VerifiedBaked Tofu Indian Curry; VerifiedBaked Tofu Mongolian; VerifiedBaked Tofu Moroccan; VerifiedMeatless Meatballs; VerifiedOnederful Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Aloha; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Royal Thai; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Savory; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic SprouTofu Cubed Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Golden Tofu Pineapple Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Medium Soft; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Silken; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Mild Szechuan; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Tofu Garlic Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Tofu Hickory Bbq; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Burger Original; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Burger Southwest; VerifiedSproutofu Meatless Crumbles Italian Inspired; VerifiedSproutofu Meatless Crumbles Mexican Inspired-Mild; VerifiedVeggie Burger Reduced Fat Original; VerifiedVeggie Burger Shiitake

VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm


The following brands have products enrolled in the Product Verification Program, which are in the process of becoming verified. Once the Verification process has been successfully completed, the product names will be listed.