Verified Products


The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedCage Free Liquid Egg Blend

VerifiedBlack Cherry Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedBlueberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedPassion Fruit Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedPeach Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedPlain Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedSalted Caramel Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedStrawberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedVanilla Greek Nonfat Yogurt

VerifiedGoat Milk

VerifiedOrganic Fat Free Milk; VerifiedOrganic Half and Half; VerifiedOrganic Heavy Whipping Cream; VerifiedOrganic Low Fat Lactose Free Milk; VerifiedOrganic Low Fat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Reduced Fat Lactose Free Milk; VerifiedOrganic Reduced Fat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Vitamin D Milk

VerifiedSharp Cheddar Cheese

VerifiedBlueberry Non Fat Greek Yogurt; VerifiedLow Fat Greek Plain Yogurt + Prebiotic Fiber; VerifiedNon Fat Greek Pineapple Yogurt + Prebiotic Fiber; VerifiedPomegranate Cherry Low Fat Greek Yogurt + Prebiotic Fiber; VerifiedStrawberry Low Fat Greek Yogurt + Prebiotic Fiber; VerifiedVanilla Bean Non Fat Greek Yogurt + Prebiotic Fiber

VerifiedOrganic Cultured Cream Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Cultured Low Fat Cottage Cheese Organic Peach; VerifiedOrganic Cultured Lowfat Cottage Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Cultured Lowfat Cottage Cheese Organic Pear; VerifiedOrganic cultured Lowfat Cottage Cheese Organic Strawberry; VerifiedOrganic Cultured Sour Cream; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Blackberry; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Blueberry; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Peach; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Plain Unsweetened; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Raspberry; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Kefir Strawberry; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Yogurt Plain; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Probiotic Greek Yogurt Blueberry; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Probiotic Greek Yogurt Plain; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Probiotic Greek Yogurt Raspberry; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Probiotic Greek Yogurt Strawberry; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Yogurt Blueberry; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Yogurt Maple; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Yogurt Plain; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Yogurt Strawberry; VerifiedOrganic Nonfat Yogurt Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Probiotic Greek Blackberry Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedOrganic Whole Milk Probiotic Greek Yogurt Plain; VerifiedOrganic Whole Milk Yogurt Plain; VerifiedProbiotic Greek Yogurt Raspberry

VerifiedOrganic mild cheddar cheese

VerifiedOrganic Blue Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Buttermilk Blend Dry; VerifiedOrganic Cream Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Lowfat Buttermilk; VerifiedOrganic Muenster; VerifiedOrganic Parmesan; VerifiedOrganic Pasteurized Cheddar Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Pasteurized Low-Moisture, Part-Skim Mozzarella; VerifiedOrganic Pasteurized Provolone; VerifiedOrganic Ricotta; VerifiedOrganic Romano; VerifiedOrganic Salted Butter; VerifiedOrganic Sour Cream; VerifiedOrganic Sour Cream Lowfat; VerifiedOrganic Sweet Cream Unsalted Cultured Butter; VerifiedOrganic Whipping Cream

Verified2% Milk; VerifiedHeavy Cream; VerifiedRaw Milk; VerifiedSkim Milk; VerifiedWhole Milk

VerifiedEuropean Style Organic Butter; VerifiedOrganic Asadero Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Asiago Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Colby Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Colored Cheddar Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Dry Monterey Jack Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Fontina Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Gouda Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Havarti Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Mild Cheddar Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Monterey Jack Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Mozzarella Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Muenster Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Parmesan Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Pepper Jack Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Provolone Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Romano Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Mozzarella Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter; VerifiedOrganic Whey Protein Concentrate 80%

VerifiedLow Fat Maple Yogurt; VerifiedLow Fat Plain Yogurt; VerifiedOriginal Lemon Yogurt; VerifiedWhole Milk Maple Yogurt; VerifiedWhole Milk Plain Yogurt; VerifiedWhole Milk Vanilla Yogurt

VerifiedOrganic Whey Protein

VerifiedOrganic Fat Free Milk; VerifiedOrganic Half & Half; VerifiedOrganic Heavy Whipping Cream; VerifiedOrganic Low Fat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Omega 3 Chocolate Lowfat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Omega 3 Reduced Fat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Omega 3 Whole Milk; VerifiedOrganic Reduced Fat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Salted Butter; VerifiedOrganic Unsalted Butter; VerifiedOrganic Whole Milk

Verified1% Lowfat Milk; Verified14% Plain Ice Cream Mix; Verified2% Reduced Fat Milk; VerifiedBrown Sugar Banana Ice Cream; VerifiedCaramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream; VerifiedChocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix; VerifiedCoffee Ice Cream; VerifiedDutch Chocolate Ice Cream; VerifiedDutch Chocolate Yogurt Mix; VerifiedEgg Nog; VerifiedEggnog Ice Cream; VerifiedHalf & Half; VerifiedMaple Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedMaple Whole Milk Yogurt; VerifiedMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream; VerifiedNonfat Blueberry-Pomegranate Yogurt; VerifiedNonfat Cinnamon Yogurt; VerifiedNonfat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Plain Greek Yogurt; VerifiedOrganic Plain NonFat Greek Yogurt; VerifiedOriginal Tart Nonfat Yogurt Mix; VerifiedPlain 1% Lowfat Yogurt; VerifiedPlain Base Nonfat Yogurt Mix; VerifiedPlain Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedPlain Whole Milk Yogurt; VerifiedRaspberry Ice Cream; VerifiedReduced Fat Lactose Free Milk ; VerifiedVanilla Bean Ice Cream; VerifiedVanilla Bean Nonfat Yogurt Mix; VerifiedVanilla Nonfat Yogurt; VerifiedVanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix; VerifiedVanilla Whole Milk Yogurt; VerifiedWhipping Cream; VerifiedWhole Milk; VerifiedWhole Milk Blueberry-Pomegranate Yogurt; VerifiedWhole Milk Cinnamon Yogurt

VerifiedPlain Pasteurized Goat Yogurt; VerifiedSalted Butter

VerifiedCream 2%; VerifiedHalf & Half; VerifiedHeavy Cream; VerifiedHomogenized 2% Milk; VerifiedHomogenized Whole Milk; VerifiedLowfat Berry Banana Yogurt Smoothie; VerifiedLowfat Blueberry Tart Yogurt Smoothie; VerifiedLowfat Mango Peach Yogurt Smoothie; VerifiedLowfat Unsweetened Plain Yogurt Smoothie; VerifiedLowfat Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie; VerifiedMeadow Jack ; VerifiedNonfat Milk; VerifiedOrganic Buttermilk Berry Ice Cream; VerifiedOrganic Chip 'N' Mint Ice Cream; VerifiedOrganic Chocolate Ice Cream; VerifiedOrganic Cookies 'N' Cream Ice Cream; VerifiedOrganic Vanilla Ice Cream; VerifiedSalted Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream; VerifiedSpringHouse Mild Cheddar; VerifiedSpringHouse Sharp Cheddar; VerifiedUnsalted Butter; VerifiedWhole Chocolate Milk; VerifiedWhole Cream