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Baby Food & Infant Formula

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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedApple 4+ Months; VerifiedApple-Maqui Berry 7+ Months; VerifiedBanana 4+ Month; VerifiedOats'n Berries; VerifiedTropical Mango Organic Dried Baby Food; VerifiedWinter Squash Baby Food

VerifiedApple & Banana Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Cherry Baby Food; VerifiedApple & Pumpkin Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Cinnamon & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Mango & Kiwi Baby Food; VerifiedApple, Pear & Banana Baby Food; VerifiedApples Baby Food; VerifiedApricot, Pear & Apple Baby Food; VerifiedBanana & Mixed Berry Baby Food; VerifiedBanana & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedBanana, Blueberry & Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedBanana, Orange & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedBananas Baby Food; VerifiedBeets, Pears & Pomegranate Baby Food; VerifiedCarrot, Broccoli & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedGarden Vegetables Baby Food; VerifiedGreen Beans Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Aronia Berry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Blackberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Kiwi Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Red Bean Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple, Berry & Black Bean Baby Food; VerifiedJust Apple, Pineapple, Carrot & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedJust Bartlett Pears Baby Food; VerifiedJust Butternut Squash Baby Food; VerifiedJust Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedJust Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedJust Guava, Pear & Strawberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Honeycrisp Apples Baby Food; VerifiedJust Mango, Apple & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedJust Mango, Kiwi & Papaya Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear & Black Cherry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pear, Raspberry & Asparagus Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pears Baby Food; VerifiedJust Peas, Green Beans & Asparagus Baby Food; VerifiedJust Pineapple, Pear & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedJust Raspberry & Carrot Baby Food; VerifiedJust Raspberry Apple & Beets Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sugar Snap Peas Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sweet Potato, Squash & Peas Baby Food; VerifiedJust Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedMango Baby Food; VerifiedMango, Carrot, Strawberry & Chia Baby Food; VerifiedMixed Vegetables Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Apple, Pumpkin & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Banana, Cinnamon & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Banana, Mango & Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple & Green Beans Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Blueberry & Cranberry Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Kiwi & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Raspberry & Avocado Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apple, Strawberry & Beets Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Apples Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Butternut Squash, Black Bean & Cumin Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Peas & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Sweet Potato & Barley Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Just Sweet Potatoes Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Mango, Carrot & Orange Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Mango, Pineapple & Granola Baby Food; VerifiedOrganic Pear, Kale & Cucumber Baby Food; VerifiedPeaches Baby Food; VerifiedPear & Blueberry Baby Food; VerifiedPear & Raspberry Baby Food; VerifiedPear Pumpkin & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedPears Baby Food; VerifiedSquash Baby Food; VerifiedStage 1 Bananas Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Peas Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potato, Orange & Pineapple Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potatoes Baby Food

VerifiedApple Cinnamon Oatmeal Third Stage; VerifiedApple Plum Kamut Fruit & Grain Puree; VerifiedApples & Apricots Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Bananas Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Blueberries Second Stage; VerifiedApples & Plums Second Stage; VerifiedApples First Stage; VerifiedApples Second Stage; VerifiedBanana Blueberry Baby Food Puree; VerifiedBananas & Strawberries Baby Food; VerifiedBananas First Stage; VerifiedBananas Second Stage; VerifiedBananas, Peaches & Raspberries Second Stage; VerifiedBroccoli Red Lentil Oat Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedButternut Squash Pear Baby Food Puree; VerifiedCarrot Split Pea Kamut Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedCarrots & Broccoli Baby Food Puree; VerifiedCarrots Second Stage; VerifiedCarrots Strained Carottes Puree First Stage; VerifiedChunky Orchard Fruit Third Stage; VerifiedCorn & Butternut Squash Second Stage; VerifiedEggplant Spinach, Carrot & Lentil Puree; VerifiedFavorite Fruits Variety Pack; VerifiedFirst Bananas Baby Food Puree; VerifiedFirst Pears Baby Food Puree; VerifiedFruit & Sunflower Wave Apple Sauce & Sunflower Seed Butter; VerifiedFruit & Sunflower Wave Banana & Sunflower Seed Butter; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Blends Apple Butternut Squash Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Apple Strawberry Beet; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Banana Cherry Spinach; VerifiedFruit & Veggie Wave Pear Mango Carrot; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Banana Apricot Mixed Grain Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Peach Oatmeal Banana Second Stage; VerifiedFruit & Whole Grain Combinations Plum Banana Brown Rice Second Stage; VerifiedFruit And Whole Grain Variety Pack; VerifiedFruit Antioxidant Blends Variety Pack; VerifiedFruit Blends Banana Mango Second Stage; VerifiedGreen Beans & Rice Second Stage; VerifiedMy First Fruits Starter Pack; VerifiedMy First Veggies Starter Pack; VerifiedOrange Banana Baby Food Puree; VerifiedOrganic Apple Juice; VerifiedOrganic Apple Sauce; VerifiedOrganic Apple Sauce With Cinnamon; VerifiedOrganic Elmo Pasta & Sauce With Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Elmo Tomato Soup; VerifiedOrganic Mini Meals Quinoa & Black Bean; VerifiedOrganic Whole Whole Grain Mixed Grain Cereal Apple Sweet Potato; VerifiedPeach Mango Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPear Carrot Apricot Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPears & Mangos Second Stage; VerifiedPears & Raspberries Second Stage; VerifiedPears First Stage; VerifiedPears Second Stage; VerifiedPeas & Brown Rice Second Stage; VerifiedPeas First Stage; VerifiedPrunes & Oatmeal Second Stage; VerifiedPrunes First Stage; VerifiedPumpkin & Spinach Baby Food Puree; VerifiedPumpkin Apple; VerifiedPumpkin Cranberry Apple Baby Food Puree; VerifiedRice & Lentil Dinner Second Stage; VerifiedSeasonal Harvest Green Bean Casserole Second Stage; VerifiedSeasonal Harvest Sweet Potato Cinnamon; VerifiedSesame Street Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Apple & Cinnamon; VerifiedSesame Street Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar; VerifiedSpinach & Potatoes; VerifiedSpinach Lentil Brown Rice Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedSpring Vegetables & Pasta Baby Food; VerifiedSquash & Sweet Peas Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSquash First Stage; VerifiedSuper Acai Grape Fruit Puree; VerifiedSuper Cherry Blueberry Pear Fruit Puree; VerifiedSuper Yumberry Kiwi Banana Fruit Puree; VerifiedSweet Corn & Carrot Medley Third Stage; VerifiedSweet Peas & Creamed Spinach Medley Third Stage; VerifiedSweet Potato & Beets Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSweet Potato Apple Baby Food Puree; VerifiedSweet Potato Garbanzo Barley Veggie & Protein Puree; VerifiedSweet Potatoes First Stage; VerifiedSweet Potatoes Second Stage; VerifiedVegetable Starter Kit Sweet Potato Peas Carrots First Stage; VerifiedVegetable Variety Pack Second Stage; VerifiedVeggie & Fruit Blends Sweet Potato Apricot Second Stage; VerifiedVeggie Blends Carrot Tomato Second Stage; VerifiedWhole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Oatmeal Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Oatmeal Cereal With Bananas; VerifiedWhole Grain Rice Cereal; VerifiedWhole Grain Rice Cereal With Apples; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Apple Raisin; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Blueberry Banana; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Pear Apple Oatmeal Second Stage; VerifiedWholesome Breakfast Sweet Potato Cinnamon; VerifiedWinter Squash Second Stage; VerifiedYumberry Banana Barley Super Fruits; VerifiedYummy Tummy Fruit & Fiber Snacks Banana Plum; VerifiedYummy Tummy Fruit & Fiber Snacks Peach Apple

Verified24 Carrot Orange

VerifiedHappy Baby - Avocado, Pears & Mangos; VerifiedHappy Baby - Bananas, Plums, Sweet Potato & Oats; VerifiedHappy Baby - Guava, Apples & Beets; VerifiedHappy Baby - Hearty Meals Fruits, Oats & Quinoa with Cinnamon; VerifiedHappy Baby Banana Starting Solids 1; VerifiedHappy Baby Hearty Meals Super Salmon & Vegetables Baby Food; VerifiedHappy Squeeze - Super Apple, Strawberry & Guava; VerifiedHappy Squeeze Super Organic Apple, Banana & Kiwi Blended Fruit Snack; VerifiedSimple Combos Broccoli, Pears & Peas Baby Food; VerifiedSuper Apple, Blueberry & Pomegranate; VerifiedTwist Apple, Beet, Strawberry & Kiwi; VerifiedTwist Apple, Kale & Blueberry; VerifiedTwist Apple, Kale & Mango

VerifiedApple & Cherry: Stage 2 Simple Combos 6+Months; VerifiedApple Starting Solids; VerifiedApple, Raspberries, Amaranth & Kale; VerifiedApricot & Sweet Potato: Stage 2 Simple Combos 6+Months; VerifiedCarrots Starting Solids; VerifiedGreen Bean Starting Solids; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Brown Rice, Bananas, Apples & Cinnamon; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Pumpkin, White Beans & Kale; VerifiedHomestyle Meals Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Spinach & Quinoa; VerifiedMango Starting Solids; VerifiedOrganic Veggies & Grain Ratatouille Baby Food; VerifiedPeach Starting Solids 1; VerifiedPear Starting Solids; VerifiedSimple Combos Apples, Cherries & Blueberries Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Apricots, Sweet Potato & Bananas Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Bananas, Beets & Blueberries Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Bananas, Kiwi & Spinach Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Pears, Raspberries & Carrots Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Pumpkin, Apples, Peaches & Cinnamon Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Spinach, Apples & Kale Baby Food; VerifiedSimple Combos Spinach, Mangos & Pears Baby Food; VerifiedSweet Potato Starting Solids 1; VerifiedVeggie Homestyle Meals Basmati Rice, Coconut Milk & Carrot Blend; VerifiedVeggie Homestyle Meals Sweet Potato, Carrots & Brown Rice; VerifiedWinter Squash Starting Solids 1

VerifiedApple & Butternut Squash; VerifiedBanana, Peach & Mango; VerifiedBanana, Peach, Prune & Coconut Baby Food; VerifiedBlueberry Pear & Beet; VerifiedBroccoli, Spinach, Pea and Apple; VerifiedCoconut Mixed Berry Puree With Coconut Milk; VerifiedGreen Bean, Pear & Peas; VerifiedLove My Veggies Banana, Beet, Squash & Blueberry Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedLove My Veggies Carrot, Banana, Mango & Sweet Potato Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedLove My Veggies Spinach, Apple, Sweet Potato & Kiwi Veggie & Fruit Blend; VerifiedPumpkin, Sweet Potato, & Pear; VerifiedSpinach, Mango & Pear; VerifiedSweet Potato, Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon

VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt And Fruit Banana & Natural Vanilla Bean With Pear; VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt and Fruit Mango Peach; VerifiedGoat Milk Yogurt and Fruit Mixed Berry

VerifiedTomato Rice Rounds

VerifiedApple & Banana Tiny Fruits; VerifiedApple Pineapple Pea Tiny Fruits + Veggies!; VerifiedBlueberry & Apple Tiny Fruits; VerifiedMighty Oats Blueberry Cinnamon; VerifiedMighty Oats Coconut Banana; VerifiedMighty Oats Strawberry Vanilla; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Cinnamon Blueberry; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Coconut Banana; VerifiedOrganic Mighty Oats Cereal Naked; VerifiedPineapple & Mango Tiny Fruits; VerifiedStrawberry & Mango Tiny Fruits; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Apple & Banana; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Apple & Mango; VerifiedTiny Fruits Freeze Dried Snacks Blueberry & Banana

VerifiedCrunchy Carrots Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedHearty Sweet Potatoes Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedNurturMeals Crisp Apples Dried Organic Fruit; VerifiedNurturMeals Peas, Quinoa, Apples Dried Organic Foods; VerifiedNurturMeals Protein-Packed Dried Organic Quinoa; VerifiedNurturMeals Sweet Bananas Dried Organic Fruit; VerifiedPlump Peas Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedScrumptious Squash Dried Organic Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Bountiful Bites Organic Fruits + Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Caribbean Crop Organic Fruits + Veggies; VerifiedYum-A-Roo's Tropical Twist Dried Organic Fruits

VerifiedAmazeMint; VerifiedBasil Babe; VerifiedLavenBerry; VerifiedPeachy Keen; VerifiedPearfecto; VerifiedWise Punkin

VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Apples & Blueberries; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Carrots; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Green Beans & Rice; VerifiedCertified Organic Baby Food Pears; VerifiedOrganic Applesauce

VerifiedApple & Carrot (Stage 2); VerifiedApple, Raisin & Quinoa (Stage 2); VerifiedBarley, Kale & Spinach + Basil (Stage 3 Meals); VerifiedBlueberry, Parsnip & Buckwheat (Stage 2); VerifiedBlueberry, Pear & Purple Carrot (Stage 2); VerifiedBroccoli & Apple (Stage 2); VerifiedButternut Squash, Carrot and Chickpea (Stage 2); VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Apple Cinnamon Oats & Quinoa; VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Banana Rice & Quinoa; VerifiedFruit & Grain Mish Mash Blueberry Oats & Quinoa; VerifiedHello Dinner Broccoli & Cheese Baby Pasta (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Dinner Pumpkin, Spinach, Quinoa & Baby Grains (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Morning - Cherries & Oats (Stage 1); VerifiedHello Morning - Pears & Quinoa (Stage 1); VerifiedHello Morning Apple, Cinnamon & Quinoa Oatmeal (Stage 3); VerifiedHello Morning Blueberry, Banana & Quinoa Oatmeal (Stage 3); VerifiedJust Butternut Squash With Cinnamon (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Carrots (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Mangos (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Peaches (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Prunes (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Sweet Peas With Mint (Stage 1); VerifiedJust Sweet Potato (Stage 1); VerifiedKale, Sweet Corn & Quinoa (Stage 2); VerifiedLittle Yums Organic Teething Wafers Pumpkin & Banana; VerifiedLittle Yums Organic Teething Wafers Spinach, Apple & Kale; VerifiedMashups Beetbox Berry; VerifiedMashups Berry; VerifiedMashups Blueberry Blitz; VerifiedMashups Carroty Chop; VerifiedMashups Grape; VerifiedMashups Green Apple; VerifiedMashups Stawberry Banana; VerifiedMashups Tropical; VerifiedMish Mash Banana; VerifiedMish Mash Peach; VerifiedMish Mash Strawberry; VerifiedMorning Mashups Maple Banana; VerifiedMorning Mashups Oatmeal Raisin; VerifiedMorning Mashups Raspberry Swirl; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Apple Cinnamon! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Apple! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Beetbox Berry! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Berry! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Blueberry Blitz! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Carroty Chop! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Strawberry Banana! - NEW; VerifiedOrganic Mashups Tropical! - NEW; VerifiedPeach, Apricot & Banana Stage 2; VerifiedPear & Mango Stage 2; VerifiedPlum Berry & Barley (Stage 2); VerifiedPumpkin & Banana (Stage 2); VerifiedPumpkin, Dates, Oats & Chia (Stage 2); VerifiedRoasted Carrot, Spinach & Beans (Stage 2); VerifiedSpinach, Peas & Pear Stage 2; VerifiedSpinach, Pumpkin & Chickpea (Stage 2); VerifiedSuper Smoothie Apple, Carrot, Spinach; VerifiedSuper Smoothie Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Beans & Oats; VerifiedSuper Smoothie Blueberry, Pear, Sweet Potato, Spinach; VerifiedSweet Potato, Corn & Apple (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Mexico - Beans & Rice With Sweet Corn (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Morocco - Lentils & Roasted Squash With Apricots (Stage 2); VerifiedWorld Baby Thailand - Roasted Pumpkin & Coconut Rice (Stage 2)

VerifiedRevive Blend Of Organic Fruits, Veggies & Micronutrients

VerifiedApple Berry Fruit Pouches; VerifiedApple Cinnamon Fruit Pouches; VerifiedApple Fruit Pouches; VerifiedApple Mango Fruit Pouches; VerifiedApple Strawberry Fruit Pouches

VerifiedJust Real Fruits & Veggies Snack Apple Green Pea Pineapple


The following brands have products enrolled in the Product Verification Program, which are in the process of becoming verified. Once the Verification process has been successfully completed, the product names will be listed.