Accredited Labs and Resources

The labs listed below comply with the requirements set forth in the Non-GMO Project Standard. As such, the following labs perform PCR testing and are ISO 17025 accredited for tests relevant to the Standard. However, it is the responsibility of the Participant to determine whether the lab performs the specific ISO 17025 accredited tests needed for verification of a given product. (For example, some labs are ISO 17025 accredited for PCR testing of corn but not soy, or are accredited for some corn events but not others. The Project’s technical administrators can help you assess the appropriateness of a given lab for your specific needs.)

In summary:

1.      Laboratories may or may not provide accredited tests for all GM risk crop species.
2.      The Participant is responsible for ensuring they order only accredited tests from their laboratory of choice and that those tests comply with the NGP Standard.

Eurofins GeneScan, Inc.
2219 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 400
New Orleans, LA 70122

Contact: Frank Spiegelhalter, Executive Vice President
Tel: 504.297.4330
Fax: 504.297.4335

Eurofins Genescan GmbH (Freiburg, Germany)
Engesserstrasse 4
79108 Freiburg, Germany

Contact: Maria Möhrle, Customer Service Manager
Tel: +49-761-5038-100
Fax: +49-761-50-38-211

Genetic ID NA, Inc.
504 N. 4th St.
Fairfield, IA 52556

Contact: Heather Secrist, CEO
Tel: 641.472.9979

*Genetic ID offers a 10% discount to all Non-GMO Project Participants

Genetic ID (Europe) AG
Am Mittleren Moos 48
86167 Augsburg

Contact: Bill Thompson, CEO
Tel: +49 821 74776-41
Mobile: +49 176 1017 5341
Fax: +49 821 74776-39
Skype: wft108

Gen-IAL GmbH
Heuserweg 13-15
D-53842 Troisdorf

Contact: Dr. Gabi Muecher
phone: 02241-2522980

Genista Biosciences
5941 Optical Court
San Jose, CA 95138

Contact: Padma Kastury, Managing Director

Hai Kang Life Corporation Ltd.
Hong Kong:
Units 601-605, 6/F, Biotech Centre One
9 Science Park West Avenue
Hong Kong Science Park
Shatin, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2111-2123
Fax: (852) 2111-9762

Beijing, China:
4/F, Block 3, Building B, Sino-I Campus
No. 1, Disheng West Street
Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
Beijing 100176, P.R.China
Tel: (86) 10-8712-7998
Fax: (86) 10-8712-7999

Contact: Mr. Robert Luk, Project Executive

3344 NW Industrial St.
Portland, OR 97210

Contact: Chong Sinsit, DNA Laboratory Manager
Tel: 503.223.1497
Fax: 503.223.9436

SGS – Brookings
236 32nd Ave.
Brookings, SD 57006

Contact: Heather Waxdahl
Tel: 605.692.7611
Fax: 605.692.7617

SGS India Pvt. Ltd.
201, Sumel II
SG Highway, Near Gurudwara
Ahmedabad 380054
Gujarat, India

Contact: Joseph Lopez
Tel: +91 8861208289


Applying for Approval and listing

If you believe your lab is compliant with the requirements of the Non-GMO Project Standard and are interested in being included in this online listing, please send each of the following as separate attachments to

  1. A copy of your current ISO 17025 accreditation certificate.
  2. A list of the testing that you provide that targets all commercialized GM events (please indicate where in the scope of your accreditation certificate these tests are listed, if not immediately obvious.)
  3. Whether you are using Real Time PCR or End Point PCR for GMO analysis, and whether you perform quantitative testing.
  4. Date of certification renewal (it is your responsibility to keep a current certificate on file with us or we will remove you from our listing).
  5. Sample PCR test results (quantitative and qualitative) for each crop species, for samples that have sufficient DNA for quantification and for samples that don’t (such as oil).
  6. Guidance that you provide clients/customers on how to read/interpret your test results.
  7. Written acknowledgement from your laboratory that you will use the Non-GMO Project’s Testing Guidelines and Real Time PCR Test Tables (Non-GMO Project Real-Time PCR Test Table for Quantitative Analysis and Non-GMO Project Real-Time PCR Test Table for Qualitative Analysis) and for guidance on what tests to run for Non-GMO Project clients.
  8. A copy of the most recent ring trial results (GIPSA or other recognized trade association), with your laboratory’s results clearly marked/highlighted. The maximum time between trials for accredited labs should not be more than 4 years.