Verified Products


The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedChehalis Mint Dog Treats; VerifiedDognutz; VerifiedKitty Roca Dog Treats; VerifiedOrganic Pumpkin Dog Treats; VerifiedOrganic Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats

VerifiedEquineOmega3; VerifiedFelineOmega3

VerifiedOrganic Chicken Necks; VerifiedOrganic Pet Food Chicken Formula

VerifiedBioStar Bites; VerifiedFlex-Well EQ; VerifiedFlex-Well K9; VerifiedMeta Bites EQ; VerifiedStar Maker EQ; VerifiedTrue Balance EQ; VerifiedTum-Ease EQ

VerifiedApple-Tizer Dog Treat; VerifiedGarden Gourmet; VerifiedPizza Pizzazz; VerifiedPooch-Pourri Mixed Flavors; VerifiedUp-Beet; VerifiedYappy Yam

VerifiedDooKashi Dog Waste Odor Eliminator; VerifiedDooKashi Horse Bedding Additive & Compost Accelerator; VerifiedDooKashi Kitty Litter Additive & Extender; VerifiedDooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer; VerifiedDooKashi Small Animal Bedding Additive & Odor Eliminator

VerifiedOrganic Beef Dinner for Dogs

VerifiedOrganic Pet Food 1 oz Sliders; VerifiedOrganic Pet Food 1.5 Chub

VerifiedA-Peelin' Apple Blend Pet Food; VerifiedBerry Lovin' Pet Food; VerifiedOrganic Sweet Potato / Patate Duce Biologique; VerifiedPamperin' Pumpkin Blend

VerifiedBeams; VerifiedHale Dehydrated Dog Food; VerifiedKindly Dehydrated Dog Food; VerifiedQuickies; VerifiedSmittens; VerifiedWishes

VerifiedBlack Oil Sunflower Seeds; VerifiedGrey Millet Seeds; VerifiedHopper Topper Seed; VerifiedNyjer Seed; VerifiedPeanuts; VerifiedPremium Organic Blend; VerifiedSafflower Seeds; VerifiedToasted Hemp Seed