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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedBroccoli Rabe; VerifiedCrinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries; VerifiedOrganic Crinkle Cut French Fries; VerifiedOrganic Macaroni & Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Shells & Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Shoestring French Fries; VerifiedOrganic Steak Cut French Fries; VerifiedOrganic Tater Puffs; VerifiedShredded Hashbrowns

VerifiedCrinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries With Sea Salt and Black Pepper; VerifiedFrench Herb Green Beans; VerifiedItalian Herb Corn With Sundried Tomatoes; VerifiedOrganic Carrots; VerifiedOrganic Green Peas; VerifiedOrganic Hashed Browns Seasoned Yukon Select Potatoes; VerifiedOrganic Oven Crinkles with Sea Salt; VerifiedOrganic Oven Crinkles With Sea Salt And Pepper; VerifiedOrganic Sweet Potato Fries; VerifiedOrganic Yukon Select Fries; VerifiedOven Fries Made With Organic Potatoes; VerifiedRib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries; VerifiedSouthern Sweet Potato Blend; VerifiedSpicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries; VerifiedSweet Potato Fries With Sea Salt; VerifiedWaffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries

VerifiedOrange Miso Cod Bowl; VerifiedWild Salmon Entree

VerifiedWild Alaskan Salmon Citrus Salsa Verde

VerifiedCuban Black Beans; VerifiedHSH - Cuban Black Beans; VerifiedHSH - Rethought Red Beans; VerifiedThree Sisters Chili; VerifiedUncanny Refried Black Beans; VerifiedWholly Chipotle Bean Dip

VerifiedDeluxe Pizza; VerifiedMeat Lovers Pizza; VerifiedVegan Cheese Pizza; VerifiedVeggie Lovers Pizza

VerifiedButternut Squash Soup With Sage; VerifiedGarden Minestrone; VerifiedGreen Chile Corn Chowder; VerifiedOrganic Carrot Ginger Soup With Coconut; VerifiedPotato Leek Soup; VerifiedRed Lentil Dahl Soup; VerifiedRoasted Tomato Basil Soup; VerifiedTuscan White Bean Soup

VerifiedChickpea & Sweet Potato Picadillo

VerifiedGreen Chile & Zucchini Organic Vegetarian Tamales; VerifiedRed Chile & Zucchini Organic Vegetarian Tamales

VerifiedOrganic Macaroni & Cheese; VerifiedOrganic Shells & White Cheddar

VerifiedFrozen Premium Organic Sliced Peaches; VerifiedHash Browns; VerifiedOrganic Kale; VerifiedOrganic Swiss Chard

VerifiedCowboy Chili; VerifiedCranberry Wild Rice; VerifiedNew Orleans Jambalaya; VerifiedPunjabi Curry; VerifiedSalmon Patty Mix; VerifiedSkillet Lasagna; VerifiedTamale Pie; VerifiedTibetan Dal; VerifiedWhite Bean Chili

VerifiedOrganic Pitted Green Olives; VerifiedOrganic Pitted Kalamata Olives; VerifiedOrganic Whole Kalamata Olives; VerifiedPitted Kalamata Olives; VerifiedWhole Kalamata Olives

VerifiedEggplant Cutlets

VerifiedAsian Veggie Burgers; VerifiedBroccoli Cakes; VerifiedKids Broccoli Littles; VerifiedKids Potato Littles; VerifiedKids Spinach Littles; VerifiedKids Sweet Potato Littles; VerifiedKids Veggie Littles; VerifiedPotato Cakes; VerifiedSpinach Cakes; VerifiedSweet Potato Pancakes; VerifiedThai Veggie Burger

VerifiedAll Natural Super Premium 100% USA Grown Edamame; VerifiedAll Natural Super Premium 100% USA Grown Shelled Edamame

VerifiedCurried Lentil Plant Burgers; VerifiedPoblano Black Bean Plant Burgers; VerifiedThai Basil Edamame Plant Burger; VerifiedTuscan Kale White Bean Plant Burgers

VerifiedGarden Pilaf; VerifiedGluten Free Garden Pilaf; VerifiedGluten Free Santa Fe Pilaf; VerifiedSanta Fe Pilaf; VerifiedSpicy Cajun Pilaf

VerifiedCouscous Almondine Salad; VerifiedDolmas; VerifiedFalafel with Tahini Sauce; VerifiedTaboule Salad

VerifiedChipotle Bean Sprout Burger; VerifiedMushroom & Onion Sprout Burger; VerifiedOriginal Sprout Burger

VerifiedAdzuki Bean Burger; VerifiedBlack Rice Burger With Adzuki Beans & Leafy Greens; VerifiedHemp & Greens Burger; VerifiedOriginal Veggie Bites; VerifiedThe World's Best Veggie Burger

VerifiedWhole Wheat Couscous

VerifiedSnow Peas


VerifiedBombay Garbanzo; VerifiedJaipur Vegetables; VerifiedMasala Chickpea Wrap; VerifiedNaan & Lentil Wrap; VerifiedPakoras Mixed Vegetables; VerifiedSamosas Mixed Vegetables; VerifiedSpinach Veggie Wrap

VerifiedLentil & Brown Rice Kit Cardamom & Currant; VerifiedLentil & Brown Rice Kit Cumin And Pea

VerifiedAcai + Blueberry Chia Pudding; VerifiedMango + Turmeric Chia Pudding

VerifiedPomegranate Arils Frozen

VerifiedOven Fries Rosemary & Garlic

VerifiedFrozen Pizza Dough

VerifiedBedouin Burrito; VerifiedBombay Burrito; VerifiedFalafel Burger Wrap; VerifiedHale Kale Salad; VerifiedHarvest Sandwich Yam & Apple Patty; VerifiedNoodles Alfredo

VerifiedOrganic Rice & Seasoning Mix Crabby Rice Chesapeake Bay Style Seasoning; VerifiedOrganic Rice, Durum Wheat Pasta & Seasoning Mix Pilaf Original; VerifiedOrganic Roasted Brown Rice Couscous Original; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Brown Rice, Durum Wheat Pasta & Seasoning Mix Pilaf Original; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Black Beans & Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Jambalaya Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Lentils & Rice Mild Curry; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Lentils & Rice Original; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Quinoa & Rice Basil & Bell Pepper; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Quinoa & Rice Peruvian Style; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Quinoa & Rice Rosemary Blend; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Quinoa & Rice Spanish Style; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Red Beans & Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Southwestern Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Spanish Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix Yellow Rice; VerifiedOrganic Whole Grain Rice, Durum Wheat Pasta & Seasoning Mix Pilaf Toasted Almond; VerifiedRice & Wild Rice Garlic & Basil; VerifiedRice & Wild Rice Original; VerifiedRice & Wild Rice Wild Porcini Mushroom; VerifiedRoasted Brown Rice Couscous, Mediterranean Curry; VerifiedTraditional Italian Risotto Alfredo; VerifiedTraditional Italian Risotto Butternut Squash; VerifiedTraditional Italian Risotto Florentine; VerifiedTraditional Italian Risotto Garlic Primavera; VerifiedTraditional Italian Risotto Porcini Mushroom

VerifiedCuban Mojo; VerifiedMoroccan Bazaar; VerifiedSouthwestern; VerifiedThai Coconut; VerifiedTuscan Garlic & Tomato

VerifiedVegan Black Bean Tamales

VerifiedFalafel Crisps; VerifiedFalafel Scoop & Go

VerifiedBrown Rice

VerifiedRoasted Garlic & Quinoa

VerifiedTaco Pasta Dinner

VerifiedMacaroni & Cheese Dinner; VerifiedShells & White Cheddar Dinner

VerifiedGluten Free Crispy Battered Cod; VerifiedGluten Free Crispy Battered Haddock; VerifiedGluten Free Crispy Battered Halibut

VerifiedQuinoa With Mushrooms; VerifiedQuinoa With Spinach; VerifiedQuinoa With Vegetables

VerifiedBarley, Kale & Spinach + Basil (Stage 3 Meals); VerifiedBlueberry, Parsnip & Buckwheat (Stage 2); VerifiedPumpkin, Dates, Oats & Chia (Stage 2); VerifiedSuper Smoothie Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Beans & Oats

VerifiedThe Pure Wraps Original

VerifiedBurgers; VerifiedQuinoa Burgers Green Chile; VerifiedQuinoa Burgers Spicy Italian; VerifiedQuinoa Burgers Sweet Curry; VerifiedToastables Cinnamon Vanilla; VerifiedToastables Original; VerifiedToastables Rich Maple

VerifiedApple Pie; VerifiedCashew Cheese Ravioli; VerifiedCauliflower Couscous; VerifiedChia Seed Tapioca; VerifiedCollard-Wrapped Enchiladas; VerifiedKale Avocado Salad; VerifiedLive Pizza; VerifiedMaki Rolls; VerifiedMoroccan Carrot Salad; VerifiedSeasonal Fruit Tart; VerifiedSunflower Falafel; VerifiedTaco Salad; VerifiedYoung Coconut Ceviche; VerifiedYoung Coconut Cream Pie; VerifiedYoung Coconut Pad Thai

VerifiedOrganic Brown Rice; VerifiedOrganic Thai Jasmine Rice

VerifiedOrganic Dairy Free Lasagna; VerifiedOrganic Dairy Free Stuffed Shells; VerifiedOrganic Farfalle Pasta Primavera

VerifiedChana Saag; VerifiedChana Saag Chapatti Wrap; VerifiedManchurian Dumplings With Basmati Rice; VerifiedWasabi Crunchy Chickpeas

VerifiedOriginal Blend Sorbet; VerifiedThe Original Smoothie Packs Acai Berry + Guarana; VerifiedUnsweetened Smoothie Packs

VerifiedEdamame Lightly Salted Soybeans In Pods; VerifiedEdamame Organic Shelled Soybeans; VerifiedEdamame Organic Soybeans In Pods; VerifiedEdamame Soybeans In Pods; VerifiedOriental Blend With Edamame; VerifiedVeggie Blends With Edamame & Asparagus Garden Blend; VerifiedVeggie Blends With Edamame Eat Your Greens

VerifiedCoconut + Mango Fruit Ice; VerifiedCoconut + Pineapple Fruit Ice; VerifiedCoconut + Pink Guava Fruit Ice

VerifiedAlmond Grain Burger; VerifiedIndian Aloo Tikki Burger; VerifiedMushroom Rice Burger; VerifiedOrganic Falafel With Organic Tahini Sauce; VerifiedOriginal Burger; VerifiedOriginal Sliders; VerifiedSpicy Black Bean Burger; VerifiedSpicy Black Bean Sliders; VerifiedSprouted Quinoa Chia Burger; VerifiedSprouted Quinoa Chia Sliders; VerifiedSweet Curry Vegetable Burger; VerifiedVeggie Breakfast Patties

VerifiedGarlic And Herb; VerifiedHint Of Curry; VerifiedMoroccan Medley

VerifiedBreaded Vegan Calamari; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Coconut Shrimp; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Fish Fillets; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Fishless Sticks; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Scallops; VerifiedBreaded Vegan Shrimp; VerifiedVegan Crab Cakes; VerifiedVegan Prawns

VerifiedOrganic Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

VerifiedCauliflower; VerifiedGreen Garbanzo Beans

VerifiedHappy Pho Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup Garlic Goodness; VerifiedHappy Pho Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup Shiitake Mushroom; VerifiedHappy Pho Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup Zesty Ginger; VerifiedVietnamese Brown Rice Noodles With Green Tea; VerifiedVietnamese Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrapper; VerifiedVietnamese Spring Roll Rice Wrapper

VerifiedAloo Tikki; VerifiedBasmati Pullao; VerifiedDal Saag; VerifiedLarge Potato & Mixed Vegetable Samosas

VerifiedBig Sur Breakfast Burrito; VerifiedThe Anasazi Burrito; VerifiedThe Curry Tiger Burrito; VerifiedThe Kyoto Burrito

VerifiedJodhpur Lentils; VerifiedOrganic Basmati Rice; VerifiedOrganic Brown Rice; VerifiedOrganic Long Grain Rice

VerifiedCajun Potatoes; VerifiedFiesta Quinoa; VerifiedSanta Fe Rice; VerifiedSeasoned Brussels Sprouts; VerifiedSuper Greens; VerifiedVegetable Medley

VerifiedOrganic Dark Sweet Cherries; VerifiedOrganic Frozen Blueberries; VerifiedOrganic Mango Chunks; VerifiedOrganic Mixed Berries; VerifiedOrganic Red Raspberries; VerifiedOrganic Sliced Peaches; VerifiedOrganic Whole Strawberries

VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Coconut Lemongrass; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Curry Rice; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Mediterranean Vegetable; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf New World Blend; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Roasted Garlic; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Savory Herb; VerifiedMultigrain Pilaf Spanish Spice

VerifiedSmoothie Veggie Berry

VerifiedGluten Free Ancient Grains Waffles

VerifiedBack To Our Roots; VerifiedChipotle Fiesta; VerifiedOrient Express; VerifiedTaste Of Italy

VerifiedVeggie Fries Made From Broccoli & Potatoes; VerifiedVeggie Fries Made From Carrots & Potatoes; VerifiedVeggie Fries Made From Chickpeas, Red Peppers & Potatoes; VerifiedVeggie Fries Made From Tuscan Beans, Herbs & Potatoes

VerifiedGluten-Free Vegan 8" Pizza Crust Seasoned

VerifiedBreakfast Bowl Strawberry; VerifiedBreakfast Bowls Pure Grain


The following brands have products enrolled in the Product Verification Program, which are in the process of becoming verified. Once the Verification process has been successfully completed, the product names will be listed.