Verified Products


The following brands have one or more products that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedOrganic Yellow Corn; VerifiedWhite Corn; VerifiedYellow Corn

VerifiedFlax Seed; VerifiedOrganic Golden Flax Seeds

VerifiedFruit & Sunflower Wave Apple Sauce & Sunflower Seed Butter

VerifiedBarley, Hull-Less; VerifiedBarley, Hulled; VerifiedChia; VerifiedFlax Seed, Brown; VerifiedFlax Seed, Golden; VerifiedSoy, Rolled

VerifiedAlfalfa (Sprout); VerifiedAncient Eastern Blend (Sprout); VerifiedBroccoli (Sprout); VerifiedBroccoli Brassica Blend (Sprout); VerifiedCrunchy Bean Mix (Sprout); VerifiedFenugreek (Sprout); VerifiedMung Beans (Sprout); VerifiedRed Clover (Sprout); VerifiedSandwich Booster Mix (Sprout); VerifiedSpicy Salad Crunch Mix (Sprout)

VerifiedHeritage Grower 19%; VerifiedHeritage Layer 17%; VerifiedHeritage Scratch Grains; VerifiedHeritage Starter 21%; VerifiedHeritage Turkey 24%; VerifiedHeritage Turkey 26%; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Grower 19%; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Layer 17%; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Starter 21%; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Turkey 24%; VerifiedOrganic Heritage Turkey 26%

VerifiedIda Gold Mustard; VerifiedKodiak Mustard; VerifiedPacific Gold Mustard

VerifiedOrganic Blue Whole Corn; VerifiedYellow Organic Corn

VerifiedCanola Meal; VerifiedExpeller Non GMO Flaxseed Meal; VerifiedExpeller Non GMO Safflower Meal; VerifiedExpeller Non GMO Sunflower Meal; VerifiedOrganic Canola Meal; VerifiedOrganic Non GMO Flaxseed Meal; VerifiedOrganic Non GMO Safflower Meal; VerifiedOrganic Non GMO Sunflower Meal

VerifiedOrganic Golden Flax; VerifiedOrganic Sesame Seeds; VerifiedOrganic Sunflower Kernels; VerifiedOrganic White Chia Seeds

VerifiedBroccoli Seeds; VerifiedCertified Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds Unsalted; VerifiedOrganic Chia Seed; VerifiedZesty Sprouting Mix

VerifiedChia Powder; VerifiedChia Seeds; VerifiedFlax Powder; VerifiedHemp Seeds; VerifiedHemp-Cacao-Maca Superfood Blend

VerifiedNon-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola Meal

VerifiedOrganic Long Grain White Rice

VerifiedCorn Hominy Feed Flour; VerifiedSoya Meal; VerifiedSunflower Meal

Verified3-Grain Scratch; VerifiedCorn; VerifiedField Peas; VerifiedGoat Feed; VerifiedNaturally Free 18% Layer; VerifiedNaturally Free Grower; VerifiedNaturally Free Layer Feed; VerifiedNaturally Free Starter Feed; VerifiedPig Grower Feed; VerifiedSoy Free Broiler Feed; VerifiedSoy Free Grower; VerifiedSoy Free Layer; VerifiedSoy Free Layer 18%; VerifiedSoy Free Layer 20%; VerifiedSoy Free Scratch n' Corn; VerifiedTurkey Grower; VerifiedWhole Barley; VerifiedWhole Oats; VerifiedWhole Wheat

VerifiedOrganic Sesame Seeds Hulled

VerifiedScratch Grain

VerifiedChia Seeds

VerifiedOrganic Carrot Seeds; VerifiedOrganic Corn Seeds

VerifiedGround Chia Seed; VerifiedWhite Chia Seed; VerifiedWhole Chia Seed


The following brands have products enrolled in the Product Verification Program, which are in the process of becoming verified. Once the Verification process has been successfully completed, the product names will be listed.