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Tofu, Tempeh and Alternative Meat Products

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The following brands have one or more products in this category that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedChickenless Nuggets; VerifiedChickenless Patties; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedVeggie Dogs

VerifiedBeef-Free Crumbles

VerifiedOriginal Veggie Burger

VerifiedFalafel Tots; VerifiedGaram Masala Patty; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed Sliders; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed Tots; VerifiedHearty Hemp Seed Veggie Patty; VerifiedMarie's Homestyle Veggie Patty; VerifiedSavory Sunflower; VerifiedSpicy Bean Tots; VerifiedSpicy Bean Veggie Patty; VerifiedSpicy Sausage Patty; VerifiedWholesome Harvest Veggie Patty; VerifiedWholesome Harvest Veggie Tots; VerifiedWow Mushroom Sliders; VerifiedWow Mushroom Veggie Patty; VerifiedWOW Mushroom Veggie Tots; VerifiedYukon Gold Rush Veggie Patty

VerifiedHigh Density Silken Soy Puree; VerifiedNigari Tofu Silken; VerifiedOrganic Nigari Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Silken Soy Puree; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu Firm; VerifiedSilken Soy Puree; VerifiedSilken Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Lite Firm; VerifiedSilken Tofu Soft

VerifiedOrganic Veggie Roll Fine Herbs; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Roll Mediterranean; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Roll Mushroom; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Roll Tomato; VerifiedVeggie Cutlets Soybeans - Pinto Beans

VerifiedHazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute

VerifiedFollow Your Heart Burger

VerifiedTofu Extra Firm; VerifiedTofu Firm; VerifiedTofu Soft

VerifiedOrganic Veggie Chorizo; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Ground ; VerifiedVeggie Italian Sausage

VerifiedRoot Veggie Burger

VerifiedBulk Tofu; VerifiedExtra Soft Tofu; VerifiedFood Service House Creamy Tofu; VerifiedFood Service Organic Soon Tofu; VerifiedFood Service Soon Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Bulk Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Bulk Tofu Cutlet 2 LB; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Cubed; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Cutlet; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Grilled; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Medium Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Soft; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm Vaccum Pack; VerifiedPremium Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Medium Firm; VerifiedPremium Tofu Soft; VerifiedPremium Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedSuper Firm Cubed Premium Tofu; VerifiedSuper Firm Garlic & Black Pepper Seasoned Premium Tofu; VerifiedSuper Firm Grilled Premium Tofu; VerifiedTofu Extra Firm with DHA Omega-3; VerifiedTofu Firm with DHA Omega-3

VerifiedTofu Extra Soft; VerifiedTofu Firm; VerifiedTofu Silken; VerifiedTofu Soft

VerifiedGimme Lean Ground Beef Style Veggie Protein; VerifiedOrganic Flax Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Garden Veggie Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Smokey Tempeh Strips Fakin' Bacon; VerifiedOrganic Soy Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Three Grain Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Wild Rice Tempeh; VerifiedSmart Deli Bologna Style Veggie Protein Slices; VerifiedSmart Dogs Jumbo Veggie Protein Links; VerifiedSmart Dogs Veggie Protein Links; VerifiedSmart Ground Original Veggie Protein Crumbles; VerifiedSmart Patties Meatless Black Bean Burger; VerifiedSmart Patties Meatless Original Burger With Quinoa; VerifiedSmart Sausages Chorizo Style Veggie Protein Sausages; VerifiedTofu Pups Veggie Protein Links; VerifiedVeggie Ham Slices

VerifiedBBQ; VerifiedFarmhouse Chili; VerifiedGarden Thyme; VerifiedKick Start; VerifiedSpicy Peanut Cilantro; VerifiedThe Classic

VerifiedVeggie Protein Chocolate; VerifiedVeggie Protein Vanilla

VerifiedGarden Veggie Nuggets; VerifiedSpicy Indian Veggie Burger

VerifiedChipotle TofuBaked; VerifiedLite Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Black Soybean Tofu Plus; VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Cubed Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Sprouted Tofu Vacuum Packs; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Tofu Sprouted; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Plus Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Plus Firm; VerifiedSesame Ginger TofuBaked; VerifiedTeriyaki Tofubaked

VerifiedBurger, Classic Rewind (in a blanched collard); VerifiedBurger, Essential Lentil (in a blanched collard, no Sriacha)

VerifiedBreakfast Mix; VerifiedItalian Mix; VerifiedMexican Mix; VerifiedOriginal Mix

VerifiedAll Natural Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedFirm Tofu; VerifiedGourmet Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu 2 Pack; VerifiedOrganic Silken Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu 2 Pack; VerifiedOrganic Sundubu Extra Soft Tofu; VerifiedSalad Tofu; VerifiedSilken Tofu; VerifiedSoft Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Firm Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Silken Tofu; VerifiedSprouted Organic Soft Tofu

VerifiedThai Basil Chili Tofu

VerifiedBaked Teriyaki Tofu; VerifiedHerbal Tofu Bulk; VerifiedNigari Tofu Firmest; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Herbal Style Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Soft Style; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Super Firm

VerifiedAll Natural Extra Firm Tofu

VerifiedGinger Lime Teriyaki Meatless Chicken; VerifiedMongolian BBQ Meatless Beef; VerifiedOrganic BBQ Tofu Ribs; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Crumbles; VerifiedSmoky Chipotle Tinga Meatless Chicken; VerifiedTangy Korean BBQ Meatless Chicken

VerifiedVegan Smoked Salmon

VerifiedCaribbean Tofu; VerifiedOrganic 5 Grain Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Italian Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Soy Tempeh; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Lin; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Bacon

VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Premium Medium Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Pressed Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu Garlic Pepper; VerifiedOrganic Smoked Tofu Original Flavour; VerifiedOrganic Soft Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Super Firm Tofu

VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm

VerifiedExtra Firm Tofu; VerifiedFirm Tofu; VerifiedMedium Firm Tofu; VerifiedSoft Tofu

VerifiedOrganic Barbecue; VerifiedOrganic Breakfast Hemp & Sage; VerifiedOrganic Falafel Patty; VerifiedOrganic Garden Herb; VerifiedOrganic South West; VerifiedOriginal; VerifiedOriginal Natural; VerifiedShiitake Mushroom

VerifiedChipotle Style Seitan; VerifiedCurry Recipe Seitan; VerifiedSanta Fe Veggie Burger; VerifiedTeriyaki Veggie Burger; VerifiedTraditional Seitan

VerifiedVegetarian Seitan Gyro; VerifiedVegetarian Shwarma; VerifiedVegetarian Spicy Italian Sausage

VerifiedHemp Tofu Chimichurri; VerifiedHemp Tofu Mexican Chorizo; VerifiedHemp Tofu Original Extra Firm; VerifiedHemp Tofu Sweet & Spicy Chili Lime

VerifiedCoconut Curry Tempeh; VerifiedItalian Sausage; VerifiedKielbasa; VerifiedSesame Garlic Tempeh; VerifiedTempeh Organic 5 Grain Cake; VerifiedTempeh Organic Soy Cake

VerifiedFirm Style Tofu; VerifiedFirm Style Tofu, 30% Reduced Fat; VerifiedOrganic Firm Style Tofu; VerifiedWater Pack Tofu

VerifiedHome-style Tempeh Spicy Veggie

VerifiedChorizo Seitan; VerifiedGround Seitan; VerifiedItalian Seitan; VerifiedTraditional Seitan

VerifiedCowgirl Veggie Steaks; VerifiedMediterranean Veggie Sausages; VerifiedMild Jumbo Veggie Snack Sausage To Go!; VerifiedPicnicker Veggie Snack Sausage To Go!; VerifiedSmoked Veggie Frankfurters; VerifiedVeggie Bratwurst; VerifiedVeggie Chickin Fillets; VerifiedVeggie Chickin Nuggets; VerifiedVeggie Gyros; VerifiedVeggie Turkish Roast

VerifiedBaked Tofu Asian Teriyaki, Vegetarian; VerifiedBaked Tofu Italian Garlic And Herb, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Roma Tomato Basil, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Thai Sesame Peanut, Vegan; VerifiedBaked Tofu Zesty Lemon Pepper, Vegan; VerifiedFat Reduced Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Extra Firm Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Firm Tofu; VerifiedSeitan Cubed Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedSeitan Ground Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedSeitan Seasoned Wheat Protein, Chicken-Style; VerifiedSeitan Strips Wheat Protein, Vegan; VerifiedTempeh Five Grain, Vegan; VerifiedTempeh Original, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Extra Firm, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Firm, Vegan; VerifiedTofu Soft, Vegan

VerifiedBaked Tofu Indian Curry; VerifiedBaked Tofu Mongolian; VerifiedBaked Tofu Moroccan; VerifiedMeatless Meatballs; VerifiedOnederful Organic Tofu; VerifiedOnederful Tofu; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Aloha; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Royal Thai; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Savory; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Baked Tofu Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic SprouTofu Cubed Tofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Firm; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Golden Tofu Pineapple Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Medium Soft; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Silken; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Mild Szechuan; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Tofu Garlic Teriyaki; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Smoked Tofu Hickory Bbq; VerifiedOrganic Sproutofu Super Firm; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Burger Original; VerifiedOrganic Veggie Burger Southwest; VerifiedSproutofu Meatless Crumbles Italian Inspired; VerifiedSproutofu Meatless Crumbles Mexican Inspired-Mild; VerifiedVeggie Burger Reduced Fat Original; VerifiedVeggie Burger Shiitake

VerifiedOrganic Tofu Extra Firm; VerifiedOrganic Tofu Firm