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St. Charles Trading earns Non-GMO Project Verification Status within their two private label brands, Tuscanne Brands, and Batavia Mills

St. Charles Trading, Inc. is excited and pleased to announce it has achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status within their 2 private labels, Tuscanne Brands and Batavia Mills. Tuscanne Brands comprises high quality savory ingredients sourced from the best suppliers around the world. Each ingredient has been scouted to find the perfect combination where quality and best value come to the table worldwide. Our newly Non-GMO Project Verified products include: Cilantro Flakes Green Bell Peppe... Read more

CocoTherapy® Earns Non-GMO Project Verification

CocoTherapy Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips are paving the way for pet products by becoming Non-GMO Project Verified Oscar Newman LLC is pleased to announce that their foundation line of CocoTherapy brand of products, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Coconut Chips are now Non-GMO Project Verified, emphasizing the brands promise to create the purest products possible with complete transparency to their ingredients. The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification ... Read more

Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® Now Non-GMO Project Verified

New designation highlights Pretzel Crisps’ dedication to simple, natural ingredients Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®, the world’s first – and the original – flat-baked pretzel cracker, today announces that it has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification from The Non-GMO Project. Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps have long been known as a popular “better for you” snack option and the brand is now solidifying its commitment to providing quality, wholesome offerings by taking steps to beco... Read more

Sucroal S.A. receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Sucroal S.A. has recently achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status on its citric acid product line. “Our work with the Non-GMO Project is a natural extension to our sustainability program. Sucroal is dedicated to providing the best of product quality combined with social, commercial and environmental responsibility,” stated General Manager, Eduardo Garcia. Gonzalo Dominguez, Quality Assurance Manager, said, “Although Sucroal has undergone numerous accreditations, the Non-GMO Project Ver... Read more

Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices Earns Non-GMO Project Verification

First-ever USDA organic line of chewable fruit and vegetable juice hits key milestone by earning natural and organic standard of excellence mark. Fresh Promise Foods, Inc. (OTC: FPFI), a Georgia-based natural and organic health and wellness company, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Harvest Soul, Inc., maker of organic chewable juices, recently earned the Non-GMO Project Verification on their Green Fusion and Tropical Fusion Chewable Juices. Kevin P. Quirk, Fresh Promise Fo... Read more

Nutpods Secures Non-GMO Project Verified Status Prior to Launch

Green Grass Foods, Inc. recently secured Non-GMO Project Verification for its first product, nutpods. The clean label dairy-free creamer made from almonds and coconuts will launch in late spring of this year. The product also carries Vegan, Gluten-free, and OU Kosher certifications. The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for non-GMO products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organism) avoidance. Verified products are prod... Read more

The More We Know, the More We Grow

Today, in light of the GMO labeling ballot initiatives that took place across the U.S., we reflect on the overall growth of an incredible people-driven, knowledge-building movement. If you had spoken to typical grocery shoppers in 2010, it is unlikely many of them would have heard of the term GMO (genetically modified organism). Fast forward four short years. There are now mandatory GMO labeling initiatives in more than half the states across the U.S.—all driven by citizen awareness, actio... Read more

Numi Organic Tea Announces Non-GMO Project Updates Standards for Verification

Oakland, CA (October 16, 2014) - Numi Organic Tea, known for delicious organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade Certified teas and teasans, is proud to announce the Non-GMO Project has updated its Standard for Verification to require the product’s evaluation to include immersion packaging - which includes tea bags. Up until now, only tea ingredients were required for tea companies seeking Non-GMO Project Verification. Numi was the first company to have its tea bags verified by the Non-GMO Project, by... Read more

4Legz announces Non-GMO Project Verification with their All Natural Dog Treats

4Legz is proud to announce the Non-GMO Project Verification of our products. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization offering North America’s only third party Verification and labeling for non-gmo (genetically modified organism) food and products. Securing Verified status confirms 4Legz products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, including ongoing testing of risk ingredients. 4legz is an All Natural Dog Treats Company specializing in unique cookies for yo... Read more


Keystone Foods is pleased to announce that its signature line of snacks, The Real Deal Snacks, has received the Non-GMO Project Verified seal from the Non-GMO Project, an independent verification that assures a product has been produced according to best practices for GMO avoidance. After undergoing a series of evaluations, the Non-GMO Project Verification was given to The Real Deal Snacks Original and Sriracha Veggie Chips; Blue and White Corn Tortillas; and the company’s Corn Pretzels. The ... Read more

Colorcon, Inc. Announces Non-GMO Project Verification for Opadry® NutraPure™, Certified Organic Coating

Colorcon Inc. is proud to announce its Opadry® NutraPure™, certified organic coating is now Non-GMO Project Verified.  This verification is the latest achievement by Colorcon in its aim to provide clean label ingredients for nutritional coating formulas.  Opadry NutraPure has already captured the attention of companies marketing certified organic dietary supplements, as well as those who desire a more natural ingredients list.  This new verification now adds the value of offering custo... Read more

New Zealand Jerky Non GMO Project Verified Beef Jerky Now on the Market in U.S.

New Zealand Jerky™ is extremely proud to announce that all 3 of their New Zealand Jerky™ products - Beef Jerky in 3 flavors – have received Non GMO Project Verified status. The dedication required to verify the full product line shows NZJ’s high level of commitment to transparency – and the belief everyone has a right to know what’s in the food they purchase. Along with more 60 countries around the world, New Zealanders take for granted that the food on their shelves is non-GMO. N... Read more

Mediterranean Brands Announces Their First Non-GMO Project Verification

Mediterranean Brands is proud to announce that two of their flagship products—Falafel Crisps and Falafel Scoop and Go—have gained Non-GMO Project Verification. With only a handful of other non-GMO Mediterranean products currently on the market, Mediterranean Brands continues to prove themselves as leader in the ever-evolving food industry. “The Non-GMO Project Verified seal showcases that our team’s dedication to providing consumers with superior food products is stronger than ever,... Read more

Dave’s Killer Bread Rocks Non-GMO Project

Entire Product Line Earns Verification Organic Trailblazer Backs Oregon Right to Know Initiative Dave’s Killer Bread just got more awesome. Already one of the cleanest bread labels on shelf – the bakery uses no artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup – the No.1-selling organic bread maker in the U.S. has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification for all its 13 varieties of bold, seed-crusted, whole grain certified organic breads. Packaging on all products, includ... Read more

Natural Merchants Receives Non-GMO Project Verification for 29 Core Wines Imported from Europe

Natural Merchants, LLC, based in Grants Pass, OR and Cartagena, Spain, announces the Non-GMO Project Verification of its core portfolio wines, the first wines imported from Europe to obtain the verification. Natural Merchants works with family-owned wineries throughout Europe to produce USDA Certified Organic No Sulfites Added Wines, as well as wines Made with Organically Grown Grapes. Five of the winery partners, located in Italy, Spain, Austria, France and Greece, are Non-GMO Project Verified.... Read more

SooFoo attains Non-GMO Project Verified status

Super good food committed to product safety and ingredient transparency San Francisco-based SooFoo, LLC is pleased to announce that it has attained Non-GMO Verified status for its packaged grain, rice, and lentil blends. The designation is granted by the Non-GMO Project, a not-for-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. Non-GMO Verified status indicates that SooFoo adheres to consens... Read more