Virginia Wawner

Development Specialist

Virginia hails from the east coast (Virginia, to be exact!) and is a first timer to the PNW. An adventurer and gadabout, she has spent significant time in Europe, Asia and Latin America, with her latest international stint in Paris for theater school. Having never stepped foot in Washington State, she and her partner decided to cross the country in Summer 2021 and boy is she glad they did. An outdoor enthusiast, she is in love with the woods and water of the Bellingham area and already feels quite at home in the Pacific Northwest.

Virginia holds a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and a Masters in Non-Profit Management. Over the past 8 years, she has worked with various NGOs in both programs and resource development, from public health organizations like Operation Smile, to youth development organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs. She loves working for institutions who aim to address an important gap in the community and can be innovative and nimble in addressing a societal need. She is thrilled to have found a role with the Non-GMO Project that marries her interests in food and environmental stewardship and gives her the opportunity to learn more about sustainable food systems.

Outside of work, Virginia enjoys running, hiking and biking and creating and watching theater.