Stacy Davies

General Manager, Roaring Springs Ranches

Stacy Davies grew up in rural northeastern Utah and graduated from the Beef Production Management program at Ricks College (now BYU-I) in 1988.  He and his wife Elaine managed Doc and Connie Hatfield’s seedstock ranch in Brothers, Oregon for 6 years before trying out their hand at Deseret Cattle and Citrus in St. Cloud, FL for 3 years.  He also managed the seedstock herd for Deseret.  The opportunity of a lifetime came and he moved his family of 6 sons to Frenchglen, OR to manage the Roaring Springs Ranch in 1997.  Since then, he has been working in collaboration with over 15 state and federal agencies to find creative solutions to complex social, sustainable, and economic issues to help keep ranchers in business while improving the land at the same time.  From 2009-2019 Stacy served as Marketing Director for Country Natural Beef, a co-op of northwestern ranches that provide natural beef with an extensive list of special attributes to health food and specialty grocery stores and restaurants across the intermountain west. He now maintains a position on their board. Stacy enjoys finding creative solutions to complex natural resource issues.